10 Web Development Careers (With Salaries And Duties)

Updated 17 March 2023

People spend a significant amount of time on online websites learning new information, buying goods, chatting with friends and watching videos. The development of a website requires a particular team of individuals with a specific set of skills and experience. Understanding the various roles associated with developing a website can help you decide if a career in web development suits your skills and interests. In this article, we explore 10 careers in web development that you may wish to pursue, including their primary duties and average salaries.

10 Web Development Careers

You can choose from a wide range of web development careers. Below are a few examples:

1. Web Designer

National average salary: ₹2,79,452 per year

Primary duties: Web designers are responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website. This may include meeting with a client to determine an appropriate layout and design for their website, outlining various designs and presenting it to the client. Web designers have good creative skills and technical skills as they are required to visualise the appearance of a site while focusing on its functionality.

Web designers differ from web developers in that they possess more creative skills and fewer technical skills compared to web developers. They usually work with content and web development teams to ensure the website's visual elements integrate smoothly. Web designers generally have a sound understanding of graphic design software and a basic understanding of scripting languages.

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2. Webmaster

National average salary: ₹2,11,919 per year

Primary duties: Webmasters are responsible for maintaining the website of a company or organisation. They manage all aspects of a website, such as monitoring performance on search engine results, evaluating the page loading time and reviewing the analytics of the site to ensure there are no live errors. Webmasters also maintain web servers, hardware and software so that they are always fully operational.

One of their key roles is to ensure regulation and management of access rights to various parts of the website for all users. Webmasters usually understand HTML so that they are able to manage all aspects of a website. Depending on the website they manage, some may be required to have knowledge in other programming languages such as JavaScript, .Net, Python, Ruby and PHP.

3. UX Designer

National average salary: ₹10,65,332 per year

Primary duties: UX designers, or user experience designers, are responsible for the experience a user of a website has. Their role is to provide a user with the best possible experience by ensuring that the website is easy to navigate, logically structured, visually appealing and offers functionality. A UX designer analyses the usability issues related to a website and recommends the best solution.

A key role of these professionals is to work with a web designer to coordinate user flow maps and wireframe elements of a website Though a thorough understanding of scripting languages may not be required, having a working knowledge of them can prove helpful when applying for jobs.

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4. SEO Specialist

National average salary: ₹2,92,423 per year

Primary duties: SEO specialists are responsible for increasing the number of visitors to a website through search engines. They analyse, review and implement changes to a website to optimise them for search engines. Ranking higher in the search engine results allows the website to reach a wider audience. They work closely with the web development team to ensure that they implement best practices in SEO.

One of their key roles is to stay current on the latest search engine algorithms and optimisation strategies. They have a firm knowledge of SEO tools such as Google Analytics, as an example. In addition, these professionals are often familiar with programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

5. Project Manager

National average salary: ₹3,81,362 per year

Primary duties: Project managers in the web development careers realm are responsible for overseeing web development projects throughout their development cycle. They ensure that all the members of the team stay on schedule and within budget. Additionally, project managers can help define the roles of individuals in a team so that there is no overlap of tasks and the team can perform efficiently. They also assist with communicating with clients, managing timelines and allocating resources.

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6. Digital Marketer

National average salary: ₹2,87,803 per year

Primary duties: Digital marketers are responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness for companies. They develop, implement and manage digital marketing campaigns and make use of analytics to evaluate them. Their key role is to build and maintain the company's social media presence to generate leads to their website for sales conversion. They work closely with the web designer and UX designer to design user landing pages, improve customer experience and increase conversion. They usually have an understanding of analytics tools such as Google analytics and do not require programming skills.

7. Copywriter

National average salary: ₹3,40,004 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters create and prepare textual content, known as copy, for a website. They are responsible for writing copy that appeals to the website's target audience. Copy for the website could include product and service descriptions and information about the company. Their work involves researching keywords, writing interesting content and ensuring that their work is accurate and of high quality.

It is essential for copywriters to have a thorough understanding of the product they are writing about. It is necessary to understand what the product does, how it functions and the end-user. This helps them communicate the same with readers and get them interested in exploring the product. Copywriters rarely require any knowledge of programming languages.

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8. Front End Developer

National average salary: ₹9,48,639 per year

Primary duties: Front end developers are responsible for developing the client-side of a website. This includes the aesthetics and layout of a website, including elements such as text, images and colours. They make sure that the information displayed on the website is logical and easy to follow.

A front end developer's primary task is to ensure that the website displays correctly on all devices. Additionally, they need a solid understanding of web browsers to ensure that the website they are developing is accessible from any browser. They usually program in the following languages:

  • HTML

  • CCC

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • React

  • AngularJS

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9. Back End Developer

National average salary: ₹8,36,532 per year

Primary duties: Back end developers are responsible for developing the server-side of a website. In this role, they develop the database and server and ensure the relevant information is available to the front end for display. In addition, they ensure that the website relays the user's entry back to the server so that the database remains updated.

Back end developers are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of databases and servers. To do this, they require to be familiar with server-side programming languages. Some of the programming languages they use are:

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Ruby

  • Ruby on Rails

  • C#

  • MySQL

  • .Net

10. Full-Stack Developer

National average salary: ₹10,66,720 per year

Primary duties: A full-stack developer is capable of both front-end and back-end development. A web developer usually works for a smaller company and performs a wide range of web development tasks. They are responsible for developing scalable software, along with its debugging and testing. Because of their diverse skill set, they may also work alongside data scientists and analysts to deploy models and make them production-ready.


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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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