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Show Hiring Managers That You're Ready to Work

February 11, 2021

Ready to work is a new update on Indeed that allows you to signal to hiring managers that you’re immediately available to work. Simply turn the feature on to become discoverable to hiring managers filtering for applicants that are ready to work.

Confirm the ready to work option

I’m available to start work immediately: I'm available to start immediately means you're immediately available for any job. Turn this off if this no longer applies to your situation.

Note: If you previously used the #readytowork tag in the summary of your resume, we now recommend removing that tag. With the new update to make ready to work even better, you can simply turn ready to work on or off instead of adding the tag to your resume.

Upload your resume to Indeed

Upload your most current resume document to Indeed. By uploading a resume to Indeed, you can quickly apply to multiple jobs, rather than individually uploading a resume for each job application.

When uploading your resume, you will be prompted to select if you want to enable the ready to work feature. When enabled, employers will be notified that you’re ready for immediate employment opportunities.

Ensure your resume is set to public

Your resume must be set to public in order for employers to filter by 'ready to work' and view your resume. Setting your profile to public makes your resume discoverable to hiring managers searching Indeed for candidates like you. You can make your resume public or private at any time.

Hiring managers will have the option to filter by 'ready to work now' availability as they review resumes. This option is ideal for companies who are urgently hiring and need employees to start as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the conventional 1-month notice period for an employee to start work.

By turning on the ready to work feature on your Indeed Resume, your resume will show up in relevant search results for companies who are hiring now.

More tips for finding a job fast

In addition to turning on ready to work, here are a few other tips for finding a job fast.

1. Search for urgently hiring companies
If you type 'Urgently hiring' into the Indeed search bar in the 'What' field and enter your location in the 'Where' field, you will be able to view jobs that companies have indicated they are urgently hiring for. This is beneficial to your job search because you can be sure that employers are actively looking to quickly fill all these jobs.

2. Consider searching for remote or work-from-home jobs
COVID-19 may affect some companies' ability to have all of their employees gathered in an office or place of business. By searching for Work From Home (WFH), Remote, or Temporarily Remote jobs, you may be able to get to work sooner rather than waiting for businesses to be allowed to work in a physical location again.

To search for these jobs, type 'WFH' or 'Remote' in the 'Where' field in your Indeed job search.

3. Prepare for virtual interviews
It's likely that you may have to interview for a job virtually. This may be the first time you have ever had to do an interview via a video call. Make sure to practise for this situation so you're prepared to interview for your next opportunity with confidence.


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