What Is A Warehouse Job Description? (With Skills And Example)

Updated 3 June 2023

Warehouse work typically involves receiving, storing, and distributing goods and products within a warehouse facility. This may include performing a wide variety of tasks including managing inventory, offloading shipments, preparing orders and operating machinery. Learning more about the job description of a warehouse employee could be beneficial if you are interested in working in a warehouse facility. In this article, we explain what a warehouse job description is, discuss some typical roles, responsibilities, and qualifications and provide a sample job description.

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What Is A Warehouse Job Description?

A warehouse job description typically includes a list of duties and responsibilities that an employee in a warehouse facility performs. Such tasks may include receiving and inspecting incoming shipments, unloading trucks and checking in merchandise, picking and filling orders from stock, packing and shipping orders, and maintaining accurate inventory records. Other duties may include operating warehouse equipment such as forklifts or pallet jacks, maintaining a clean and organised warehouse environment and communicating with other members of the warehouse team to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks.

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In addition to these tasks, a warehouse job description may include physical ability requirements such as the ability to lift and carry heavy objects and stand or walk for extended periods. It may also be necessary for warehouse employees to work in a variety of environments ranging from hot and humid to cold and damp. Other qualifications may include basic computer skills, the ability to read and interpret shipping documents and inventory reports, a commitment to workplace safety and compliance with established policies and procedures.

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What Are The Typical Duties Of A Warehouse Employee?

The typical duties of warehouse employees include:

  • Receiving and inspecting incoming shipments: Warehouse employees receive shipments from suppliers. They then verify the contents of the shipment against the packing slip or purchase order and inspect items for damage or defects.

  • Unloading trucks and checking in merchandise: Warehouse employees are responsible for unloading trucks and bringing items into the warehouse. They also check items against the shipment paperwork and make sure that everything tallies.

  • Picking and filling orders from stock: Warehouse employees use pick-lists to locate items within the warehouse and select them for customer orders. They then pack the items and prepare them for shipping.

  • Packing and shipping orders: Once they have picked and packed orders, warehouse employees prepare them for shipping. They do this by labelling them and preparing the appropriate paperwork.

  • Maintaining accurate inventory records: Warehouse employees are responsible for keeping track of inventory levels, both manually and digitally with the use of computerised systems. This involves conducting regular counts and reconciling any discrepancies.

  • Operating warehouse equipment: This duty involves using forklifts, pallet jacks and other equipment to move items within the warehouse.

  • Maintaining a clean and organised warehouse environment: Warehouse employees are responsible for keeping the warehouse clean and organised. This entails sweeping floors, organising items on shelves and ensuring that aisles are clear.

  • Communicating with warehouse team members: Warehouse employees work closely with other team members to ensure that they complete tasks efficiently and on time. They may routinely communicate about order status, inventory levels or other issues that arise.

  • Ensuring workplace safety: Warehouse employees are responsible for following safety protocols and ensuring that the warehouse is a safe place to work. This includes wearing appropriate protective gear, following established procedures for handling hazardous materials and reporting any safety concerns to management.

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Qualifications For Warehouse Employees

These are some typical qualifications for warehouse employees:


Warehouse employee's educational requirements may vary depending on their specific roles and their employer's preferences. In general, a higher secondary graduation certificate or equivalent is the minimum educational requirement but some employers may require employees to have additional education or training. Relevant credentials for warehouse employees include vocational certificates or associate degrees in logistics, supply chain management or a related field. When hiring employees, many employers place greater emphasis on relevant experience and on-the-job training. Candidates with previous experience working in a warehouse or similar environment may receive preference, as they may already be familiar with basic warehouse procedures.

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The work experience necessary for warehouse employees also depends on their roles and employers' preferences. In general, warehouse employers look for candidates with previous experience working in storage, shipping and packaging facilities. This may include experience in roles such as order picker, forklift operator or shipping and receiving clerk. Candidates who have worked in a related field such as logistics, supply chain management or transportation, may also receive preference. While previous relevant experience is advantageous, many warehouse employers provide on-the-job training to new employees, which may cover topics such as safety procedures, equipment operation and inventory management.

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Key Skills Of Warehouse Employees

These are some crucial skills and attributes for warehouse employees:

  • Attention to detail: It is necessary for warehouse employees to accurately inspect, identify and record information about incoming and outgoing shipments, inventory levels and product quality.

  • Organisational skills: Warehouse employees are responsible for maintaining an orderly and efficient warehouse environment, which involves keeping track of inventory, organising supplies and preparing orders for shipment.

  • Physical fitness: Warehouse employees are typically physically fit and able to perform manual labour, such as lifting heavy boxes and packages, standing for long periods and operating equipment such as forklifts.

  • Communicational skills: It is important for warehouse employees to communicate effectively with team members, supervisors and customers to ensure that they fulfil orders accurately and efficiently.

  • Problem-solving: It may be necessary for warehouse employees to identify and solve problems that arise in the course of their work such as missing or damaged inventory, delays in shipments or equipment malfunctions.

  • Time management: It is essential that warehouse employees can prioritise tasks and manage their time effectively to ensure that orders are completed on time and in the correct sequence.

  • Computer proficiency: Basic computer skills can enable warehouse employees to use computerised inventory management systems.

  • Safety awareness: It is important for warehouse employees to be aware of and follow established safety protocols to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries in the warehouse environment.

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Warehouse Employee Job Description Example

This is a sample job description for a warehouse employee:

We are seeking a reliable and organised warehouse associate to join our team. The successful candidate is responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing goods in our warehouse, maintaining accurate inventory records and fulfilling customer orders. The ideal candidate has experience working in a warehouse or similar environment and possesses strong organisational and communication skills.


  • Receive and process incoming shipments, checking for accuracy and completeness of orders and recording any discrepancies.

  • Store goods in the warehouse according to established procedures, labelling and organising items for easy retrieval.

  • Maintain accurate inventory records, including performing regular counts of stock and reconciling any discrepancies.

  • Pick and pack orders for shipment, checking labelling and packaging to ensure accurate and efficient fulfilment of orders.

  • Operate warehouse equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks, following established safety protocols.

  • Maintain a clean and organised warehouse environment, ensuring clear aisles and walkways, and correct storage of supplies and equipment.

  • Communicate effectively with team members, supervisors and customers to ensure accurate and efficient fulfilment of orders.

  • Identify and report to the appropriate personnel any problems or discrepancies in shipments, inventory or equipment.

  • Follow established safety procedures and protocols to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries in the warehouse environment.


  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Previous experience working in a warehouse or similar environment

  • Basic computer skills, including proficiency in relevant productivity applications

  • Familiarity with inventory management systems

  • Strong organisational and communication skills

  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects and operate warehouse equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks

  • Attention to detail and accuracy

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritise tasks effectively

  • Commitment to following established safety protocols and procedures

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