12 Angular 8 Interview Questions With Sample Answers

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Updated 15 March 2023

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Angular 8 is an important Angular framework that developer use for building single-page applications or SPAs. If you are interviewing for a developer or programming role, you might encounter Angular 8 interview questions regarding your experience with the Angular framework. Practicing your answers can help you perform during the interview and increase the likelihood of securing the role. In this article, we provide 12 commonly asked Angular 8 interview questions with sample answers that can help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

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Angular 8 Interview Questions With Sample Answers

When applying for a developer, an interviewer might ask you Angular 8 interview questions to know your expertise and experience using the Angular 8 framework. Here are a few interview questions that you can use as inspiration to prepare for your interview:

1. What is Angular 8?

Angular is a programming framework for typescript with different iterations and each iteration has a different ability and application. An employer might ask you about Angular 8 to understand your knowledge about different iterations of Angular and other web application frameworks.

Example:Angular 8 is an Angular framework iteration and valuable full-stack framework for building mobile and web applications. This iteration is compatible with mobiles, laptops, computers and desktops. It has an excellent user-interface library that web developers can use. This framework contains reusable user-interface components. Developers can use this framework for creating SPAs. It even supports features for server-side programming.'

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2. What are some essential components of Angular 8?

In the Angular framework, components are the basic building blocks. An employer is likely to ask this question to judge your technical expertise. When answering this question, explain the critical components of Angular 8 and how it can be helpful in web development.

Example: ‘Angular components use a template and are a subset of directives. These components are custom HTML elements. Each element can instantiate only one component. Each component defines a class containing application logic and data. Angular 8 uses a TypeScript class to create a component. Also, every Angular 8 application has at least one component, which is the root component connecting the page document object model (DOM) with the page hierarchy.'

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3. What are modules in Angular 8?

Modules are an essential part of the web development framework. An employer might ask about your ability and experience in developing applications using this framework. When answering this question, give details about different modules.

Example: ‘Angular 8 modules uses NgModules, which differ from other JavaScript modules. Every Angular 8 application uses a root module called AppModule. The NgModules can import functionalities from other modules like other JavaScript modules. Angular 8 module can group multiple components and services under a single context.'

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4. What is lazy loading in Angular 8?

Angular 8 differs from other iterations because it offers many features. One such important feature is lazy loading which helps develop web and mobile applications. When answering this question, clearly explain what it means and its uses in application development.

Example: ‘Lazy loading is an Angular 8 feature that reduces the size of large files. It is an essential aspect of angular routing. Developers use lazy loading functionality on files that they might use occasionally. As Angular 8 can support the dynamic imports in router configurations, developers use import statements for lazy loading.'

5. Explain some key features of Angular 8.

Angular 8 offers features that ease the process of web and mobile development. An employer might ask this question to understand your knowledge about this framework and your ability to use it without committing mistakes.

Example: ‘Some key features of Angular 8, include differential loading for creating two different production bundles of your mobile or web application. It also includes features, such as new dynamic, lazy loading modules for imports and differential loading for creating two differential production bundles for your application. Angular 8 provides Bazel support and provides opt-in usage sharing.'

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6. Outline the purpose of Bazel in Angular 8.

Bazel is an essential benefit of Angular 8. Remember, your interviewer might not have a background in Angular, so try to explain things in a simplified manner. Elaborate as needed and provide advantages of using Bazel in Angular.

Example: ‘Bazel is a unique feature of Angular 8 that helps break a web and mobile application into distinct build units at NgModule level. With Bazel, developers can make the back-end and front-end using the same tool. It also helps rebuild a part of the code that requires changes instead of rebuilding the entire web or application development. It also provides an option for test options and incremental builds.'

7. How is Angular 2 different from Angular 8?

Angular 8 is another Angular framework that is different from its predecessors. By asking this question, the employer wants to understand whether you know the difference between different versions of this framework. Be ready to describe the difference to show your knowledge and experience.

Example: ‘Angular 2 is a rewrite and copied version of the basic framework, whereas Angular 8 is the version that incorporates differential loading of modern JavaScript features. While Angular 2 builds around the concept and logic circle of components, Angular 8 allows users to create their components per the requirement and usability criteria. This ensures that Angular 8 is compatible with every existing version of Angular.'

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8. Explain data binding in Angular 8.

Data binding is a core concept and helps communicate between different components of Angular 8. This question helps you understand how you can use data binding to achieve development goals.

Example: ‘Data binding helps build communication between the DOM and the Typescript code of your component. This technique synchronises data between the view and data layer of the Angular framework. Angular 8 offers two-way data binding so that changes a developer makes in the module reflect the view layer and vice-versa. This can help a developer maintain synchronisation between data and the user interface. Data binding can help in defining interactive applications and building web applications.'

9. What are single-page applications and why are they useful?

Hiring managers often ask questions about single-page applications or SPAs to understand different web applications. When answering this question, give details about how they work and explain the benefits of using SPAs.

Example: ‘Single-page applications or SPA are web applications or websites that load a single HTML page and dynamically update the page when the user interacts with the web application. Knowledge of using SPAs can help web developers offer a smoother and more responsive user experience, similar to that of a native application. Developers prefer using Angular 8 for building SPAs because of its robust data binding and injection features.'

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10. What are some advantages of Angular 8?

Angular 8, like other iterations, has its advantages and disadvantages. Describe the advantages as they might relate to the company you are interviewing.

Example: ‘Angular 8 has many advantages. Many developers use this framework to offer a great amount of community support. The framework offers high performance, ensures effective code development and provides an easier implementation. It also provides different debugging templates and supports multiple applications in a single domain.'

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11. What are decorators and how do developers use them in Angular?

Decorator is an advanced concept of Angular 8. An employer might ask this question to understand your knowledge of complex concepts and how you can practically apply these concepts.

Example:Decorators are design patterns that help developers extend a class's functionality. In Angular 8, developers can add metadata to classes. The metadata is useful for resolving dependencies, compiling templates, performing critical functions and configuring class behaviour. Decorators are powerful and can help create custom HMTL tags and reusable components in Angular 8.'

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12. What is the primary purpose of Angular 8 forms?

Forms are key concepts in Angular 8 and this question tests your understanding of them. When answering this question, show your experience with forms and your knowledge of how they are useful in web and application development.

Example: ‘The primary use of Angular 8 forms is handling the user's input. I use forms to collect user inputs from the view layer and provide a way to track changes. When building an application, I use these forms to enable user login, enter personal information, perform various tasks related to data entry and update profile. These approaches can manage the user's input.'

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