35 Air Hostess Interview Questions (With Helpful Answers)

Updated 1 November 2022

An air hostess is a professional who ensures passengers on an aeroplane are comfortable, which includes assisting them with their requests and questions. Most companies require at least one interview to assess your personality and proficiency in air hostessing. Learning about the various question categories a hiring manager may ask you to help you develop well-crafted responses. In this article, we discuss 35 air hostess interview questions, including providing example questions with sample answers to help prepare you for your next meeting.

General Air Hostess Interview Questions

Here is a list of general air hostess interview questions an interviewer may ask you:

  1. How did you hear about the airline?

  2. Why do you have an interest in working at this airline?

  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you compensate for the lapses?

  4. Where have you enjoyed travelling to the most in your career so far?

  5. Are you clear on the expectations the airline expects from you in this role?

  6. Do you think you may require additional training in certain areas?

  7. What are your hobbies outside of work?

  8. How do you handle negative feedback?

  9. What are your salary expectations?

  10. Do you have any other questions about the company or role?

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Background And Experience Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions about your background and experience as an air hostess:

  1. Why are you leaving your current position?

  2. Do you have plans to continue your education?

  3. What differentiates you from other air hostesses?

  4. Why can the airline benefit from hiring you?

  5. Have you dealt with a challenging passenger? How did you handle the situation?

  6. What are the essential qualities of an air hostess?

  7. How do you approach conflict with colleagues in the workplace?

  8. Has there been a time when you disagreed with a manager? Can you talk about the situation?

  9. What are your professional goals?

  10. Can you talk about areas you enjoy most about this role? What are your least favourite areas of this role?

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In-Depth Interview Questions

Here is a list of some in-depth interview questions a hiring manager may ask you to understand your air hostess expertise:

  1. Are you familiar with current airline systems, such as point-of-sale terminals?

  2. How might you treat a first-class or very important person (VIP) passenger compared to an economy passenger?

  3. What are the standard aeroplane safety procedures?

  4. If a passenger boarded the flight and panicked before taking off, how might you address this situation?

  5. Can you talk about your favourite flying experiences? What were the components of the flight that made it enjoyable?

  6. How many languages can you speak? What might you do if a passenger spoke a language unfamiliar to you during a flight?

  7. Can you multi-task several high-priority tasks?

  8. What is your work style? Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team?

  9. If two or more passengers were arguing with each other, how might you intervene and settle the dispute?

  10. What might you do if you lost your passport before departing for a shift?

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Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Here are a few example interview questions with sample answers to use as a reference for developing your response while you prepare for your upcoming interview:

1. How do you maintain a passenger's satisfaction?

A hiring manager may ask how you maintain a passenger's satisfaction because they may seek air hostesses who value the customers. To answer this question, share a previous experience you may have encountered. Discuss how you address a passenger's needs and delight them throughout the flight to encourage them to choose the airline again.

Example answer: "There are a few ways I maintain a passenger's satisfaction. My go-to strategy is to offer passengers their standard services throughout their flight. With my previous airline, the standard service was usually snacks, beverages and sanitisation wipes. After I deliver those, I wait half an hour, and then I ask each passenger if they required anything. If they did, I retrieved it or provided them with information about their question. Once, a passenger thanked me and praised me for my commitment to a comfortable flight by being attentive and proactive about their needs."

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2. Have you learned a new skill recently? How can you apply it to your air hostess role?

An interviewer may ask if you have learned a new skill and how it can apply to the role. To answer this question, share a new skill you have developed recently and how it has improved your job performance. Often, companies seek enthusiastic professionals who take an initiative to expand their knowledge to advance their efficiency in the workplace.

Example answer: "Recently, I took an online course about various cultures. I pursued this course on my own time because I thought it might be interesting and help me in my career. Learning about various cultures allows me to improve my customer service to passengers because I understand various proper etiquette to display. Additionally, it can allow me to practice my active listening skill further by listening to the passenger and understanding their needs based on their culture. Implementing my knowledge can dismantle cultural barriers between me and the passengers because of my awareness and acceptance."

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3. If there was an aeroplane emergency, how may you address it with the passengers?

Hiring managers may ask situational questions, such as how you may address an aeroplane emergency to the passengers. Based on your answers, the interviewer may determine how you react to a challenging situation and apply your leadership skills. Discuss the process you might take to share the news with the passengers to answer this question. Mention speaking to others calmly but with a sense of urgency if the situation requires urgent action.

Example answer: "If there was an emergency with the aeroplane, I might gather as much factual information that is available to me and do it quickly. Then, I may speak with the pilot to determine what they think the best course of action is to do to keep the passengers safe but informed. As I am speaking to the passengers, I can inform them, calmly, of the actions to or provide them with the information they are entitled to know."

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4. What is your proudest achievement in your career so far?

An interviewer may ask about your proudest achievement in your career to understand how you have performed in this role or similar roles in the past. For example, if you improve an airline's customer satisfaction in the past, it may allow the hiring manager to determine what you may do for their company. To answer this question, share an accomplishment you are proud of, and if you can quantify the results, it is helpful to include that information to add validity to your claim.

Example answer: "My proudest achievement in my career so far is improving my current airline's customer satisfaction by 10% in a year. I worked hard to ensure the passengers on my flights were happy with their needs fulfilled. If I was able to complete their request, I did it quickly. If I was unable to complete their request because of various circumstances, I offered alternatives or vouchers. My top priority was and still is to put the customer first, ensure their comfort throughout the flight and maintain their favourable view of the airline."

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5. Can you tell me about a time when you learned from your mistake?

Hiring managers may ask you to discuss a time you made a mistake and how you learned from it to determine if you see challenges as learning opportunities. Answer this question with honesty and vulnerability. Admit to your mistakes using a positive tone and share how you learned from this challenge. For discussion points, talk about how you took accountability for the oversight by informing your manager about it.

Example answer: "During my first year as an air hostess, I sent in a request for time off. I was unfamiliar with the process, I but sent in my request. My manager approved it. When the day came, I had several phone calls from my manager. It turns out I requested the following week off instead of that day. I called my manager to admit I was unsure how the system worked and accepted an extra shift. After that, I asked for help when uncertain how something worked to ensure this did not happen again."


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