36 Common CA Fresher Interview Questions With Sample Answers

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Updated 16 March 2023

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In every organisation, chartered accountants (CA) play an important role by helping companies manage their financial records and meet all regulatory requirements. In their first jobs, CA freshers can learn many financial concepts, apply their learnings and professionally grow. If you want to apply for CA fresher job after your education, learning about the interview questions can help you prepare well. In this article, we discuss some general CA fresher interview questions, explore some questions about educational background and in-depth subject-related questions, look at some sample answers and discover tips that can help you succeed in an interview.

General CA Fresher Interview Questions

While interviewers may ask different types of questions during a job interview, they try to understand a candidate's personality traits through general CA fresher interview questions. They help them determine if a candidate's values and beliefs align with the company's. Here are some general interview questions that you may face during your interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. What are your hobbies and interests?

  3. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

  4. How are you improving your weaknesses?

  5. Where do you see yourself after five years?

  6. What are your most important career objectives?

  7. What generated your interest in this profession?

  8. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

  9. What made you interested in our company?

  10. How do you respond to feedback?

  11. How do you handle conflict at work?

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Questions About Experience And Background

After the initial questions, recruiters may ask candidates about their work experience and educational qualifications. This helps them determine if the candidate can handle the job's responsibilities well. Here are some questions that the interviewer may ask you about your qualifications and work experience:

  1. Give me a brief about your educational background.

  2. Have you worked anywhere before?

  3. Have you done any internships as a CA?

  4. What were your major responsibilities as an intern?

  5. Describe three things you learned during your internship.

  6. Have you worked in a team before?

  7. Why did you decide to pursue this profession?

  8. How do you manage your time at work?

  9. What are your strongest skills that can help you do well at your job?

  10. How do you keep yourself updated about the latest accounting processes?

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In-Depth CA Fresher Interview Questions

Here are some subject-related questions that the recruiter may ask you:

  1. How can you improve accounting processes in an organisation?

  2. What steps can you follow to ensure the accuracy of accounting entries?

  3. List the biggest challenges that you may face in accounting.

  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of a CA in an organisation?

  5. How can chartered accountants contribute to the growth of an organisation?

  6. Explain the golden rules of accounting.

  7. What is inflation, and how do you measure it?

  8. How can you differentiate between inactive and dormant accounts?

  9. What can you do if you notice ineffective or excess spending on an activity?

  10. What is budgeting?

  11. How do you differentiate between a forecast and a ledge?

  12. What are debit and credit from banks' point of view?

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Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Even though you may have limited experience as a CA fresher, you can leave a good impression on the recruiter by answering the questions in a structured manner with examples. Here are some interview questions with sample answers:

1. How can you represent the company well to clients?

Interviewers may ask this question to test if you are comfortable interacting with clients when you start working. It can help them identify the important aspects of client interactions. While you may have limited experience as a fresher, you can talk about how you can represent the company professionally to a client. If you accompanied your seniors to client meetings during your internship, you could include it in your answer.

Example: 'Once during my internship, I accompanied my senior to a client's office. It was a high-profile client, and we handled all their accounting processes. Though it was my first client interaction, I was aware of the importance of representing the company professionally. Keeping this in mind, I considered all minute details, such as my attire, punctuality and detail orientation. We behaved professionally, patiently answered all the client's questions and ensured we had the client's interests at the centre of our focus.'

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2. What skills can help chartered accountants do well at their jobs?

By asking this question, interviewers may try to understand if you understand the requirements of a chartered accountant's job. It tells them that you are aware of the skills that can help them do well at their job. You can learn about these skills by reading CA job descriptions on different sites. You can also talk to your seniors or mentors to understand the job's requirements, the challenges they may have faced and the required skills. This can help you answer other related questions during your interview.

Example: 'As a chartered accountant handles many responsibilities for individuals and companies, they require various skills to do their job well. These skills include technical aptitude, attention to detail, organisational skills, numeric ability, communications skills and interpersonal abilities. These skills can help them manage multiple client accounts, meet deadlines, interact with clients, maintain a high level of accuracy and negotiate good rates with suppliers. Some other skills that can help at their job are dedication, sincerity, perseverance and accountability, as the job of a CA can be challenging.'

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3. What does a CA do?

An interviewer may ask this question to determine if you understand what a CA does. It helps them understand if you know the roles and responsibilities of a CA and can contribute to the growth of their organisation. In your answer, you can describe what a regular day looks like for a CA. You can highlight the key responsibilities and duties of a chartered accountant. Including the different specialisation options that a CA can pursue can show the recruiter that you are a knowledgeable candidate.

Example: 'Chartered accountants help businesses manage financial matters like taxation, financial management, budgeting, forecasting and auditing. While some CAs may work in public or private sector companies, some may also have their consultancy or freelance businesses. These professionals help generate financial statements monthly and annually, create strategic plans with organisational leaders, offer financial advice to the company and ensure that it follows all the financial rules and regulations set by different governing bodies. In other words, CAs play one of the most important roles in any organisation.'

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Tips For A Successful Interview

Apart from answering the interview questions well, other factors, like your appearance and confidence, can affect your interview success. Here are some tips that can help you create a good impression on the interviewer:

  • Dress professionally. Wear formal clothes for your interview to help you appear professional and well-groomed. Make sure you wear polished shoes and ironed clothes.

  • Carry your documents in a folder. This can help show the recruiter that you have good organisational skills. Make sure you organise your documents so that you can access them easily when required.

  • Appear calm and relaxed. Though you may be nervous about the interview, maintain pleasant expressions throughout the interview. This can help you appear calm, prepared and confident.

  • Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. It shows the recruiter that you are confident about the interview and have prepared well. Introduce yourself while shaking hands and exchanging greetings.

  • Carry a notepad and pen. This can help you make notes during the interview or solve a puzzle. By carrying a small notepad and a pen, you can help the recruiter notice that you pay attention to detail and plan ahead.

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