8 Best Practices For Online Job Search (With How To Search)

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Updated 24 February 2023

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Whether you are unemployed or looking for a job change, using various online search practices can help you get hired for a suitable job. Mastering the process of searching and applying for jobs online can ensure you find a job that meets your expectation and helps you advance in your career. Evaluating job search strategies, including becoming a member of various job websites, can significantly shorten the job search process. In this article, we discuss the best practices for online job search, outline the tips for conducting an online job search and share some steps to search online for jobs.

What Are The Best practices For Online Job Search?

The best practices for online job search might include searching industry publications, subscribing to various job websites, browsing the internet and leveraging the power of social media. Here are some best practices to ensure you get hired for a desirable job:

Subscribe to job websites

Job websites like Indeed work both as search engines and databases for open jobs. Some job websites offer premium services for candidates like resume and cover letter writing. These sites focus on career coaching and these job websites can help candidates with any education and experience level find the right employment in any sector. If you are actively looking for a job, becoming a member can help you find a job faster. These websites are free to browse and you just enter the job title and zip code to search for relevant opportunities.

You might pay upfront to avail of certain premium services like browsing and application privilege. After applying for the job, the hiring manager reviews your application and might hire you if your profile seems interesting.

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Be selective in your job application

Job search online primarily means you can search and read more job postings. Uploading the resume and cover letter to a company's website can help you apply for relevant jobs. As most companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen candidates, apply only for selective jobs. This is important because if your resume lacks the desired skills, the ATS might not highlight or shortlist your resume.

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Create a strong digital presence

Focus on creating a job-related social media profile and ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date. This primarily entails incorporating relevant keywords that a hiring manager looks for in a suitable candidate. If you require guidance on what keywords to use, try searching for open positions in your field and know the keywords the companies use. Depending upon your position, consider starting your website that shows your area of expertise. For example, if you are a graphic designer, show designs of websites and other material you designed. Creating an online portfolio helps you build a positive impression.

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Customise your application material

Customising your application for every role shows hiring managers that you have put in some effort and are serious about the job. You are likely to get an interview call for the desired position if you customise your resume and cover letter. An introductory cover letter and resume can make it easier to adjust the changes to fit the job description. Customisation also means adding relevant keywords to the application. Focus on emphasising relevant skills to make a positive impression.

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Use social media to find jobs

You can use social media platforms to search for relevant jobs. Most businesses have some social media presence and you can follow these companies to know whether they have an open position. Once a company posts a new job, you can use that information to help create your application. Interestingly, you can use your social media to ask for help from friends and family members about a relevant job. Hiring managers often post a job opening on social media to connect with people they already know. It can help you build professional relationships while helping you search for relevant jobs.

Visit company websites

If you have identified and shortlisted a few companies you want to work with, start visiting the website regularly to know whether they are hiring. Often, companies do not advertise their openings on job websites, but might post them only on their website or social media. By constantly monitoring the website, you are likely to notice if a position becomes suddenly available. The earlier you apply for the job, the easier it might become to get hired for a desirable position.

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Be selective about the experience you include in your application.

If you have many years of experience, list only relevant experience on your application. Listing relevant details make it easier for hiring managers to scan your resume. It helps determine whether you have the desired skills to get hired. Sharing too much information can disqualify you. Also, ensure that your resume never shows irrelevant experience for a specific position.

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Network in your preferred industry

Networking is often a big help to candidates and is a skill many people require to excel in their careers. Whether you are searching for a new job or starting your career, try to connect with professionals in that industry. You can network with qualified professionals online, on social media platforms, at conferences and industry-specific events. A network can help you earn an interview for a desirable position.

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How To Search For Online Jobs?

Use these steps to search for online jobs:

1. Create a plan

Before starting your job search, focus on creating a plan. Identify the industry and sector in which you want to work, the type of role you are searching and the salary range you expect. At this stage, it is essential to understand your job, as it can help decide how fast your career moves. You can even set goals like the number of jobs you apply weekly or set a deadline for improving your resume and cover letter. Also, focus on creating a method for tracking your job applications.

2. Know your industry

If you are searching for a job in any industry you have previous experience, you are likely to understand how the industry works and its nuances. If you are planning to work in a new industry, conduct some research about the job. This primarily means speaking with people in that industry and reading books and articles about the industry. You might listen to podcasts on that topic to gain an in-depth understanding of the employer's expectations. Knowing about your industry helps you create a customised resume and cover letter for the job and helps you highlight your valuable skills.

3. Improve your job skills

While waiting for an interview call, use various online sources to improve your skill set. Focus on reading your resume and job description to see if there are other skills you can improve. Enrolling in a course and learning a new skill can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. Even if it does not increase your chances of being shortlisted, it helps keep you up-to-date with the latest information. This leaves a positive impression on the hiring manager.

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4. Follow up on your application

Rather than wasting time for an interview call or email from a hiring manager, wait for a week and follow up with your job application. If there is no follow-up procedure, remove it from your list and avoid wasting time. Often, a follow-up email shows the recruiter your interest and passion for a job and they might consider your application and schedule an interview.

5. Show seriousness during the job search

Often, candidates send resumes to every job and wait for the recruiter to respond. Conducting a job search is challenging because it takes time. It is essential to show seriousness during the search to ensure you get hired for a suitable job. Focus on changing every job application and be proactive in capturing the hiring manager's attention. If your job search is not yielding results, reevaluate it and make necessary changes to get a job.

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