34 Driver Interview Questions (With Helpful Example Answers)

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Updated 5 February 2023

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Drivers are individuals who can work for restaurants, hotels or other various companies that require someone to transport goods. This job may require attention to detail and the ability to work independently while communicating efficiently and effectively. Learning about the various questions a company may ask you during an interview for this role can help you develop sound answers, which may help showcase your skills. In this article, we discuss 34 driver interview questions a hiring manager may ask, including general and in-depth questions with example answers you can use as a guide when preparing your answers.

General Driver Interview Questions

A manager may ask general driver interview questions to learn more about your interest in the position and industry. They can allow you to highlight your industry-related skills, training and abilities and discuss why you think you are the right fit for this role. Here are some general interview questions to help you prepare for your next meeting with a hiring manager:

  1. What are the three adjectives you might use to describe yourself?

  2. Why do you wish to work for this company?

  3. Are you comfortable travelling alone and with others?

  4. Why do you think you are a good fit for this role?

  5. How might you describe your driving record?

  6. What is your greatest strength and how would it apply to your position?

  7. What is your greatest weakness and how do you work to get better at it?

  8. How do you keep yourself motivated when you are driving for long periods of time?

  9. Can you tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work and how you handled the situation?

  10. Do you have any other questions?

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Questions About Experience And Background

Questions about your experience and background may allow a hiring manager to learn more about your qualifications, education and work experience, which can help them determine whether you are right for the role. Typically, employers do not have a minimum education requirement to become a driver. This means a hiring manager might be more interested in your work experience than your academic credentials. Here is a list of questions an interviewer may ask you about your experience and background:

  1. Can you tell me about your professional driving experience and include any accidents you have been in or a special licence you have earned?

  2. Have you ever been late for a delivery, and if so, how did you handle the situation?

  3. Are you familiar with the necessary vehicle maintenance?

  4. Have you ever received incorrect information from a company? If so, how did you handle it?

  5. Have you been in a situation where you addressed unpredictable circumstances or challenges, such as a mechanical breakdown?

  6. What skills and abilities do you have that make you a good fit for this role?

  7. What is the longest drive you have completed in your career?

  8. Are you familiar with dealing with shipment setbacks?

  9. Do you think navigation skills are a necessary aspect of your position?

  10. Can you describe one of your greatest successes as a driver?

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In-Depth Questions

In-depth interview questions help employers learn more about your driving strategies and how you may approach various professional situations. They may address industry-specific knowledge and allow you to showcase your industry expertise. Here is a list of in-depth questions you may encounter when interviewing for a driver role:

  1. Can you describe an instance when you learnt how to operate a new piece of equipment and how you handled the situation?

  2. How do you approach planning a route?

  3. Do you think it is essential to stop at weigh stations throughout your shift?

  4. What is your option regarding slip-seating setups?

  5. How do you create and maintain strong professional relationships with clients?

  6. Are you familiar with the paperwork involved in the driving field?

  7. Can you tell me about the safety and motor regulations that apply to your role?

  8. Why is it crucial that drivers abstain from taking stimulants or other substances during or before operating a vehicle?

  9. How would you handle getting in an accident with another vehicle?

  10. What would you do if you found out a colleague was maltreating a company vehicle?

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4 Sample Interview Questions With Example Answers

Here are five sample interview questions with example answers you can use as a guide to help you formulate your answers before your next meeting with a hiring manager:

1. Do you think communication skills are a critical aspect of your role as a driver?

An interviewer may ask your opinion on communication skills as a driver, even though it can be a more independent job. Communication as a driver helps ensure your safety, other driver's and passenger's safety and customer's satisfaction. To answer this question, you can talk about how you are a great communicator who prioritises it in your roles. You may also find it beneficial to tell a story about how you have used the skill in the past. This can help the hiring manager understand how the company can benefit from hiring you.

Example: "I highly value communication, especially as a driver. Contacting someone and speaking concisely has had tremendous benefits. For example, when I was driving for a company that wanted me to get a package to a client by the end of the day, I had to contact my manager to inform them of a flooded road that was unsafe to drive through and there were no alternative routes. I returned to work carefully and we contacted the client to tell them about the challenge. We apologised and promised to deliver it as soon as it was clear."

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2. Can you tell me about your vehicle maintenance routine?

An interviewer may ask about your vehicle maintenance routine because they want to know that you understand how to take care of an automobile. It also helps them understand if you might know what to do if you experience challenges on the road. To answer this question, talk about how you look at your vehicle before and after driving it. It might be beneficial to chat about a maintenance checklist for daily, monthly and yearly inspections. This helps companies know you have ample knowledge about automobile upkeep and safety standards.

Example: "I inspect my vehicle before and after driving it to ensure optimal safety. Before I get in, I check for signs of damage. Then, I look at the engine and the oil. When I get to the tires, I look for any slashes and check the pressure. Inside the automobile, I check the gas tank and ensure I have everything I need for the route. After my shift, I put gas in to refill what I used that day. Additionally, I keep a checklist with me in all vehicles, which helps me remember to do these tasks."

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3. How would you handle a situation where a customer is unhappy or upset with you?

Hiring managers can ask about your customer service skills because it affects how others view the company, which means having these abilities is vital. Interviewers may be looking to hear about your problem-solving skills and building customer relationships. To answer this question, talk about a previous experience you have had where you dealt with an upset customer. This can provide insight into how you may react to their company's unhappy customers.

Example: "Pleasing the customer is a top priority, along with on-time delivery. In my current position, for example, our team had someone quit in the middle of the day, which meant they did not finish their route. It was too much for the rest of our team to handle in the same afternoon while we were still trying to meet our deadlines. We divided the person's remaining workload amongst us the following day. This meant we spoke with upset customers. We apologised and spoke with them calmly and professionally while expressing we understand the late deliveries can cause inconveniences."

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4. What is your strategy for ensuring you meet your deadlines on time consistently?

A hiring manager may ask this question because meeting delivery deadlines is an integral aspect of a driver and can help increase customer's satisfaction with a company's business. A happy customer means returning business for the brand. This means that time management and accurate route planning are useful skills. To answer this question, you can highlight your abilities while explaining the importance of arriving on time. Your dedication to meeting your deadlines shows your commitment to being part of the team.

Example: "In my previous roles, I had access to my route the night prior. This allowed me to plan accordingly. Additionally, I make sure I plan for various stops, breaks or other unforeseen circumstances, so I can still meet my deadlines. There have been occasions when I am assigned a last-minute task and when that happens, I compare deadlines. If one is earlier than the other, I prioritise the one with the closest deadline. If they have the same deadline, I rework my route to make it more efficient and sometimes work later to ensure on-time delivery."

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