20 Jobs In The Boating Industry (Plus Salaries And Duties)

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Updated 19 March 2023

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The maritime industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. This can include activities such as sailing, fishing and building or repairing ships. If a career in boating interests you, it can help to learn about the different options available. In this article, we review 20 jobs in the boating industry, along with their national average salaries and primary job duties.

20 Jobs In The Boating Industry

The following is a list of 20 jobs in the boating industry for you to review:

1. Electrician

National average salary: ₹15,131 per month

Primary duties: The majority of boats typically have electrical systems that require an electrician to instal, maintain and repair. Electricians test the wiring and circuit systems on a boat. They are also responsible for making sure the systems are safe by installing electrical insulating material around the systems.

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2. Service Writer

National average salary: ₹14,322 per month

Primary duties: A service writer in the boating industry liaises between a customer and the technicians when a boat requires repairs. They listen to the client's requirements and instruct technicians accordingly. They are also responsible for providing the customers with quotes and bills for any repairs, answering customer questions and updating customers on the status of their boats.

3. Truck Driver

National average salary: ₹16,234 per month

Primary duties: A truck driver in the boating industry is a professional who transports and delivers goods, such as entire ships or parts for a boat to a particular location to meet a deadline. They may also transport products to and from a marina or port. Some of their responsibilities may include long distances to deliver goods to customers, loading and unloading cargo, vehicle maintenance and following accident procedures.

4. Retail Sales Associate

National average salary: ₹15,406 per month

Primary duties: In a boating shop, a retail sales associate assists customers with finding and purchasing the products they require. They may suggest which bait, tackle, life jackets or anchors for customers to buy. Some of their other responsibilities may be making sure the shop is appropriately stocked with merchandise, increasing sales, assisting customers, selling add on or complementary goods and performing transactions such as sales and returns.

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5. Assembler

National average salary: ₹14,909 per month

Primary duties: An assembler is a trained professional that assembles parts for a machine. They may construct parts for a piece of equipment or an entire product in an assembly line. In the boating industry, they may construct parts for a ship such as propellers, tanks and side shells. An assembler is also liable for reviewing parts and the maintenance of their workspace. Some of their other responsibilities include reading and deciphering blueprints and assembly instructions and conducting quality control checks.

6. Rigger

National average salary: ₹14,561 per month

Primary duties: A rigger in the boating field controls the boat's pulley system so the boat can carry loads of materials to and from the port. They are responsible for handling the rigging system to heave cargo or modify the ships' sails. Some of their other responsibilities may include inspecting and maintaining the ropes and cables to make sure that they are safe to use, choosing suitable rigging gear and inspecting the rigging before use.

7. Tour Guide

National average salary: ₹18,710 per month

Primary duties: A tour guide who works in the boating sector is a professional who guides groups of people on a boat trip, touring different sites in a particular tourist area. A tour guide is typically knowledgeable about the place and can inform tourists and provide interesting information on the trip. Some of the other responsibilities of a tour guide may include planning schedules and itineraries, planning tours, arranging transportation and accommodation for visitors, arranging entry to places of interest and responding to any questions that members of their group may have.

8. Carpenter

National average salary: ₹18,463 per month

Primary duties: A carpenter in boating trims and crafts the material in ship construction and may also take part in building the actual vessel. Part of the responsibilities of a carpenter includes reading blueprints, measuring dimensions and shaping materials. They may also complete any restorations the ship requires and test their designs to check for problems before they implement them.

9. Painter

National average salary: ₹16,606 per month

Primary duties: A painter working in boating paints the interior and exterior of a ship. Boat painters apply fibreglass and varnish to the outside of the ship. They may paint the vessels and structures with specialised spray equipment or by hand with paint brushes and rollers. Their duties include wrapping and unwrapping the ship, organising the materials and applying the paint. They also help with cleaning and detailing the boat, which entails buffing and waxing various surfaces.

10. Crane Operator

National average salary: ₹24,807 per month

Primary duties: A crane operator is a professional who handles a crane to transport heavy goods on a building or construction site and discharges them safely. They may work in marine construction on tasks such as pipeline structures. Some tasks of a crane operator include securing loads to a crane, inspecting equipment and machinery, carrying out basic repairs to machines and keeping and updating a maintenance and activity log.

11. Engineer

National average salary: ₹22,058 per month

Primary duties: An engineer is a professional who develops, tests and builds machines. An engineer in boating creates systems for the internal design of a ship. They produce blueprints and designs of the systems before making them. They may also inspect marine equipment and machinery, devise work requests and job specifications and perform environmental or performance tests on marine machinery and equipment.

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12. Builder

National average salary: ₹24,992 per month

Primary duties: A builder in boating works to develop and build vessels. They may build and repair large vessels for leisure, commercial or transportation using materials such as steel and other metals. Their duties include choosing materials, making blueprints for their designs, building frames, measuring supplies and correcting any construction errors.

13. Naval Architect

National average salary: ₹23,626 per month

Primary duties: A naval architect designs and constructs ships and other vessels. They may decide the blueprint for a boat by examining designs and creating an outline. When they create a design, they then make sure their plans follow the essential safety standards before they guide a team to construct the vessel.

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14. Service Manager

National average salary: ₹25,931 per month

Primary duties: A service manager is a professional who manages a company's service team and assists customers that require any repairs on their ships. Their objective is to ensure customers receive great service and a positive experience. A service manager also oversees projects, responds to customer enquiries, completes administrative tasks and conducts new employee training.

15. Boat Captain

National average salary: ₹25,942 per month

Primary duties: A boat captain manages the day-to-day operations on a boat. They are responsible for every aspect of the voyage. This includes determining the course and speed so that the vessel arrives at its intended destination on time. They manage a team of sailors and crew members and ensure that proper procedures are followed. Their responsibilities include training sailors, navigating the vessel and giving orders to the crew.

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16. Welder

National average salary: ₹15,963 per month

Primary duties: A welder puts materials together using heat. In boating, welders assist with the building or repairing of vessels. Their duties include following blueprints, maintaining equipment and inspecting their work for any errors. A welder on a boat also ensures that their welding can tolerate the pressure underwater.

17. Sailor

National average salary: ₹45,627 per month

Primary duties: A sailor is a professional who assists in the running of a ship by performing various tasks. They follow the instructions of their captain and navigate the vessel in accordance with international maritime laws and regulations. A sailor may also monitor the water to identify any obstructions, manage cargo, dock the ship and inspect, repair or maintain the deck.

18. Plant Manager

National average salary: ₹50,958 per month

Primary duties: A plant manager supervises the function of a manufacturing plant, which might produce boats or boat parts. These professionals coordinate daily activities, enforce company policies and train new employees. Some of their job duties include managing team members, monitoring equipment and increasing plant productivity.

19. Marine Technician

National average salary: ₹34,726 per month

Primary duties: A marine technician is a professional who repairs mechanical and electrical parts of a ship. They might instal, maintain or repair mechanical systems on the boat. Marine technicians may also give clients recommendations on boat modifications. Their other duties include testing marine engines, diagnosing parts, fixing plumbing and documenting repairs.

20. Marine Manager

National average salary: ₹76,573 per month

Primary duties: A marine manager oversees the daily operations of a port. They ensure that activities, such as loading and unloading cargo on a ship, run quickly and efficiently. These professionals monitor all ships and facilities at a port. They also manage a team of workers and provide quality customer service to clients. Their duties include maintaining the port, handling budgets and training new employees.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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