12 Types Of Jobs At A News Station (With Duties And Salary)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 22 November 2021

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A news station broadcasts news events, weather forecasts, political commentary, traffic reports, sports coverage and more to the general public. While news anchors, reporters and meteorologists are obvious members of a news station, there are equally important professionals who work behind the scenes. Knowing about the various types of jobs at a news station can help you understand the industry and choose the right career in this field. In this article, we discuss 12 types of interesting jobs that exist in a news station and outline the average salary and primary duties of each type of job.

Types of jobs at a news station

There are several types of jobs at a news station. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. News anchor

National average salary: ₹14,387 per month

Primary duties: Duties of a news anchor may include gathering information, broadcasting newscasts and conducting interviews with guests. News anchors are responsible for presenting information in an interesting, informative and unbiased manner. It is important for news anchors to be knowledgeable and fully aware of the topics they cover so that they can present information clearly to the audience. Other duties of a news anchor include researching various local, national and international news events, collaborating with the news director for choosing the right stories for target audiences, prioritising news items and revising and practising the delivery of scripts.

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2. News reporter

National average salary: ₹16,547 per month

Primary duties: A news reporter performs the primary role of collecting and verifying newsworthy information. These professionals are engaged in collecting and assembling their findings into a story-based format. They also work on writing various news stories keeping the audience's tastes in mind. Reporters generally receive news leads, tips or assignments from various sources. They are responsible for initiating contact, conducting interviews and performing research on news stories. Reporters maintain notes and audio recordings and collaborate with other reporters, producers and editors on a regular basis. Reporters abide by the ethics and codes of journalism.

3. Social media manager

National average salary: ₹21,251 per month

Primary duties: A social media manager helps implement various content strategies over different social media platforms. Their responsibilities include identifying social media trends and patterns, tracking customer interactions, analysing customer engagement information and planning online campaigns. These professionals often work for a news company and help strengthen their online presence. They can also work on tasks like forming connections with influencers across social media platforms, assessing competitor activity, implementing plans to maximise brand awareness and also mentoring junior social media staff in the company.

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4. News producer

National average salary: ₹3,37,678 per year

Primary duties: A news producer is responsible for managing newscasts and ensuring that they are relevant and meet audience expectations. A news producer constantly collaborates with reporters, news directors, technical teams and news anchors to supervise various aspects of the production flow and deliver quality content to the audience. Making sure that newscasts run in a clean and glitch-free manner is also a key duty of a news producer. They also collect news pieces and other newsworthy information and help prioritise content. Other responsibilities include performing news research, adhering to broadcast time limits, producing breaking news and building promotional strategies.

5. News director

National average salary: ₹37,334 per month

Primary duties: A news director oversees daily operations and various other aspects related to news delivery. News directors direct news assignments and are responsible for major decision-making in the company. They supervise various news station personnel and ensure compliance in news delivery. They may also perform activities related to budgeting, hiring for open positions and reviewing news stories to ensure they are accurate and fair. News directors can help edit, manage and prioritise content to suit audience preferences. Collaborating with the technical staff and engineers for various technical issues and glitches are some other tasks they perform.

6. News writer

National average salary: ₹4,00,000 per year

Primary duties: News writers create written material for news websites, newspapers and media outlets. They often research and gather information about current events and put them together in a readable format. They may also perform copy editing of news scripts to ensure the accuracy of facts, language, style and grammar. Other responsibilities may include developing content for broadcast during news intervals. News writers oversee content and make sure that it caters to the reader. Editing and managing daily news stories, specials, periodicals and news feeds are some other tasks they perform. They work towards enhancing news quality to maximise viewership.

7. Camera operator

National average salary: ₹16,060 per month

Primary duties: Camera operators operate and control the cameras in a news station. They are also responsible for coordinating with the lighting department. They help the Director of Photography (DP) make decisions about choosing the right cameras, filters, lenses, light design, gear and shot composition for various shots. Camera operators take inputs from DPs about the photography goals for a scene and then work to achieve those. There are different kinds of camera operators based on the type of equipment, level of experience and duties assigned.

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8. Broadcast engineer

National average salary: ₹26,938 per month

Primary duties: The primary role of a broadcast engineer is to ensure that scheduled news broadcasts run smoothly without glitches. These engineers perform the upgrade and maintenance of broadcasting equipment and software, set up live broadcasts and resolve broadcasting problems. A broadcasting engineer requires problem-solving and engineering skills to configure and troubleshoot various software and tools. These engineers usually have a degree in computer science, electrical systems or digital signal processing. Some essential skills for broadcast engineers include time management, analytical and technical skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

9. Audio engineer

National average salary: ₹25,938 per month

Primary duties: Audio engineers work on various audio aspects of news broadcasts. They work to minimise unwanted noise, regulate volumes and audio quality, set up ambient microphones, provide oversight for live productions and repair and maintain audio equipment. Audio engineers often collaborate with performers and producers to generate optimal audio output. Audio engineers work to produce high-quality audio during recordings and live news reports. They are also responsible for ensuring the fulfilment of necessary quality standards. Some essential skills to excel in a career as an audio engineer are manual dexterity, problem-solving skills and good communication skills.

10. Lighting technician

National average salary: ₹16,512 per month

Primary duties: Lighting technicians essentially operate the lighting system for productions. They seek to understand the designs produced by the lighting designer and then work towards achieving the desired lighting effects. Lighting technicians are responsible for setting up, configuring and operating various lighting equipment on the set. They may operate manual or computerised equipment and may perform maintenance of these devices as and when required. Lighting technicians work to keep lighting equipment in good condition. A lighting manager requires traits like creativity, communication, sincerity, strong technical skills and great colour vision.

11. Graphic designer

National average salary: ₹17,448 per month

Primary duties: Graphic designers work in collaboration with the creative and marketing teams of a news station to convey an idea, message or concept visually. Their expertise in various graphic design software programs helps them produce graphic art for ads, promotions, videos, websites, social media platforms and other mediums. The skills and traits of an effective graphic designer may include attention to detail, active listening, creative thinking and collaborative skills. A graphic designer is also usually familiar with printing processes and programming scripts.

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12. Makeup artist

National average salary: ₹16,787 per month

Primary duties: Makeup artists are a useful and indispensable part of a news station. Makeup artists at news stations primarily help news anchors and other on-camera staff achieve the right look with their professional hair styling and makeup services. Makeup artists often collaborate with the news director to understand the makeup requirements and work towards fulfilling them. They follow the director's vision and communicate the same to other members of the makeup crew. These professionals often use their active listening, collaboration and planning skills to do their job well.

Salary figures reflect data listed on the quoted websites at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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