50 HTML5 Interview Questions With Relevant Example Answers

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Updated 30 November 2022

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Knowledge of most important HTML5 interview questions is extremely important for your HTML5 job interview. Interviewers create questions for candidates appearing for a HTML5 interview to test their theoretical and practical knowledge. If you can answer the questions correctly, it takes you one step closer to your dream job. In this article, we discuss some of the most important HTML5 interview questions along with the sample answers.

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What Are HTML5 Interview Questions?

HTML5 interview questions are prepared by employers to identify the candidates with required levels of knowledge and skills in the desired field. HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language, which is the standard language used to create web pages. These questions can help the employers determine if a particular candidate has all the required qualities for being able to perform various job related tasks in a time-bound setting. HTML5 questions can vary across organisations according to the job profile but all these questions are intended to test the knowledge of the candidates.

Top 10 HTML5 Interview Questions With Sample Answers

When appearing for an HTML5 job interview, you are likely to need complete clarity regarding the fundamentals of HTML5 for answering the questions correctly. By going through interview questions on HTML5, you can certainly ensure a better level of preparedness for any type of questions that the interviewrs might ask. The 50 HMTL5 questions included here cover all important aspects of the subject and are designed to help you be mentally prepared for the upcoming interview. For starting preparations for your next interview for a web programming or any other HTML5 job profile, here is a list of the top 10 HTML 5 interview questions and answers,

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1. What are the new features of HTML5?

The interviewer might ask this question for understanding your latest knowledge on HTML5

Example: "The top new features in HTML5 are the introduction of audio and video tags, vector graphics options, figure and figcaption tags to not only markup an image but also allot space for its caption in the document. All these improvements make the syntax of HTML5 much simpler and user-friendly as compared to HTML4."

2. Can you use MathML tags directly in HTML5 without any plugins?

The interviewer can ask this question for gauging your technical knowledge in HTML5.

Example: "HTML5 has introduced the feature wherein it allows MathML elements to be used within an HTML5 document without needing an additional plugin."

3. What processes depend for support on HTML5?

HTML5 is a highly dynamic programming language and the interviewer can ask such a question for better insights into your knowledge level.

Example: "Some of the processes that depend for support on HTML5 are browser support and compatibility, error handling, offline application cache, client-side database, geolocation, new structure and multimedia elements etc."

4. What is a hyperlink?

This can often be a leading question to another important concept of HTML in which the interviewer might want to test your skills.

Example: "In HTML, a hyperlink is essentially a word that features something known as the anchor tag, which activates on clicking and redirects the user to the related or connected link which is embedded in that word. An active hyperlink is blue in colour with an underline. After clicking on the link, the color changes to purple."

5. What are the two main structural elements of an HTML document?

The interview might frame this question differently but mainly desires to test your fundamental knowledge.

Example: "An HTML document essentially comprises tags and content. Placing of content between the tags enables formatting and display in a manner that the web developer desires. This content gains some amount of background and interface functionality by way of specific tags."

6. Explain manifest file in HTML5.

The purpose of this question in an interview is to ascertain your understanding of how to develop pages that load quickly.

Example: "A manifest attribute allows the data of the webpage to be stored in the cache of an application which allows it to be accessible even in the absence of internet connectivity. Without the manifest attribute, it is not possible to cache a web page."

7. What is meant by a style sheet?

The interview can wish to check your knowledge about the important features of style sheet and HTML elements.

Example: "A style sheet with respect to HTML5 refers to a styling template that is portable across a set of web pages and is created with the sole purpose of customising the appearance of the document."

8. What are the data storage options in HTML5?

Data storage is an important aspect of HTML5 development. The interviewer can ask such a question to test your understanding of data storage options.

Example: "There are two ways to store data in HTML5. The first option is local storage for storing data before a user using a browser targets and deletes the data, hence automatic deletion of data is not possible with end of browing session. The second option is session storage where usage of data is essentially meant for immediate purposes, hence deletion of data takes place with ending of a browsing session."

9. What are the formatting elements of HTML5?

HTML5 is an evolving development language with multiple formatting features. The interviewer can ask similar questions for ascertaining your suitability.

Example: "The formatting elements of HTML5 are marked text, emphasised text, superscripts, subscripts, inserted texts, small text, and deleted text."

10. What does MathML refer to with respect to HTML5?

The interviewer can ask this question to determine your skills for working with both these languages simultaneously.

Example: "The full form for MathML is Mathematical Markup Language. MathML comes into use when a web page has some amount of mathematical content on it."

HTML5 Interview Questions

Here are some of the other important HTML5 interview questions for you to prepare for the upcoming interview:

  1. Name the 3 different types of lists in HTML.

  2. Can you hyperlink a picture using HTML?

  3. What are the options for font formatting?

  4. What are the HTML5 elements that can be used to define special sections on a web page?

  5. What is the syntax to set a background image on a webpage?

  6. What are empty elements in HTML5?

  7. What does SVG mean in context of HTML5?

  8. What video formats are compatible with HTML5?

  9. How can you add button type functionality in your HTML5 document?

  10. What is the meaning of an article tag in HTML5?

  11. Explain server-side events in HTML5.

  12. What is the meaning of cell padding in relation to HTML5?

  13. Explain the importance of Geolocation API in HTML5.

  14. Define multipart form data in HTML5.

  15. When is the best situation to use a meter tag?

  16. In terms of HTML5 elements, what is the difference between the ‘id' attribute and the ‘class' attribute?

  17. What are the different types of browsers that HTML5 supports?

  18. Are there advantages of using HTML5 for web development? What are those advantages?

  19. Describe an optimal HTML layout structure.

  20. Is there any advantage of collapsing white space in HTML5?

  21. What is the concept of tags and attributes in HTML?

  22. What is the importance of div tag for development of HTML5 web pages?

  23. What is the usage of a novalidate attribute for the form tag that is introduced in HTML5?

  24. Mention some of the most widely used input type attributes in HTML5.

  25. What is the concept of web storage in HTML5?

  26. Explain application cache in context of HTML5.

  27. Mention various migrated tags from HTML4 to HTML5?

  28. Can you create a link which connects to another web browser page when it is clicked in HTML5?

  29. Explain the usage of Web Workers APIs used in HTML5.

  30. What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?

  31. Explain the steps to specify the link in HTML5. Elaborate on the target attribute.

  32. Explain the difference between the font size units em and rem in HTML5.

  33. Is there any minimum number of HTML tags which are essential for creation of an HTML page?

  34. Is nesting of webpages possible in HTML5?

  35. Explain the process of combining multiple columns or rows into a single column or row in an HTML table.

  36. Explain the process for changing an inline element into a block level element.

  37. What are the permissible values applicable to the position attribute?

  38. In how many different ways is it possible to specify the CSS styles for an HTML element?

  39. Elaborate on the importance of Microdata in HTML5.

  40. Explain the difference between SVG and Canvas elements in HTML5.

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