35 Asset Manager Interview Questions With Example Answers

Updated 1 December 2022

Asset management is the process of managing the assets of a company and providing the best returns to its stakeholders. When interviewing for the role of an asset manager, prospective employers assess both hard and soft skills to determine if you are the right fit for the role. Learning different interview questions can help you prepare to face one and increase your chances of getting hired. In this article, we list various asset manager interview questions and go through the sample answers to help guide you in crafting yours.

General Asset Manager Interview Questions

Below are some general asset manager interview questions hiring managers may ask you during your interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Why are you interested in this role?

  3. What sparked your interest in finance?

  4. What are your day-to-day activities at work?

  5. What motivated you to pursue a career in asset management?

  6. What are your hobbies?

  7. Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this position?

  8. What are some of the most important qualities of an asset manager?

  9. Are you comfortable working in a team? Share some of your experiences working in a team?

  10. What are some qualities of a good leader?

  11. What do you know about our industry?

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Questions About Background And Experience

Hiring managers ask questions about background and experience to determine how your previous roles have helped you for the concerned position. Here are some questions you may encounter:

  1. Tell us about your background and experience in the finance field.

  2. How do you resolve conflicts in the workplace as an asset manager?

  3. Which part of being an asset manager do you think is the most challenging?

  4. How do you measure success in this role?

  5. Tell us about an occasion when you had to persuade someone.

  6. What do you find are the toughest decisions to make as an asset manager?

  7. What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement and why?

  8. How have you made an impact on your previous teams?

  9. What kind of management experience do you have?

Role-Specific Interview Questions

Below are a few in-depth asset manager interview questions you may face:

  1. If the company is unable to earn an investment return in a particular year, how can you inform the clients?

  2. How important is maintaining a good client relationship for you?

  3. What methods do you use to assess and manage risk?

  4. What are some of your techniques for gaining new clients through networking?

  5. How has forecasting influenced your past work?

  6. What do you believe to be your most valuable asset when you are working in a group?

  7. What impact would you have on our organisation?

  8. What are some qualities you believe need improvement?

Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Here are some questions hiring managers may ask you for an asset management role, along with sample answers:

1. Have you ever disagreed with a client? What was the outcome?

Disagreements with clients on issues like the acquisition of assets and resource optimisation are a part of asset management. Hiring managers want to assess your problem-solving and critical thinking skills with this question. It allows you to explain how you have resolved conflict in the past.

Example answer: "While working on a project for a previous company, one of my clients challenged a solution I presented. To resolve this conflict, I helped him understand the compliance with various risk parameters. I changed my communication style to be more empathic and maintain polite correspondence."

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2. How do you stay organised when working on multiple projects?

Candidates require to be aware of the importance of effective time management. Hiring managers often look for the ability to meet deadlines and prioritise tasks. They also want you to be proficient in certain tools to manage multiple projects. One likely response to this question may be:

Example answer: "I am not naturally adept at time management. While at university, I learned the importance of being organised and meeting deadlines, so I acquired some skills and techniques to help me. Keeping track of deadlines in my planner and digital calendar helps me plan my work in advance."

3. What do you believe the market's prospects are?

This question allows you to display your market knowledge and current financial trends. For asset managers, knowing the present state of the market and where it is likely heading is critical knowledge. Mention recent market data and how it affects your view while answering this question.

Example answer: "While there have been some significant signals of the stock market rise in recent years, I am concerned that we may see a decline. The NSE continues to close at all-time highs, but as history has shown, this frequently leads to a subsequent fall. This is much more plausible given the Reserve Bank of India's recent announcement that it is going to hike target interest rates shortly."

4. What do you expect your duties may be in this position?

This is a question that hiring managers may ask to see if you understand the job's responsibilities. They want to evaluate if you understand an asset manager's duties and the specifics you require in this role. To respond to this question, state what you read in the job description.

Example answer: "Meeting with customers to analyse their requirements, risk level and long-term goals are some of the principal duties. Following this, I could manage assets according to each client's objectives. I may research market trends, look for investment opportunities and go over various financial statements. It may then be my responsibility to keep the clients up to date on the status of their investments."

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5. How do you go about valuing a company?

Providing an in-depth analysis of a sample organisation during the interview can be helpful. Hiring managers want to see that you can accurately value a firm by evaluating the documentation and making an accurate judgment. You may also carry your portfolio to show the interviewer how you valued a company.

Example answer: "I can demonstrate a practical example here. As you can see from the materials I provided, I conducted a discounted cash flow study of this firm to establish its long-term prospects. This, together with technical analysis, showed that this firm would be an excellent investment for at least the next ten years. This is a long-term project, hence one may not realise significant profits from the firm for about two years after initiation."

6. What can you say about the recent economic data?

Economic data heavily influences how asset managers invest money. Hiring managers want to see that you are current on economic data and consider how it affects investing plans. Include some particular current economic facts and how it affects investment while answering this question.

Example answer: "I saw the recent unemployment numbers earlier today. We are nearing record lows in unemployment, which may lead to great stock market performance. People are likely to continue spending and investing as long as they have jobs. Regardless, I just heard that the Reserve Bank of India is considering changing its monetary policy, which is something to monitor in the coming months."

7. What method do you use to avoid errors in your role?

It is critical for asset managers to keep their mistakes to a minimum. Even minor errors might result in substantial losses for their clients. Before employing you, hiring managers want to know that you have strategies to prevent errors. Describe some procedures you employ to prevent errors in your job and how you came up with them.

Example answer: "I double-check every task I handle. After completing my calculations and verifying the supporting data, I evaluate my strategies. I usually perform several types of analysis on each asset. I am more convinced that there are no underlying problems if the analysis is consistent."

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