Types of Online Marketing Jobs (With Salaries and Duties)

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Updated 21 July 2022

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Online marketing connects businesses with potential customers and takes business development to a higher level. From writing engaging content to optimising the content for ranking on search engines, online marketing professionals help raise the profile of a company via search engines. Online marketing jobs have a variety of duties and requirements, based on the position and skills you are interested in. In this article, we define the types of online marketing jobs and discuss the necessary skills to get these jobs.

Types of online marketing jobs

Online marketers get specialised in different internet marketing niches to implement effective marketing strategies. Here is a list of different types of online marketing jobs, along with their salaries and primary duties:

1. SEO manager

National average salary: ₹28,749 per month

Primary duties: SEO managers plan, implement and manage the overall SEO strategy of any online business. Their primary duties include web marketing, content strategy planning, keyword strategy and analytics. Search engine optimisation is the most important and the most complicated form of online marketing. SEO managers have expertise in HTML or CSS. They are familiar with web analytics tools and content management systems (CMS). SEO managers determine the best SEO strategies and develop ways to implement these.

2. Social media specialist

National average salary: ₹17,505 per month

Primary duties: Social media specialists devise marketing strategies to turn social media users into paying customers and develop the image of an organisation. They use their marketing skills to develop social media content and customer outreach programs. Social media specialists curate content in the form of status updates or posts with links to web pages. They post these regularly on the social media channels of the organisation.

3. Content marketer

National average salary: ₹4,70,130 per year

Primary duties: Content marketers are responsible for developing and executing content marketing strategies to expose companies and businesspeople to an audience and establish a brand. From writing and editing to publishing on different platforms, they manage the entire content creation process. Their primary duty involves developing valuable online content such as web pages, blog posts, infographics, white papers and newsletters.

4. PPC specialist

National average salary: ₹24,657 per month

Primary duties: Pay-per-click (PPC) specialists are online marketing professionals responsible for planning and implementing paid advertising campaigns on the internet. They run Google ads campaigns for the organisation. PPC specialists develop impactful internet advertising strategies that align with the objectives of an organisation. They evaluate advertising performance and organise campaigns for continual development.

5. Affiliate marketing manager

National average salary: ₹372,500 per year

Primary duties: Affiliate marketing managers handle online affiliate marketing programs for an organisation. They oversee a team of online marketing professionals and manage affiliate campaigns to increase projected sales. Affiliate marketing managers identify potential partners and perform different online marketing activities to promote the partner program.

6. Email marketing specialist

National average salary: ₹348,554 per year

Primary duties: Email marketing specialists design email media for online marketing campaigns. They run email marketing campaigns and ensure accurate communication via email and newsletters. Email marketing specialists are responsible for designing mobile-friendly email templates and designs.

7. Digital marketing manager

National average salary: ₹549,252 per year

Primary duties: Digital marketing managers develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies and programs for positive business growth. They work with content marketers and graphic designers to provide up-to-date information to the upper management. Digital marketing managers have knowledge in e-commerce and other technical skills such as search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing involves a set of tools and methodologies that businesses and entrepreneurs use to promote their products and services with the help of the internet. Online marketing differs from traditional marketing as it has far more channels and more tools that marketers can use to reach potential customers. These digital channels include websites, search engines and social media platforms.

Online marketing is effective in establishing an online presence and raising the brand awareness of a company. Online marketers use technical and creative tools on the internet to rank businesses on search engines. Internet marketing jobs are varied and dynamic.

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Skills needed for online marketing jobs

Typical online marketing jobs require some level of skills and training depending on the position. Here are some necessary technical and soft skills for internet marketing jobs:

Marketing skills

Online marketing jobs involve providing appealing information about products and services to the audience. Online marketers perform effective marketing strategies to increase driving sales of a company. They often analyse what the audience wants and change the course based on the new data.

Technical skills

Technical skills such as SEO and SEM are crucial in online marketing jobs. Online marketers understand how to use them for generating traffic to the business. Aside from these skills, online marketing jobs require a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and different analytical tools. With these skills, online marketing professionals can boost traffic and conversions.

Analytical skills

Internet marketing professionals analyse the demographics and preferences of their audiences. They require analytical skills to develop strategies for marketing projects and campaigns. They can also determine the types of consumers who are more likely to buy from their business and which types of consumers are willing to pay more for certain services. This allows marketers to save time and money on customer acquisition.

Communication skills

Online marketing jobs require professionals to have good communication skills. Aside from technical and marketing skills, they are also responsible for convincing clients. Online marketers have good written, verbal, and presentation skills as their job involve collaboration with a diverse set of people.

Content creation skills

Content creation skills are always an asset for online marketing professionals. Their job involves creating content relevant to the target audience and promoting it on different platforms. It is essential to explain the value of their product and services clearly in the content and publish them on websites or social media platforms. With this skill, they can create informative, entertaining and persuasive pieces of content.

Advertising skills

Online marketers know a variety of methods to turn target audiences into paying customers. They post advertisements that internet users can click on. Online marketing professionals understand the way things work and the way things are changing. They analyse their target audience and improvise their advertising campaigns based on the recent data.

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Advantages of online marketing jobs

Here are a few advantages of working in the online marketing sector:

Easy to start

Online marketing jobs require digital marketing experience knowledge. You can learn the necessary online marketing skills and start your career easily. Online marketing jobs are different from traditional jobs which require certain academic backgrounds and degrees. You can enrol in courses related to SEO or SMM. Learning basic online marketing skills can help you advance your career faster. Online marketing is a skill-driven sector.

More job opportunities

Many businesses hire online marketing professionals to drive traffic to their companies. You can provide your SEO or content marketing services and become a part of this evolving industry. Companies use the services of social media managers, content marketers and digital marketing managers for driving sales and profits.

High-paying jobs

Online marketers can earn a decent amount of salary in this sector. Online marketing professionals with the right skills can get higher salaries along with other benefits and bonuses. Internet marketing offers multiple high-paying job roles for skilled professionals and beginners. Many companies pay well to online marketers based on their skills and experiences. Online marketing professionals can also earn additional income by doing some freelance work in their spare time.

Diverse career paths

Online marketing offers multiple job roles for interested candidates. Online marketing is an evolving field with a wide range of career options. You can build a good career in online marketing by gaining proper training and positive attitude. You can also learn more than one skill and select a suitable career path based on your skill. Some of the common online marketing jobs are SEO expert, content writer, social media manager, and analytics manager.

Freelance and entrepreneurship opportunities

After working as an online marketer and gaining some experience, you can even start your own business. Online marketing offers entrepreneurship opportunities to candidates as they can start their online marketing agency or promote their business. You can grow your online business and generate revenues with the help of online marketing skills. Aside from this, many online marketers use their skills and offer freelance internet marketing services to clients.

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