8 Copywriting Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

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Updated 1 March 2023

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A career as a copywriter can be fulfilling if you enjoy writing, editing and researching. When you are attending an interview for the role, the hiring manager may pose questions that encourage you to discuss your work experience in the field, proficiency in client management and passion for content development. Reviewing some commonly asked interview questions and knowing why interviewers ask them can help you to prepare to deliver concise and specific responses. In this article, we list eight copywriting interview questions and provide sample answers.

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8 Common Copywriting Interview Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked copywriting interview questions and their example answers:

1. What tools and techniques do you use to proofread your copy for correct grammar and spelling?

Although the company you want to work for may have editors for its staff, it still may be your responsibility as a copywriter to proofread your work before submitting it. The purpose of this interview question is to learn about your commitment to using correct grammar and spelling in every piece of written content you produce. In your response, discuss what you do during and after the writing process to ensure the content is a positive representation of the client's brand.

Example: "I use a browser extension that highlights spelling and grammar mistakes in real-time as I draft the copy. When I am finished writing, I read my words aloud and evaluate the flow of my vocabulary to see if I can simplify the sentences to provide clarity. Another part of my process is comparing what I have written to the style guide to make sure I have satisfied the client's expectations."

2. What is your research routine?

When you are writing about a specific topic, it can be important for you to perform research so you can retrieve accurate information to include in the copy. The interviewer may pose this question to determine if you can find credible sources to help you fulfil the directions for an assignment. Demonstrate to the employer that you can obtain knowledge about a variety of topics because of your experience conducting thorough research.

Example: "I type the keyword in a search engine and review the content that ranks the highest on the results page. Next, I cross-reference the details in each of them to make sure they are promoting the same information. As a copywriter for a medical facility, I relied on peer-reviewed medical journals and healthcare organisations for updated and accurate information. I look for reputable sources to learn more about the topic and outline the format of the article I plan to write."

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3. How do you optimise web content to meet SEO goals?

While the ability to write error-free content is important, the employer may want to know if you can develop copy that increases the visibility of the client's website. Emphasise your proficiency in search engine optimisation (SEO) by explaining how you incorporate keywords into your content and aim to maximise the traffic the brand receives after it publishes articles online. You can also deliver examples of you practising these tactics in previous copywriting roles, which reinforces that you have experience in the industry.

Example: "I use the keyword in the title, headings and meta description. I also strive to include it a few times in the copy, and I allow the high-ranking articles to inspire me on what format I can use for the piece that I am creating. For example, for a major beauty brand, I was writing an article about ways to clean makeup brushes. The keyword was 'how to clean makeup brushes,' and the articles in the top three articles included five to seven tips, so I included eight tips in an effort to top them."

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4. Explain what our company can do to enhance our written content.

The interviewer may pose this question to evaluate how much you know about the company that you want to hire you. The feedback you deliver in your answer can also illustrate the technical skills you can apply to the copywriting position to benefit the company and its content production and performance goals. Specify the copy that the employer published which you had reviewed, and outline a procedure that you feel can improve the copy based on your experience. Remember to keep your feedback constructive.

Example: "When I read the articles in your blog, I noticed that the formatting is inconsistent, especially for pieces with similar topics. For example, one article has an introduction, conclusion and a corresponding image, while another article has a few paragraphs and bullet points. To improve it, I suggest you create a style guide that specifies certain components for every article. The blog might also benefit from a consistent brand voice. Figuring how you want to speak with your target audiences can help you decide what language to use when contributing to your blog."

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5. Recall a time when you simplified a technical topic for an article.

The clients you work with as a copywriter may request that you take information from a complex topic and make it easy for diverse audiences to understand. In your answer to such copywriting interview questions, you can detail your process of learning about the topic and generating copy that appeals to the demographics of consumers the client is aiming to target. Give the employer the confidence that you can deliver high-quality work even when you are encountering a specialised area for the first time.

Example: "In my previous role as a copywriter for a medical facility, I wrote copy for the website to inform prospective patients of the symptoms of rare neurological disorders. While I used the technical names for parts of the nervous system, I explained where on the body those parts were so the readers can visualise how to evaluate their symptoms. I also provided simple comparisons of the sensations patients may experience when their symptoms arise."

6. How do you showcase a brand's voice in the copy you write?

A brand uses a voice that considers its target audiences and remains consistent across different platforms, regardless of the professional authoring the content. As a copywriter, you can strive to adhere to exhibit creativity and clarity in your copy while still adhering to the specifications on the client's style guide. Assure the interviewer that you can exemplify the uniqueness of a brand by delivering an example of you doing so in an assignment from a previous job.

Example: "When I encounter a new client, I perform an audit of its recent content on its website, blog and social media platforms to identify its brand voice. I look for patterns in the language and examine the formatting of articles, which helps me know how to speak to the key audiences in the copy I am creating. For example, for a non-profit organisation that caters to senior citizens, I noticed that the content referred to the seniors as 'older adults' and 'elders.' Using the style guide, I incorporated those terms and maintained a simple, formal tone in the copy."

7. Identify digital channels where you have created copy.

Regardless if you are an in-house or agency copywriter, you may have writing assignments that vary in length and appear on multiple digital channels, such as websites, social media platforms and electronic newsletters. The channels may also have different audiences, requiring you to adjust the style of your writing without deviating from the client's style guide. When answering this interview question, emphasise the versatility of your copywriting skills and professional experience by specifying where on the internet your copy has appeared.

Example: "I have created long-form, business-to-consumer copy for an online quarterly magazine that showed the medical facility's hiring news and enhanced equipment. For marketing campaigns, I composed the headlines and slogans for promotional emails. It was also my responsibility to write copy for the website's landing pages and weekly blog posts."

8. Recall an assignment where you implemented feedback from an editor.

Collaborating with editors may be a central part of your desired copywriting position. The hiring manager may ask this question to evaluate your receptiveness to feedback and dedication to improving your technical skills. In your response, mention the result of your application of the feedback.

Example: "I wrote an article about the causes and remedies for dehydration for a medical magazine. The editor noted that the causes I listed were not inclusive of multiple age groups, as we were aiming to target patients of all ages, not just the older ones. She recommended that I add sections for children, young adults and older adults in the copy to make the content easier to skim and create a more comprehensive article. The article received the highest amount of website traffic for the next three months."

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