68 Common Business Development Executive Interview Questions

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Updated 10 March 2023

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Business development executives or BDEs are sales experts who typically find new business leads and aid in a company's growth and development. A career as a BDE can be highly satisfying for you if you like establishing strategic business partnerships and client relationships. In this article, we list some common business development executive interview questions and provide example answers that you can model to create your own.

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20 General Business Development Executive Interview Questions

General business development executive interview questions can help prospective employers decide whether your attitude, personality and skills align with the company's vision. Here are a few common interview questions that prospective interviewers may ask you:

  1. Can you please introduce yourself?

  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do they help or hinder your work life and how do you plan to improve upon them?

  3. Describe yourself in six words.

  4. This job may require you to relocate to a different city. Are you willing to do that?

  5. Where did you grow up as a kid? What is your favourite childhood memory?

  6. What is your favourite book?

  7. What are your hobbies and interests? How do they relate to this job?

  8. Sell me this pen.

  9. Who is your idol?

  10. What do you know about this company?

  11. What makes you different from other candidates?

  12. What are some essential skills that you believe are necessary for this job?

  13. Do you think it is better to be perfect at your job or to improve as a professional?

  14. How did you learn about this position?

  15. What are some of the most important personal values you live by and admire in others?

  16. Are you a team player or do you work better alone?

  17. How important is the work-life balance for you?

  18. What do you do to keep yourself from exhaustion and stay enthusiastic about your job?

  19. Are you a detail-oriented person, or do you more often consider the situation as a whole, when making a decision?

  20. What is more important, being dedicated or being efficient?

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20 Questions About Experience And Background

Interview questions about experience and background allow the interviewer to gain insight into your personal and work history and check your qualifications, expertise and education. Following is a list of questions related to experience and background:

  1. What made you choose this profession?

  2. Why do you wish to work for us?

  3. How does your academic and professional background help you qualify for this role?

  4. Please describe any past sales experience.

  5. Did you help increase the revenue of the previous company you worked for and what incentives did you earn for it?

  6. What does your typical workday look like?

  7. Name any three qualities that you think are necessary for leading a team.

  8. Describe a time when you invested a lot of time and energy but still failed to meet your set target. What did you learn from it?

  9. How many hours per week do you normally work in your current job?

  10. What subjects did you learn in college?

  11. How do you increase your quality of performance?

  12. What is more important, in your experience, retaining a loyal customer base or increasing new customers?

  13. How do you balance personal growth with the company's growth?

  14. What makes you uniquely suited for this job?

  15. What is the proudest achievement of your professional life?

  16. Who are our competitors and what strategy do you recommend to us for doing better than them?

  17. Why did you choose your major?

  18. Name some of the technical skills you possess and share how they might help you perform your duties.

  19. How do you plan to lead a team where every team member is older than you and might possess more experience in the field?

  20. How do you motivate a team member who is not performing well?

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25 In-Depth Business Development Executive Interview Questions

Prospective employers can review your unique capabilities and knowledge as a business development executive with the help of in-depth questions. Here are some questions an interviewer might ask:

  1. What do you consider to be your greatest success as a business development executive?

  2. Tell me about a time when you closed a major sales deal.

  3. Did you ever face a conflict with your previous team regarding how to approach a prospective client? How did you handle the situation?

  4. What approach might you take if the company wanted to enter new markets to help the business achieve its objectives?

  5. How might you create a business proposal for a layperson?

  6. How much effort did you devote to developing and maintaining relationships instead of finding new clients in your past jobs?

  7. How do you respond if a customer seems dissatisfied?

  8. Share an example when you surpassed client expectations and did something extra special for them.

  9. Tell me about a time when you found your work schedule to be overwhelming. How did you complete your tasks?

  10. How do you define success?

  11. What difficulties do you face at work, and how do you overcome them?

  12. What proposed improvements to our company's present sales and marketing tactics do you want to see?

  13. How do you convince a potential customer who is considering your offer?

  14. How might you learn about and meet a prospect's particular requirements?

  15. How do you research a potential client before a call or meeting? What details are you looking for and how do they help you?

  16. Tell me about a time when you modified your sales strategy to satisfy the customers. What prompted this change and what was the result?

  17. What methods do you employ to develop strong relationships with potential leads?

  18. How do you use social media to promote the business?

  19. What might your outreach technique be if I were a potential customer?

  20. Tell me about a time when you implemented an idea that was unpopular among your team members. What was the outcome?

  21. How do you respond to criticism from your manager or team leader? What makes you motivated?

  22. What is the difference between sales and business development?

  23. How do you identify new markets?

  24. What do you like the most about this position?

  25. What can you do if you find out that you might lose a customer to the competition?

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3 Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Listed below are some questions, along with their sample answers you can use to prepare your own:

1. How do you develop relationships with customers to promote repeat business and foster brand loyalty?

This question allows interviewers to evaluate a candidate's interpersonal abilities and learn more about how they intend to engage with clients and convince them to repeat purchase their product or service. Briefly describe how you keep clients engaged and retain a dedicated customer base.

Example answer: "Even when I manage numerous clients, I want every customer to know that they are my top priority. Contacting clients personally to ask them about their experience at a certain point after their purchase is one way I demonstrate to clients that I care about their satisfaction. I enjoy taking a day each year to handwrite cards for our clients to express my gratitude for their patronage.

In my previous job, I established an appreciation day where we invited clients for a day or weekend of festivities. This served as a pleasant reminder of our professional relationship and we successfully retained nearly 95% of our clients that year."

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2. Share your action plan if you learn a client was considering moving to a competing firm. Did you ever face such a situation and how did you handle it?

Interviewers can determine if a candidate focuses on keeping current clients happy or if they solely concentrate on acquiring new ones by asking them this question. They can tell if you are effective in communicating with clients by how you respond to the question and whether your chosen methods are appropriate. Your response helps them learn if you can recognise what might appeal to a loyal user base. You can demonstrate your expertise in customer retention and your problem-solving and creative thinking skills in your answer.

Example answer: "In my last job, one of my major clients wanted to switch to a rival company. My initial strategy was to learn what made my client unhappy for them to contemplate going to another company. As soon as it got resolved, I offered to expand our packages and even provided massive discounts on orders and other services after discussing with the concerned departments. This brought my client genuine satisfaction as it showed them my appreciation, which helped me retain the client successfully."

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3. How do you recognise and address a client's unique demands?

Interviewers may ask this question to determine your effectiveness as a prospective business development executive. Explain how you understand client requirements and try to meet them in your answer.

Example answer: "I consciously put efforts to listen to my clients attentively and, after understanding their requirements, I offer solutions that meet their demands and resolve their issues. In case of any gaps in product offerings, I consult the sales team and the product manager to create a workable alternative to provide client satisfaction and retention. This also ensures that we design our product or service to ensure its long-term success."


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