Common Game Tester Interview Questions With Sample Answers

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Published 5 May 2022

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In a game tester interview, the interviewers are likely to ask you questions that explore the way you can work with the best potential from your experience. You can read and research some common and frequently asked questions to prepare their answers in advance. Reviewing common interview questions can prepare you for high output in terms of the result of the interview. In this article, we discuss what game tester interview questions are and look at some sample questions along with their answer to help you prepare better.

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What Are Game Tester Interview Questions?

Game tester interview questions, just like any other interview questions, apply to the designated job, which here is game testing. Interviewers usually aim to test your knowledge in gaming and allied topics like gameplay culture and core practice. You may show your employer that you are enthusiastic about gaming and that you are well-versed in the industry, its trends, history and platforms. Basic background enquiries, testing-based questions and game knowledge are the three types of questions the interviewers are most likely to ask during a game testing interview.

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Game Tester Interview Questions And Answers

Here are some common interview questions with answers that could help you with the interview for a game tester's role. These may provide you with an idea of how to put forth your answers:

What is game testing according to you?

This question asks about your knowledge of game testing. Interviewers aim to assess your basic understanding of the profession. You could answer this in a simple tone while defining the meaning of game testing as you perceive it.

Example answer: 'Game testing is analysing the game in every direction. It requires a game tester to play the game continuously to check for any systematic errors and find bugs and glitches throughout the game. While playing the game, the tester has to count for the resilience and measure the performance of the game. This could mean how long the game is running smoothly with no glitches or without collapsing.'

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What do you think is the biggest myth about game testing?

For this question, you could explain your experience as a game tester. Thinking about what you experienced and what your expectations from this profession were, and frame your answer with confidence.

Example answer: 'Many people think game testers get paid for playing games. But that is not completely true. It is just a small part of what game testing actually requires. There are analysis reports, bugs and glitches reports, performance reports, different test cases that testers file. Besides, they also communicate frequently with different stakeholders and experts while testing the game.'

What is the process of game testing according to you?

Interviewers are likely to ask this question during a game testing interview. You can explain how you perform your game testing process. If you have some creative or exceptional technique, you could also elaborate on it.

Example answer: 'I follow a three-step process. First, I learn about the controls of the game, followed by its conceptual background and narrative. Then I study the architecture of the game, including things like algorithm mapping and character mapping. After this, I prepare to run tests. This includes writing test cases, recording bugs and finding solutions to the bugs.'

What are the key strategies you follow for game testing?

This question aims to determine your planning and management skills. The interviewer might like to hear about your view of analytical ways involved in game testing. You could talk about a personalised methodical approach towards game testing.

Example answer: 'For testing any game, there are three strategies that I follow. First, playing the game at different levels in different conditions. Second, playing the game on different devices, like consoles, laptops and mobile phones. Last, to try out different versions of games with different settings to compare and document various outcomes.'

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What are different game testing techniques?

To answer this question, you could name a few techniques or tests that are done as a part of game testing. You can start your answer with the most effective techniques and techniques you have used in the past.

Example answer: 'Some common testing techniques include performance testing, combinatorial testing, clean room testing, functionality testing, tree testing, load testing, play testing and compatibility testing. Depending on the type and the complexity of the game, I use a combination of techniques to test a game.'

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How do you think one becomes a game tester?

This may be the most important question in a game testing interview. You could craft your answer by telling facts about qualifications or talking about the vital personality traits of a game tester. You could also add the traits that you possess.

Example answer: 'I believe, to become a game tester, you typically require extensive knowledge of the gaming industry. Adding on, one may require exceptional problem-solving skills, ability to meet short deadlines and an eye for quality assurance. Apart from one's technical ability, patience, tenacity and leadership skills are crucial for all operations and designations. Also, a passion for games could be beneficial.'

What would you do if players discovered a game you designed had a lot of bugs?

Questions like these aim to check the swiftness of your problem-solving ability. Here you could describe your perspective on a problem or provide a solid solution and elaborate on it.

Example answer: 'I would try to gather as much information as possible about them, such as procedures to reproduce the issue, pre-conditions, screenshots and video logs. I would make a detailed bug report and team up with the person who could resolve them. Then, to address these difficulties, I would communicate with various stakeholders and hear their say regarding the same.'

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What are the most commonly overlooked aspects of video game developers?

For this question, you require an understanding of the various aspects of a video game as a game developer and a game tester.

Example answer: 'From a development standpoint, I have seen some games with fantastic plots, but characters lose their significance as the game progresses or become redundant in their roles. In terms of testing, I have come across several bugs. These include bugs like characters glitching when they are close to a wall or getting stuck in a dead-end where there is no way out. These are the most commonly overlooked aspects of game development.'

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What are your favourite video games? And what is your frequency of playing?

Interviewers may ask this question to understand your knowledge and interest in different types of games. This is mainly because your work includes playing games constantly.

Example answer: 'Mario is my all-time favourite. The music, colour and world-building make it enjoyable, interesting and addictive. I also enjoy playing simulation games. I usually play for about two hours every day.'

What are the educational requirements to become a game tester?

Interviewers usually ask this question just to check if you are aware of the basic educational qualifications required to become a game tester. Either you could give a general overview or elaborate a list of qualifications.

Example answer: 'A game tester's education requirements may range vastly. Employers frequently demand or prefer candidates with a degree in software development, computer programming, computer technology or related technical fields. Certification in extraordinary management or other technical subjects is optional, although they may be helpful.'

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What are the challenges you have faced in this industry?

You can explain the problems you faced during your employment with previous companies while answering this question. You could use this question to your benefit by giving an example of a challenge you faced and overcame.

Example answer: 'Some of the common challenges that I have faced are the lack of communication among stakeholders. This often leads to miscommunication among employees and makes it difficult to ensure coverage of test cases. Anyhow, I usually overcome these challenges by simply creating a system for testing games, keeping in mind deadlines and following a set process. This limits the time I spend on one game and enhances smooth communication among employees and stakeholders.'

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