5 Appraisal Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

Updated 10 July 2023

An appraisal interview provides an opportunity to receive feedback from your manager or appraiser, and ensures that you are performing your role effectively, and efficiently, in accordance with your job description. There are some questions that most HR managers ask in appraisal interviews, regardless of the industry or profession. Preparing your responses for some of these questions may help you perform confidently in your appraisal interview. In this article, we outline five appraisal interview questions, explain why interviewers ask those questions, provide their sample answers and share a few tips for preparing for such an interview.

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Appraisal Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Here are a few of the performance appraisal interview questions your reporting manager or the HR manager may ask you during your appraisal interview, along with their sample answers:

1. What do you think was your most significant accomplishment during the last review period?

This question helps the appraiser or manager start the interview positively and helps make you feel comfortable, and confident. Once you have discussed your achievements and accomplishments, you are likely to feel better about yourself and answer any subsequent questions more confidently. To answer this question, speak about your most significant achievement in terms of your goals for the last review period and mention some tangible impact the achievement had on the company's profit or growth targets.

Example: One of my main goals for the last review period was to improve the service team's overall customer satisfaction score, or CSAT, by at least 5%. As the service team lead, I implemented a few new policies and standard operating procedures throughout the year and conducted several customer surveys to identify areas for improvement. Through all this, the overall CSAT improved by 7% in the last year, which I believe is my most important accomplishment during the last review period at this company.

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2. What aspects of your job do you believe you can improve?

This question prompts you to identify areas where you feel you can improve. Give an honest answer and say how you want to improve your performance in these areas. Also, reveal your plans for achieving this in the upcoming review period.

Example: I have identified two key performance indicators where I feel that I can improve. I achieved only 85% of my overall sales target, and two of my direct reports resigned in the last year. There was a general industry-wide slowdown that I expect to continue. This impacted sales, but I am confident I can overcome this and achieve my target in the coming year.

I am already in conversation with most of my key account managers to ensure larger ticket sizes from them to negate the effects of this slowdown and complete my sales targets for the upcoming year. I plan to become more involved with my team members, guiding them and understanding their requirements. My aim is to convince them that our organisation is the most stable and sustainable employer during these challenging times.

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3. What are your expectations for yourself for the upcoming year?

A part of the performance appraisal process involves establishing your goals for the upcoming year. This question lets you share your expectations regarding your goals and targets for the forthcoming review period with your appraiser. Mention what targets you feel you can comfortably achieve. Remember to be ambitious with your expectations for yourself. Otherwise, you may give the impression that you want to remain in a comfortable position and not grow professionally. Mention specific goals that highlight your ambitions to stay with the organisation for the long term.

Example: I achieved 135% of my sales target this year. I believe that with a lot of hard work and sustained focus, it is possible to double my sales target for the upcoming year. I also want to complete our organisation's internal management leadership training to allow me to apply for internal promotions and progress to a more senior role.

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4. How well do you think you collaborate with your team members?

This question tells the appraiser how you work with your colleagues and if the team dynamics are working well within your group. Strong teamwork is key to the success of any organisation, and it is important that your manager recognises you as a good team member. Ensure you highlight how your colleagues contribute to your success and mention how you try to help them with their responsibilities.

Example: I have strong relations with all my team members. One of my new clients was from a cloud security background, and I had limited knowledge in that area. A couple of my team members, Nisha and Raman, are from cloud security backgrounds and helped me understand the basics immensely. This enabled me to understand the client's requirements and provide them with suitable recommendations, and solutions. We subsequently received three new orders from that client.

Another team member, Rohit, is from a technical background and sometimes finds data analytics a little challenging. I helped him with the basics and even worked with him a couple of times to prepare his reports. The client appreciated the reports, and he has been doing all the reporting independently for the past three months. I always believe that sharing knowledge and helping each other helps everyone improve, and I keep looking for opportunities to find help and to provide assistance as, and when, required.

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5. Is there anything you think would help you to improve your job performance?

This question allows you to mention your concerns or issues and seek help from the management to address them. Voice your concerns honestly, and share suggestions regarding how the management can help you. This tells your appraiser that you think from the management's point of view and may help you get noticed as someone with leadership potential.

Example: I believe the customer relationship management tool we are using currently is not adequate for the requirements of our sales and customer success teams. A more sophisticated tool would help us manage our increased volume of business and help improve our organisational efficiency. I have a few suggestions regarding tools we may consider, and I am happy to share them with the appropriate team if we consider this upgrade.

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Tips For Preparing For An Appraisal Interview

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your appraisal interview:

Include relevant examples and quantifiable results in your answers

When you mention your achievements or accomplishments, ensure you include the tangible results you achieved. Outline what your targets were and the percentage you were able to achieve. If you exceeded your targets, highlight that by mentioning the percentage by which you overachieved. Highlight how your accomplishments align directly with the company's goals and how they impacted its overall growth. This can help you ensure that the appraiser understands your value to the company and rates your contribution accordingly.

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Be truthful

Being honest with the facts and examples you state during your performance appraisal interview is especially important. Remember that the appraiser is a part of your organisation, and they already know most of the details. They are speaking with you to understand your concerns and provide you with constructive feedback, and they are going to do the same with all your team members.

So, speak honestly and mention all the details about your concerns. Such honesty highlights your dependability and professionalism. It also allows the management to provide you with the most practical help.

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