36 Application Developer Interview Questions (With Answers)

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Updated 20 March 2023

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Application developers are responsible for designing, deploying, testing and updating programs for mobile phone applications, operating systems, and the internet. They are essential to software development, ensuring a company's services or products align with its project objectives, and client guidelines. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an application developer, you can enhance your chances of impressing hiring managers by preparing your responses for job interviews. In this article, we list various general, in-depth, background and experience application developer interview questions, and provide some sample answers.

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General Application Developer Interview Questions

Here are some general application developer interview questions you may encounter when interviewing for a position in software development:

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. What are your most significant strengths?

  3. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

  4. Why did you apply for this position?

  5. What do you hope to gain from this role?

  6. What interests you about working for this company?

  7. Are you aware of what this company does differently in the industry?

  8. What can you contribute to this company?

  9. Why did you leave your previous job?

  10. When can you start working?

  11. Are you available for overtime work?

  12. Do you have any questions for us?

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Interview Questions About Background And Experience

Consider preparing responses to these questions about your background and experience:

  1. Have you ever worked as an application developer?

  2. How have your previous jobs prepared you for this position?

  3. Are you more comfortable working independently or as part of a team? Please explain why.

  4. Name some programs or tools you have used as an application developer. How familiar are you with these programs?

  5. Describe a work situation where you overcame a challenge. How did it impact the project you were working on?

  6. How comfortable are you with working on multiple projects at once?

  7. What techniques do you use for time management and task distribution?

  8. How effective are you at meeting deadlines?

  9. How do you overcome creative blocks?

  10. What skills do you consider essential to success as an application developer?

  11. Tell me about your education and how it prepared you for this role.

  12. Do you have any additional professional certificates relevant to this position? If so, why did you pursue further professional development?

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In-Depth Questions

Here are some in-depth interview questions about your role as an application developer:

  1. What is your development methodology when designing applications and features?

  2. What programming language do you consider to be the most effective for developing applications?

  3. Which programming languages are you most comfortable with, and why?

  4. What techniques do you use to develop learning aids for application development?

  5. What strategies do you implement to prevent an application from crashing?

  6. Describe a programming challenge you encountered and what you did to solve it.

  7. How do you balance client demands with application software development?

  8. How would you explain object-oriented programming to someone without a technical background?

  9. Do you have experience with the agile methodology? If so, describe some pros and cons of implementing it in software development.

  10. What kind of tests do you perform before the launch of a product or service?

  11. How do you differentiate quality control from quality assurance during software testing?

  12. Tell me how applications interact with system software and other IT infrastructures.

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Application Developer Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Job interviews are an opportunity to present your knowledge, work ethic and personality while demonstrating the value you can add to a company. Examining sample answers can help you understand the questions you may encounter and craft your responses. Here are five questions with explanations and sample answers to help with your job interview preparation:

1. What resources do you use to research a solution to a complex programming problem?

A hiring manager may ask this interview question to discover your approach to problem-solving. In your answer, demonstrate your ability to anticipate and recognise programming issues and describe how your methodologies produce effective solutions. You can specify any external resources you use, acknowledge your limitations and express your determination to ensure applications function correctly.

Example: "When I encounter a complicated programming problem that I am uncertain how to resolve, I research online articles, programming guides, software manuals and developer forums. These resources typically offer situational examples of experts testing solutions and analysing results. Sometimes this information is sufficient to implement a solution. Before I do so, I discuss the problem with my colleagues or supervisors to receive valuable feedback."

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2. What techniques do you use to migrate an application from one platform to another with a different operating system?

One of the primary ways an application can gather a more extensive user base and market value is by functioning in multiple operating systems and platforms. Companies rely on this multi-platform presence to improve profits, and application developers are integral to this process. This interview question tests your knowledge of migration protocols and the importance of an application's consistency across various devices.

Example: "I use various tools to help implement the portability of an application across different operating systems, including programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python. Ensuring an application's functionality and visuals remain consistent regardless of the platform is crucial, which is why I create adaptable user interfaces for easy portability. I enjoy this process because it allows me to gain insight into an operating system's upgrades and features for future development."

3. How do you stay up to date on technology and industry development?

Software and application development is constantly evolving with new technologies and discoveries. This interview question seeks to discover your level of interest and involvement in your career, and the industry. Staying up to date on technology allows your knowledge and skills to remain relevant, and helps you adopt new methodologies to improve operational processes.

Example: "I stay up to date with industry developments by following key developers and companies through social media and forums. Reading industry-related articles or papers online or in magazines is helpful. I attend conferences, workshops and training programmes to gain hands-on experience regarding new technology, or methodologies. This approach allows me to introduce industry developments to my peers and supervisors for consideration."

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4. What are some of the challenges of working with onshore and offshore teams?

Some organisations have onshore and offshore teams collaborating on software development. This work environment benefits from open discussion, understanding and acceptance of cultural differences, detailed operational guidelines, and expert management. While this structure may present challenges, expressing your ability to overcome them and adapt to maintain productivity can help you impress interviewers.

Example: 'One of the challenges I have encountered when working with onshore and offshore teams is the time difference impacting project progress and team collaboration. For this environment to function effectively, it is essential for management to establish specific guidelines for distributing tasks and meeting schedules. Open discussion and collaboration channels can foster professional relationships, and a deeper understanding of different cultures. In my previous job, I suggested an off-hours virtual meet and greet for the team to socialise and bond. It helped increase productivity and collaboration.'

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5. How do web applications differ from mobile applications?

Some organisations develop applications for multiple platforms, such as websites, mobile phones and video game consoles. These companies require application developers to understand how to leverage each platform to generate leads, improve profits and boost market value. This interview question aims to discover your knowledge and experience, in designing and supporting applications across devices.

Example: 'You can use web applications across various hardware, browsers and operating systems. As a result, the amount of code necessary for functionality is broader and less restrictive than in mobile-specific applications. Mobile applications use detailed code specific to a device or operating system. When I design an application, I maintain an awareness of that mobile environment to ensure the application functions properly. Visual elements such as screen size, resolution and user interface are vital components that differentiate web, and mobile applications.'

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