How To Answer The Favourite Colour Interview Question

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 11 May 2022

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During an interview for any role, it is common for interviewers to ask you what your favourite colour is. This question is unique and can help recruiters learn more about your skills and personality. Learning about strategies for answering this question before you attend an interview can help you better prepare an engaging response to impress hiring managers. In this article, we explain how to answer the interview question, 'What is your favourite colour?' discuss why prospective employers may ask this question and share examples of effective answers to the question in various situations.

Preparing for the favourite colour interview question

While the favourite colour interview question may not seem directly relevant to the interview, it tells hiring managers a lot about your personality and can demonstrate your ability to think creatively. Preparing an answer in advance can help you appear more confident and professional in your reply. Here are some considerations while preparing a thoughtful response to the common interview question, 'What is your favourite colour?':

Your personality

Colour theory explains how a colour can affect anything from your appetite to your productivity. For an interviewer, this question is useful because the colour you choose and the explanation you offer can provide insight into your personality. To prepare for this question, you can ask your friends and family to describe your personality, as gathering additional opinions can help you develop a more complete understanding of how others perceive you. Based on the answers you receive and what you believe in, you can pick a colour.

Different people may associate colours with different feelings and emotions. For example, some people associate purple with authority, while others believe it represents calmness. Regardless of the colour you choose as your favourite, the focus of your answer is your interpretation and explanation of why.

Your preferred job role

It is important that your favourite colour and why you chose it link back to your preferred job role. If your job role requires you to be outgoing and understand others well, it is important that you try to convey that through your explanation of your favourite colour. If your job role requires you to stay calm and think clearly even in stressful times, this can be part of the explanation for your colour. To make sure you frame a perfect yet concise answer, try to list down all the qualities the job requires and all the qualities you have.

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The type of interview

The type of interview you are attending can change your choice of colour. In a more formal environment, you can consider using neutral or light colours that can represent confidence and professionalism. If your work requires teamwork, you can link the teamwork aspect of it in the colour and if your work requires you to work independently, you can link the independence aspect of it in the colour. In a casual interview, picking a vibrant colour can help the interviewers see you as more collaborative and outgoing.

Your most relevant skills

You can use this opportunity to discuss your skills, personality traits and your inclination towards a specific role to explain why you believe you are the most suitable candidate. Try incorporating a situational example into your reply that shows how you used these skills in the past to support your claims.

For example, suppose you want to highlight your coding skills. You might consider picking red as your favourite and explaining that you think the colour represents passion, hard-work and discipline. You can then expand on your response and discuss how you spent your time regularly practising your coding skills, studying algorithms and building projects and that wouldn't have been possible without the passion you have for the subject.

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What does each colour represent?

A hiring manager may consider colour theory to understand your personality with your choice of colour and use it to learn more about how you perceive yourself, both personally and professionally. It can also help them gain insight into your personality and determine whether they believe you are a suitable addition to their existing work culture. Here are a few descriptions of what different colours might indicate about your personality:


Red indicates power, passion, commitment and energy. When you say that red represents your personality, it could mean you are a friendly and straightforward person. Red can then also represent how you can be spontaneous and always look for solutions to different problems. Red is an excellent choice for answering this interview question if you work in sales, law or business.


Yellow usually represents a creative, happy and intelligent personality. If you say yellow is your favourite colour, the interviewer may assume you have a clever and bright personality. People who say their favourite colour is yellow are usually optimistic and like having others' attention on them. For this reason, they always work with a good sense of responsibility and often approach problems differently.


People often associate green with stability, and choosing this as your favourite colour may signify that you're gentle and empathic. People who like green are usually productive throughout the day and can also represent a love of nature. Green can be a good answer to this interview question for jobs that require you to remain calm in stressful situations, including medical personnel and firefighters.


Blue is an excellent colour to represent loyalty and responsibility. This can express your ability to work well as part of a team. As a soft colour, you can also choose blue as your response to this interview question for roles that involve working with children.


If you say your favourite colour is black, it might signify an authoritative, powerful and intelligent personality. People who choose this as their favourite colour are typically sophisticated logical thinkers and may not consider themselves creative or energetic. This is an excellent choice if you are interviewing for a leadership role.


White typically signifies a naturally positive and optimistic personality. People also often associate white as a colour that represents innocence, pureness and simplicity. It is also a symbol of peace and neutrality, which makes this an excellent option to consider for an interview response if you are applying for a job related to public service.

Example answers to the question, 'What is your favourite colour?'

Here are a few example answers to the favourite colour interview question you can consider when developing your own personalised response:

Example 1

Here is an example response of a candidate interviewing for a line cook position:

'My favourite colour is red. Red gives me a sense of control in a high-energy kitchen environment. It symbolises energy and power, which are important components for me as a line cook. I am able to quickly and accurately prepare customers' orders as I receive them from the servers. I also enjoy remaining busy and taking part in various tasks, such as preparing vegetables, cooking meat and designing the visual presentation of dishes.'

Example 2

Here is an example response of a candidate interviewing for an event planner position:

'My favourite colour is white because it represents organisation and attention to detail. These traits are important to my role as an event planner because I am responsible for booking venues, setting up decorations and scheduling performers. I also ensure that I meet all client requirements and check whether they are content with the outcome of their event. I am able to complete my job by implementing organisational skills and considering every minute detail.'

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Example 3

Here is an example response of a candidate interviewing for a role as a paramedic:

'As a naturally calm person, my favourite colour is green. Blue embodies feelings of calmness and serenity. Even though being a paramedic is a career that naturally comes with high pressure, I believe I embody the colour green while on the job. I'm able to remain calm, reassure patients and complete necessary tasks to prioritise their health and well-being.'

Example 4

Here's an example response from a candidate interviewing to be an aeroplane pilot:

'My favourite colour is black because it expresses a sense of practicality. As a pilot, I have a responsibility to my passengers to think rationally and apply the skills I've learned to help them arrive at their destinations safely. I am an independent worker who completes my duties without distractions but can also collaborate with my cabin crew in logical, efficient ways when necessary.'

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Example 5

Consider this example response from a candidate interviewing to be a salesperson:

'I am a naturally outgoing and energetic person, so my favourite colour is yellow. Yellow embodies cheerfulness and optimism, and I exhibit these qualities both in my personal life and in my career as a salesperson. I interact with customers enthusiastically and aim to treat everyone like they are my friend. I am able to use my genial nature to develop relationships with customers, close sales and convert interested customers into long-term clients.'

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