Top 25 Cabin Crew Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 23 August 2021

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Familiarising yourself with the commonly asked questions in your industry can be an effective way to prepare for interviews. In the airline industry, there are several topics hiring managers may ask you about to test your knowledge and capabilities. If you are applying for a position as a cabin crew member, then you may benefit from reviewing some of these topics. In this article, we share 25 of the most common cabin crew interview questions, explore what hiring managers look for in candidates and provide some example answers to help you prepare, plus explain how to introduce yourself.

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15 general cabin crew interview questions

Below is a list of general questions a hiring manager may ask during your interview for a cabin crew member position:

  1. What makes you the best candidate for this role?

  2. What is one of the biggest challenges you believe airlines face today?

  3. Why did you leave your previous job, and what are you looking for in a new position?

  4. What are three of your strengths that you believe would help you succeed as a cabin crew member?

  5. What do you think would be the most challenging part of working as a cabin crew member?

  6. What are your salary expectations?

  7. What questions do you have about this position or our airline?

  8. Can you name three destinations our airline flies to?

  9. Can you tell me about yourself?

  10. How would you handle a passenger who is being rude to you or another cabin crew member?

  11. How would your previous employer describe you?

  12. Tell me about a disagreement you had with a coworker. What steps did you take to resolve the situation?

  13. How do you think our airline differs from our competitors?

  14. Why do you want to work for our airline specifically?

  15. How do you keep up-to-date on trends and news in the airline industry?

10 interview questions and answers for a cabin position

Here are 10 questions specific to the role of a cabin crew member you may encounter during your interview:

1. How would you handle being away from your friends and family for extended periods of time?

Hiring managers may ask this question to determine how adaptable you are and whether you are comfortable being away from home. Highlight your flexibility and share an example of a time you adapted to new surroundings, if possible.

Example: "While I am close with my friends and family, they are very understanding about my love of travelling. In the past, when I have been away for extended periods of time, I have set up regular video calls with them to see how they are doing and give them my own updates. Being away also makes the time I have with them when I am home even more special."

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2. What three skills do you think are the most important to be successful as a cabin crew member?

This question provides you with the opportunity to highlight three of your strongest skills. Consider what the hiring manager is looking for in an ideal candidate before answering.

Example: "It is important for cabin crew members to have excellent customer service skills, a calm attitude and the ability to multitask. Providing great customer service and remaining calm in challenging situations can make passengers feel safe and taken care of. Being able to multitask can also help cabin crew members balance multiple requests from customers and their cabin manager at the same time."

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3. How would you approach a situation where two passengers are unhappy and causing a disturbance?

Hiring managers may ask this question to assess your conflict resolution skills. Focus on the steps you would take to resolve tension and make both passengers feel understood.

Example: "The first thing I would do is listen to each passenger to understand what upset them. I find that clarifying the issue can resolve most misunderstandings. Once I have identified what the root cause of the disturbance is, I would work with the passengers and my other cabin crew members to develop a situation that benefits everyone."

4. Do you prefer to work as part of a team or on your own?

Working as a cabin crew member requires a great deal of teamwork and communication to make sure everything runs smoothly. Highlight your ability to work on a team while also being able to complete single tasks on your own effectively.

Example: "I find it very rewarding to work with a team to provide excellent customer service and achieve the same objectives together. I am also comfortable working independently to complete my tasks and assist passengers."

5. What does excellent customer service mean to you?

While each cabin crew member may have a different role, they are all responsible for providing excellent customer service when they interact with passengers. Consider how you would like to be treated as a passenger when developing an answer to this question.

Example: "I provide excellent customer service by maintaining a calm and positive demeanour when I interact with passengers. I check in with them frequently to make sure they have everything they need and I let them know I am always available to answer questions. Being approachable and attentive help me improve the customer experience."

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6. Why do you want to be a cabin crew member?

This question is a great opportunity to share why you are passionate about working in this role. Be honest and include some of the reasons you are excited about the job position in your answer.

Example: "I have been passionate about travelling since I was a little kid and working as a cabin crew member would give me the opportunity to visit new places. I have over 10 years of experience working in customer service and I really enjoy helping other people. Being able to pair my love for adventure and new experiences with a role in customer service is what drew me to apply for this position."

7. How would you handle an emergency during a flight?

Part of a crew member's job role involves being prepared to respond to emergencies. Hiring managers may ask this question to determine how comfortable you are handling challenging situations.

Example: "I would remind myself to stay calm and refer to my training to determine the next steps I need to take to take care of the passengers. First, I would put on my oxygen mask and then I would help others secure their masks. I would communicate with the other crew members to develop a strategy and use my authority to direct passengers about the safety procedures they need to follow."

8. Tell me about your favourite flight. What made the experience great?

When answering this question, focus on why you are passionate about working for an airline and what type of experience you want to provide customers. You can also share details about where you travelled to.

Example: "My favourite in-flight experience is when I travelled to Greece with my best friend after college. The flight was very long, but several of the crew members made it enjoyable by sharing their favourite memories from when they visited Greece. They gave us excellent recommendations for different restaurants and attractions to see, which made our entire trip really special."

9. If your cabin manager gave you an order that went against protocol, how would you react?

Hiring managers may ask this question to determine your problem-solving and communication skills. Focus on the steps you would take to make a decision rather than the decision itself.

Example: "I would start by asking the cabin manager to repeat their instructions to make sure I understand their request. Then I would ask them to share their reasoning with me. While I know certain emergency situations may require the cabin crew to be flexible, I also believe protocols are in place for a reason. In the end, the safety of the passengers is my top priority and would ultimately influence my decision."

10. How would you handle a situation where a passenger is nervous to fly?

Hiring managers may ask this question to assess your customer service skills and understand whether you are capable of handling this common situation. Highlight your interpersonal skills and compassion in your answer.

Example: "I would start by asking the passenger if they are okay and listen to them to see if there is anything I can do to help them calm down. I would also let them know that being nervous to fly is very common while reassuring them they are safe. Finally, I would share some tips to help them relax."

How can I introduce myself in an interview?

When you have entered the interview for this role, it's important to remain professional and confident. Consider following these tips to introduce yourself:

  • Maintain eye contact.

  • Use appropriate body language.

  • Share hands firmly.

  • Say your full name.

  • Thank the hiring manager for taking the time to meet with you.

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