How To Ask About Your Job Application Status After An Interview

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Getting invited to interview can often be the beginning of a successful job application process. You may want to know if your candidature was successful and if you can expect to work in an organisation professionally. You can learn to do so by knowing about the proper ways to contact your future employers and following up appropriately and patiently. In this article, we discuss ways you can follow up after your interview and enquire about your application status, along with helpful tips and an example to help you efficiently draft your message.

How to ask about your job application status after an interview

Follow these steps to know how to ask about your job application status after an interview:

1. Start with a formal greeting

Begin writing your follow-up email by addressing your employer with a proper salutation or greeting. You can start with Dear Mr or Ms, based on the specific hiring manager and follow the address with their name. When you address an employer with their name, it helps build a personal connection with the employer and enables you to customise your message.

If you prefer another salutation or greeting that better fits the context of your message, consider using that. For example, you can use greetings like Hello [hiring manager] or Good afternoon [hiring manager], depending on the requirements of your message.

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2. Express your gratitude

Following up with your potential employers and interviewers using a follow-up email can sometimes be difficult. You may want to know your job application status most politely, without sounding too unprofessional. You can begin by thanking your interviewer for their time on the interview day and for taking the time to read through your email. Expressing your gratitude at the beginning of the email body can help set the tone of the message and ensure that you state the remaining message in an appropriate context.

Saying thank you in the beginning also helps release any stressful feelings the employer may have and ensures they read the rest of your message with a positive mindset. You can send a thank you email as a stand-alone message on the day of your interview or you can say thank you at the beginning of your follow-up email. You can ask about your interview results anytime between three to four days after the interview.

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3. Begin your follow-up note

An essential feature of writing a follow-up note is to keep your message brief and clear. A concise message shows you respect your interviewer's time and helps you convey your queries quickly. After an interview, the interviewer usually informs you of the day you can expect to hear from them. Before drafting a follow-up message, ensure that you waited until the mentioned date. If you do not hear from the interviewer even after a week, consider writing a follow-up email to ask about your application status. Here is an example of a brief and positive follow-up email:

Dear [manager],

Thank you for taking the time to interview me last week. I wanted to follow up on my interview and wondered if you had news to share about the job position. I enjoyed our discussion on the changing corporate trends and getting to know more about your company. Of the companies that I have interacted with and interviewed for during my job search process, yours precisely reflects solid cultural, personal and ethical values to drive employee engagement with work. Please let me know if you require more information. I am excited about the opportunity of working with your company.

4. Show enthusiasm

Your job search process can get extensive and the waiting period can be longer than expected. Consider expressing your enthusiasm for the job role in the follow-up message. Employers may appreciate the email from someone eager about the job role and its duties. Express genuine interest in the position and convey how you can contribute to the company's goals and vision. You can do so by thanking the employer for considering your application. It demonstrates you as a confident professional who is hopeful about the job. Here is an example of a positive follow-up email:

Dear Ritika,

Thank you for your time on the 25th to schedule my interview with the human resources head and I appreciate your help and guidance throughout the interview. I am curious if you have any news related to the job interview, as I am excited to be working with your team. I have been to several interviews before, but my experience at your office was unmatchable. Thank you for enabling an open and safe environment to discuss my ideas and qualifications. I look forward to working with your team and I hope to hear soon.

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5. Ask for feedback

While thanking the employer is a standard and expected way of asking for your job application status, you can also consider asking for feedback on your application. Asking for feedback allows you to know whether your application has been successful, while also learning about areas to improve in a job interview. When asking for feedback, know that not all interviewers may have the time to write full-fledged feedback, but they can often provide you with simple tips to improve your application.

You can consider asking for feedback from interviews as a follow-up strategy that can help you understand your application status and discover potential improvement areas. For example, Dear [manager], I am delighted to have shared a great discussion with you and I was hoping to get feedback on my performance during the interview.

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Tips for writing an impressive follow-up email

Follow these tips to discover how to write an impressive follow-up email after your job interview:

  • Wait at least a week before following up. The hiring managers interview hundreds of potential candidates for a single job opening, making the selection and notification process a little longer. Consider waiting for at least a week before deciding to follow up regarding your job application status.

  • Keep your message simple. Most employers may check their emails while on a busy schedule, so you can benefit from writing a simple follow-up note where they can understand your message quickly. Directly state why and what job posting are you following up for and try to keep the message relevant, concise and simple.

  • Focus on the specific details of the interview process. After interview completion, the hiring manager or your interviewer often informs you of a day that you can expect to hear from them. Focus on certain specific details regarding the interview process and abide by them before writing a follow-up email.

  • Proofread your message. Checking your follow-up message for editing, grammar, sentence structure and contextual errors can help ensure that you are conveying accurate information in the email. When proofreading, focus on the clarity and context of the message and fix any errors to enhance the employer's reading experience.

Follow-up email example

Here is an example of a follow-up email you can take inspiration from when crafting your message:

Subject line: Following up regarding the engineering supervisor position at Chemical Solutions Laboratory.

Dear Ms Gupta,

I recently participated in an interview for the position of engineering supervisor position on January 30 at 1 pm in your Noida office. It was a great experience meeting you and discussing the job's requirements and learning about the values and vision of your company. I wondered if you have any updates regarding the position. I am excited to be working with you and your team to help you achieve your organisational objectives to create a lasting impact in the technological space. I wanted to know about my interview status and whether the position is still vacant.

If you are yet in the deciding phase and prefer me to wait for the final decision, do you have an estimated time for the same? I'm still very interested in working as part of your team and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please let me know if you require additional information from me.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Tanya Mehta
(+91) 9987689879

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