What Are VMware Certifications? (Plus Types And Benefits)

Updated 3 March 2023

If you are working in the information technology (IT) field, it might be helpful to develop your technical skills and expertise through certifications. Certifications in VMware are those that individuals in the IT and software industries regularly use for implementing, and managing network virtualisation solutions. Knowing more about these certifications and how you might earn them can help you decide which qualification to obtain. In this article, we define what VMware certifications are, explore their four levels, outline the benefits of obtaining such certifications and provide you with steps to acquire them.

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What Are VMware Certifications?

VMware certifications demonstrate the holder's proficiency in using VMware software, which is a complex computer program with a variety of capabilities. The certification confirms the holder's expertise in a specific capability, such as cloud computing. Many IT and software development organisations use cloud computing, and data centre visualisation in their operations, and they rely on VMware. When hiring for some IT roles, recruiters may prefer candidates with VMware certifications in the following areas:

  • Data centre virtualisation (DCV): This is the process of creating a highly scalable, secure and available data centre. DCV involves the design, development and deployment of a data centre on cloud computing, and virtualisation technologies.

  • Cloud management and automation (CMA): This shows your ability to install, configure and optimise specific IT methodologies operating in a cloud-based infrastructure. It primarily entails accessing a system from any location using an internet connection.

  • Network virtualisation (NV): This topic focuses on how companies convert their network resources from hardware to software. Typically, it combines multiple networks into one virtual, software-based network or divides one physical network into separate and independent virtual networks.

  • Digital business transformation: Digital business transformation integrates digital processes into the organisation. This alters a company's structure and operations, and improves its operability and productivity.

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4 Levels Of VMware Certifications

If you have an interest in completing a VMWare certification, you can choose between the following four levels:

VMware certified associate (VCA)

This certification is helpful for those who want to learn about virtualisation and implementation of VMware technology. During the VCA certification, you are likely to come across topics such as cloud architecture and various VMware software solutions. This certification informs users how to align VMware products to meet customer specifications. Rather than focusing on technical skills, it focuses on evaluating a candidate's experience with VMware products and systems. VMware recommends that candidates take a free e-learning course before attempting the exam. Individuals who might pursue this certification are:

  • Executive assistants

  • Computer support specialists

VMware certified professional (VCP)

This is VMware's mid-level certification for those who install and manage VMware solutions. During this certification, you are likely to learn about topics such as VMware architecture, productions, technologies and solutions. You may also learn about installing, configuring, setting up and optimising VMware solutions. Individuals who might benefit from this course include:

  • IT managers

  • Software developers

  • Computer system administrators

  • Database administrators

  • Computer programmers

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VMware certified advanced professional (VCAP)

VCAP is VMware's upper-midlevel certification. It is essential for candidates to complete the VCP certification before the VCAP. There are two VCAP exams, namely the VCAP Design and the VCAP Deploy exams. Some IT individuals who might pursue this certification are:

  • Web developers

  • Quality assurance analysts

  • Network administrators

  • Digital designers

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VMware certified design expert (VCDX)

VCDX is the highest level of certification offered by VMware, which shows a high level of understanding and implementation of product design. Before completing the VCDX certification, it is essential to complete VCP and VMware certified implementation expert (VCIX). After earning these certifications, individuals submit a design plan for a larger virtualised infrastructure environment. Individuals who might pursue this type of certification include:

  • Computer network architects

  • Database architects

  • Computer hardware engineers

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Benefits Of Earning VMware Certification

Some benefits of earning VMware certification are:

Increases likelihood of job offers

If you are a recent graduate or a new entrant in the technology industry with limited work experience, earning a professional certification increases your chances of getting a desirable job. Including this certification on your resume shows potential employers you have the skill set to perform your role. It also means recruiters are more likely to consider you over other candidates.

Improves workplace productivity

If you frequently use VMware in your current role, earning a VMware certification improves your workplace productivity. You might perform more tasks within the same timeframe, as you can efficiently utilise the various functions of the software. When earning a certification, try to learn new software functions and features that you have never used before.

Increases the possibility of a higher salary

Another benefit of completing a certification is a potentially higher salary. As a result of your increased productivity, you can ask your employers for a pay rise. If you are a new entrant to the industry with limited professional experience, earning certifications helps you negotiate a higher salary.

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Enhances career progression

By earning a certification, you show employers you can constantly acquire new skills. This certification demonstrates your familiarity with diverse technologies. When advancing to a senior management position, certifications in VMware are beneficial.

How To Get A Certification In VMware?

Follow these steps to earn certification:

1. Decide on your certification

VMware is a certification programme with an assortment of distinct functions, so it is advisable to pursue a certification relevant to your area of interest. When choosing between the four types of VMware, consider which aspects you most frequently use in performing your job duties. Before deciding, consider talking to an experienced professional to discover what they think is the most suitable certification for you. If you are new to this field, research job listings that interest you to see what certification employers require.

2. Choose a certification provider

Many educational and training institutions offer VMware certification programmes. When selecting a provider, research to see if it is legitimate and has VMware accreditation. Those working in the IT development field can ask their existing employer about their preferred certification providers. Often, employers offer a subsidy or sponsorship of the entire fee if you enrol in certifications by a specific provider. You can also research various job listings to find providers that employers recognise and prefer.

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3. Enrol in a training programme

After selecting the certification and service provider, you can enrol in a training programme. Some practical experience is necessary for this programme. Depending on the level of certification, it can take anywhere from two weeks to 12 months to complete. Typically, certification providers offer multiple training programmes to teach IT professionals the necessary skills for their job duties.

4. Complete the exam

At the end of the training programme, focus on completing your certification exam. You can do the exam online and pay a fixed fee to VMware. You can save money by passing on your first attempt, so undertake practice questions beforehand to increase your chances of success. You might also consult friends and colleagues who have completed this certification to obtain useful tips. You receive your certification on passing the exam.

5. Pursue further certifications

Typically, VMware comprises four different levels, including technical associate, professional, advanced professional and design expert. After completing your first certification, you might continue pursuing others to enhance your knowledge and skills. The higher the certification you complete, the higher your chances of career progression and a higher salary.

The level of certification you pursue also depends on your current position. For instance, if you are an entry-level associate, you can choose technical associate certifications. These are particularly suitable for those who perform operational tasks. System administrators and engineers responsible for installing, managing and troubleshooting issues can choose professional certifications. Advanced professional certificates are the best option for architects, system administrators and engineers who design, and build VMware systems for large corporations and enterprises. Finally, design expert certifications are ideal for architects who design and build VMware systems.

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