Sales Coordinator Career Path (With Duties And Skills)

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Published 6 September 2022

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A sales coordinator supports the sales team in achieving the sales objectives of an organisation. They apply both their hard and soft skills to write proposals, develop contracts and communicate effectively with existing clients, along with other internal and external stakeholders. Learning about this profession and the qualifications required for this position can help you determine if the role aligns with your career goals. In this article, we discuss a sales coordinator career path, share some of their key responsibilities and explain the steps to become one.

What Is A Sales Coordinator Career Path?

A sales coordinator career path is a job opportunity where professionals primarily focus on client engagement activities to enhance the growth and retain assets of an organisation. A sales coordinator resolves client enquiries and ensures customer satisfaction. They may often work with sales managers to assist account managers in maintaining existing and new customers, along with achieving an organisation's sales goals. They may also support varied processes of a sales team, like processing orders and maintaining and executing annual vendor performance evaluations. Apart from their sales experience, these professionals are usually adept at organising and persuasive communication.

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How To Become A Sales Coordinator?

Here are some steps you may follow to become a sales coordinator:

1. Complete school and college education

The first step that you can take is completing your higher secondary education from a nationally accredited board. During your education and training, select the subjects that offer lessons on accounting and computers, as these subjects may help you perform various tasks associated with the role of sales coordinator, like managing databases and analysing sales budgets, as most organisations prefer hiring those candidates who have at least pursued a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing or management.

A certification may not be always mandatory, but possessing one helps you to develop a better understanding of sales and marketing concepts. There are many certifications that are available to equip you with the knowledge about the newest methods and strategies for becoming a top sales performer. A certification may often validate your competence and expertise.

2. Gain professional experience

Completing internships in sales and marketing is an excellent way to gain industry exposure. An internship with a marketing firm may help you build varied skills, like communication, negotiation expertise and customer service. With internships, you may equip yourself with the knowledge of a sales process, customer acquisition and revenue generation, along with gaining confidence and making an impression on future hiring managers.

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3. Create a resume

When preparing a resume, focus on highlighting your work experience and skills with the help of specific and measurable examples to impress hiring managers. Start with your contact information and write a professional summary that shows your career goals. For the work experience section, mention the name of the employers and the duration of the jobs, along with bulleted lists of key responsibilities. Consider quantifying your accomplishments wherever possible to highlight your efficiency levels. In the education section, you can include certifications, awards and licenses if you have any.

Create a skills section and mention your soft and hard skills. With relevant soft skills on your resume, you can better convey your personality characteristics to hiring managers that make you suitable for the job. Attention to detail, management and empathy are some examples of these skills that apply to the role. When including skills, conduct research to identify in-demand skills for the position. This may allow you to prepare an effective resume that matches the requisites of the sales and marketing industry. Explaining how each skill has helped you to accomplish different tasks may also prove to be beneficial.

4. Apply for jobs

Prepare a portfolio and proofread your resume before applying for jobs. When applying for a job, read the job description thoroughly and modify your resume accordingly. The objective of this is to align your resume with the specific requirements of the job to make it targeted. To find jobs, you may visit job portals or professional networking platforms.

If there is a specific company that you are interested in working with, then you may visit its website to see if there are any open roles for the position. You may also prepare a cover letter to discuss your credentials and highlight the proficiencies or achievements that can make you a suitable candidate for the role.

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Responsibilities Of A Sales Coordinator

Some of the key responsibilities of a sales coordinator are optimising the flow of goods and services to customers, managing schedules and territories of different sales team members, setting sales objectives and organising training programmes. In this role, professionals work in collaboration with sales teams and help them increase their productivity, along with ensuring that sales, marketing and delivery operations function efficiently. Below are some other important responsibilities of a sales coordinator:

  • Supporting sales team in accomplishing sales targets

  • Preparing sales analysis weekly, monthly or annually

  • Updating new sales enquiries in the company database

  • Coordinating and responding to requests for internal meetings

  • Assisting the sales team in implementing sales cycles

  • Completing new vendor paperwork to help the sales team remain organised

  • Hiring and training sales personnel and ensuring that they fulfil their targets

  • Making organisation's products or services appealing to potential customers

  • Creating captivating sample advertisements for clients

  • Preparing and sharing media kits and promotional plans

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Qualifications For A Sales Coordinator

Below are some qualifications that may often be required to become a sales coordinator:


Some organisations, before offering the role of sales coordinator, may ask for a bachelor's degree in business administration or related subjects. You may also consider enrolling in finance, business law, economics and statistics classes, as these subjects may help to you prepare well for the role. Choose courses that include lessons on consumer behaviour and market research, as knowledge about these topics helps sales coordinators to perform their routine duties efficiently.

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a master's or post-graduate degree in marketing also adds to your educational qualifications. These courses are a great way to gain technical, managerial and leadership skills and can give you a competitive advantage in sales and marketing.


To gain hands-on experience and knowledge of how an organisation functions, you may work as an intern in the sales and marketing departments. These opportunities are a great way to understand how sales and marketing professionals do networking. Internships also help professionals to build a relevant work experience for their resumes. Entry-level sales roles also offer valuable training and you may get to work with experienced and skilled professionals who may share their industry knowledge with you. Professionals in such roles who show initiative and leadership and marketing skills are more likely to be promoted within a company.

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There are several certificate courses you may pursue to further enhance your sales and marketing expertise. Many of them are short-term courses that offer lessons on improving the performance of a sales team or how a sales team may increase the customer acquisition rate. Such specialisations may allow you to understand how organisations attract customers and what the significance of negotiation is in this field. Consider selecting a course that covers the fundamentals of sales, sales technology and strategic marketing management. These certifications may impart you the requisite knowledge that can help you excel in this career path.

Sales Coordinator Work Environment

Sales coordinators may often work full time from the office and an organisation may also ask them to work extra hours and sometimes on weekends. There are several industries where they may work, like banking, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, wholesale, retail or insurance. They are usually adept at using office equipment, like computers, printers and fax machines, and are often highly proficient in performing interdepartmental communication.

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Sales Coordinator Skills

Below are some skills that a sales coordinator possesses to excel in their career:

Communication skills

The communication skills of a sales coordinator focus on both verbal and written communication, as they may require communicating coherently with clients, besides their team members. They prepare sales and target reports along with presentations for clients, for which they often utilise their written abilities. Active listening is another aspect of these skills they possess, as they ensure they convey the right message to their team, managers and clients.

Negotiation skills

The negotiation skills of a sales coordinator help them close sales deals that are profitable and resolve professional conflicts effectively. Excellent negotiators can influence people and persuade parties to agree to a solution or a suggestion. This makes persuasion an important ability of these professionals to employ to pitch sales, acquire new clients, train new employees and enhance productivity. Emotional intelligence, logical reasoning and interpersonal skills are some key aspects of negotiation skills.

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Client management skills

With their client management skills, sales coordinators are better able to improve customer experience and strengthen relationships between clients and organisations. These skills enable them to coordinate the company's interactions with new and existing clients. These abilities are essentially people management skills that help sales coordinators to foster relationship building and improve the customer retention rate of an organisation to grow revenues and meet sales goals.

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