15 Jobs In The Paper Industry (With Salaries And Duties)

Updated 26 December 2022

The paper industry manufactures a range of paper and paper pulp products for various personal and professional purposes. There are many career opportunities in the industry for qualified people with relevant education and work experience. By understanding the different paper industry jobs available for someone with your qualifications, you can make an informed decision about the career you want to pursue in this field. In this article, we consider several jobs in the paper industry along with their average salaries and primary duties.

15 Jobs In The Paper Industry

You can refer to the following jobs in the paper industry to make a decision about the career path you can pursue:

1. Production Worker

National average salary: ₹12,852 per month

Primary duties: A production worker works on the production line to assist with manufacturing paper and pulp products. They are responsible for maintaining a clean production floor, preparing equipment for use, operating the machinery and following production guidelines. During production, they monitor the assembly line, report issues to the supervisor, remove faulty products, ensure quality standards and meet production targets. They also finalise and package the finished paper and pulp products for shipping.

2. Production Operator

National average salary: ₹12,917 per month

Primary duties: A production operator works on the assembly line in a paper factory to inspect the manufacture of paper and paper pulp products. The operator is responsible for calibrating the line machine before the start of production and for assessing its performance during production. Along with monitoring the machine performance and controlling the machine settings, they troubleshoot potential issues to ensure production efficiency. As a quality control measure, the production operator removes defective materials from the assembly line and cleans the machines regularly.

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3. Screen Printer

National average salary: ₹15,111 per month

Primary duties: Screen printers are professionals who operate printers and oversee the serigraphy process. Per their clients' specifications, they develop designs, patterns and stencils for screen printing. They estimate the time required for printing, the quantity of ink needed, the essential materials and the screen size. Additionally, they select the appropriate degreasing agents and emulsion coatings.

After they mix screen printing ink and load the screen onto the printer, they instal the screen printing plates, position the pressure rollers, calibrate the printer and prepare materials for printing. They maintain the screen printing machines to prevent misprints, inkblots, smudges or other errors. Alongside performing quality checks, they clean the machines after each printing batch. They also dry, fold and package the final printed articles before dispatching them to the client.

4. Machine Operator

National average salary: ₹15,226 per month

Primary duties: A machine operator installs, operates, inspects and maintains mechanical or computer-operated heavy manufacturing machinery. Alongside performing routine checks, they follow established safety and production standards. They undertake minor repairs when necessary and inform the machine technicians in case there are any major maintenance issues.

5. Truck Driver

National average salary: ₹16,259 per month

Primary duties: Truck drivers drive assigned trucks to transport materials and goods to and from different manufacturing, distribution and retail locations. They use forklifts, cranes and other equipment to load and unload the cargo. Using tie-down straps, bungees and other tools, they ensure that the loaded goods are kept secure in the truck. They also inspect their vehicles for mechanical issues and perform any necessary repair work. They are also responsible for refuelling and cleaning the trucks.

Working with dispatchers, they plan travel routes with a GPS, follow traffic laws and report road incidents. They also maintain transit logs to make it easier for consumers to track their orders.

6. Laboratory Technician

National average salary: ₹14,953 per month

Primary duties: A laboratory technician supports the laboratory staff in conducting research, optimising laboratory procedures and carrying out correct experiments to produce reliable results. As part of their work duties, laboratory technicians calibrate, use, maintain, clean and sterilise, calibrate and maintain laboratory equipment. They also keep track of laboratory supplies and place new orders when necessary. Additionally, they store, categorise, label, test and record laboratory samples. Alongside ensuring that the testing follows standard procedures, they record their observations in a specified format, analyse their findings and maintain daily work logs.

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7. Press Operator

National average salary: ₹17,078 per month

Primary duties: A press operator is in charge of operating a printing press to produce printed materials. They set up, prepare, calibrate and maintain the printing machinery. They follow the client's design instructions to develop printing plates and ensure that the printed materials meet the desired specifications. After each printing batch, they clean the equipment.

8. Printer

National average salary: ₹17,657 per month

Primary duties: A printer's key responsibilities include creating print designs per client specifications and selecting the appropriate printing methods to execute these. They supervise print orders for books, magazines, newspapers, posters, labels, packaging and other printing jobs. For that, they set up, adjust, operate and maintain the printing equipment. Alongside organising the printing format and sequence, they load printing papers and adjust for size. They decide on the colour, quantity and distribution of the printing ink. They set the level of printing speed and the machine temperature.

During production, they monitor the printing quality and correct any printing errors. They regularly undertake preventive maintenance work, clean the printer components and lubricate the equipment. These professionals maintain a record of client orders, send bills and receive payments.

9. Carpenter

National average salary: ₹18,516 per month

Primary duties: As skilled professionals, carpenters are in charge of the wooden structures and equipment required in the paper industry. They oversee their construction, installation, maintenance and renovation. Alongside assessing the quality of the wood and operating the tools, they use various carpentry techniques to accomplish the required work. Their responsibilities include complying with established health and safety regulations for wooden structures.

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10. Chemist

National average salary: ₹17,232 per month

Primary duties: Chemists who work in the paper industry focus on improving the efficiency of the industrial paper-making process. They are also concerned with ensuring that the process is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Alongside conducting research in the laboratory, they work in the paper mill and plant facilities. The chemists study paper fibre and paper sludge, conduct experiments on chemical substances, test their reactions with other materials and develop chemical compositions for making quality paper products. They write reports and technical papers on their research work.

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11. Sales Associate

National average salary: ₹18,795 per month

Primary duties: Sales associates in the paper industry maintain product arrangements, signage and displays on the sales floor. They engage with customers, listen to their requirements and recommend suitable paper products that meet their needs. These professionals may also cross-sell other related products and inform the customers of available deals. By continuously updating their product knowledge, they can respond to any questions customers might have about the paper products. They also handle product returns, make refunds and handle customer complaints.

12. Print Technician

National average salary: ₹22,449 per month

Primary duties: A print technician works in an industrial printing facility or a printing press. Along with managing the printing equipment, they calibrate printers per product specifications. They may use traditional, plate less or digital printing technologies to print on paper and paper products. These can include screen printing, lithography, gravure, flexography, letterpress, offset printing and laser printing. After the printing work, the print technician collects the pages and products for further processing. For instance, they may cut, compress, assemble and bind printed pages to ready them for publication.

13. Print Manager

National average salary: ₹24,095 per month

Primary duties: Print managers supervise printing processes, maintain operational standards and ensure the quality of printed products. These professionals organise work schedules, set project budgets, manage staff, oversee the maintenance of the printing machinery and meet project deadlines. During the printing process, they coordinate the workflow, identify errors and recommend technique changes to make improvements. Alongside ensuring the availability of inks, toners and papers, they are responsible for replenishing stock from approved vendors. It is also their responsibility to regularly update clients about the project status.

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14. Maintenance Mechanic

National average salary: ₹26,407 per month

Primary duties: A maintenance mechanic oversees the performance of the paper production machinery and undertakes its maintenance. Alongside routinely testing and troubleshooting the equipment, they identify problems and perform necessary repairs. They clean the machinery, lubricate the parts and replace worn or damaged sections. Additionally, they make essential machine modifications, organise the inventory and order new products. They prepare reports about their maintenance work and collaborate with the plant engineer on other assigned duties.

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15. R&D Engineer

National average salary: ₹39,124 per month

Primary duties: A research and development (R&D) engineer in the paper industry focuses on testing product concepts, designing new products and improving existing products. They gather consumer feedback to understand consumer requirements and research product materials to identify areas for improvement. They also consider ways to improve the production processes.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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