34 Common Intern Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 26 August 2022 | Published 6 December 2021

Updated 26 August 2022

Published 6 December 2021

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We'll discuss five common interview questions. For each one, we will explain what employers are really looking for in an answer and break down how to create strong responses.

An internship interview encompasses a series of questions that test your skills and knowledge related to the position and professional domain. If you answer the interview questions with sincerity and enthusiasm, it increases your chances of selection. Reading some commonly asked intern interview questions can help you prepare for an interview. In this article, we examine some common intern interview questions and some sample answers.

Common intern interview questions

These are some typical intern interview questions:

General questions

An interviewer may start an internship interview with general questions as an ice-breaker to help you settle down. Sit up straight and answer with a clear and steady tone. General questions that an interviewer can ask you during an internship interview include:

  • Tell me more about yourself.

  • Can you describe your biggest strengths and weaknesses that can apply to this internship?

  • What is your most noteworthy achievement?

  • Do you prefer planning and organising or working under pressure to meet deadlines?

  • What led you to apply for this internship?

  • Why do you believe that you are the most qualified candidate to fill this role?

  • Describe your knowledge about this organisation and the industry it operates in.

  • How would your friends, family and academic colleagues describe you?

  • Which three words do you believe best describe you?

  • Why did you decide to major in this subject at your university?

Questions about experience and background

An interviewer may only have limited time to ask you questions about your experience and academic background. Avoid giving one or two-word answers to open-ended questions. Answer briefly in one or two sentences unless the questions demand a detailed answer. Answer with points that you have mentioned in your resume. A few examples of questions associated with your background and experience include:

  • Can you describe your previous work experience in this industry?

  • Do you believe that your experience aligns with the qualifications listed in the job description and why?

  • How do you work under stressful circumstances?

  • Name the last challenge you experienced on the job. How did you respond to adversity and what result came from it?

  • Describe your coursework and in what ways it correlates with this role.

  • Describe your experience in serving the community. How do you think it can help you in this internship program?

  • What do you believe are the top skills you can offer for this position?

  • Explain your career goals following graduation.

  • What are the issues you have faced working in previous roles?

In-depth questions

The interviewer can go in-depth and ask questions to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the internship. These questions may link with or reference actual workplace situations that you may potentially face through your internship experience. You can highlight your strengths in each answer to make a favourable case and motivate the interviewer to consider you for the position. Some in-depth questions that an interviewer may ask you include:

  • Discuss the last time you had to resolve a conflict with another individual. What was the result of that exchange?

  • Describe a past situation that best illustrates your qualifications for this internship.

  • Tell us about a circumstance where your contributions positively impacted your team.

  • How would you work with tight deadlines?

  • Provide a scenario where you need to outline your goals and achieve them. What was the final result that came from using this approach?

  • Give an example of when your schedule changed and how you responded to it.

  • Describe how you intend to work with a team and employ your interpersonal skills during your internship.

  • Do you believe you can motivate other interns during your internship? If so, how?

  • How would you handle a difficult intern that you believe is impeding your progress on the job?

  • Describe the last time you had to work on multiple tasks.

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5 important intern interview questions with example answers

Review this list of internship interview questions and answers to gain a competitive edge in a hiring situation. Remember to connect all your responses to the internship opportunity you are interviewing for. These are some common internship interview questions with example answers:

1. What led you to apply for this internship?

The interviewer knows that you have applied for an internship to gain work experience. You may have applied for this role independently, or someone in your network may have given you a lead. Explain why you applied for the role with factual information. If someone from your network recommended the role, acknowledge it and let the interviewer know.

Example: "I am fascinated by the way your company uses social media to attract target groups. I am currently doing my master's in marketing and communications. Working with you in the marketing team can help me build my skills and add value to my resume as I would have worked in one of the top 50 companies which use social media extensively for marketing."

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2. Why do you believe that you are the most qualified candidate to fill this role?

Internship roles are in demand, as they may be part of academic requirements. Many take up an internship to gain work experience. You may face a lot of competition if you have applied for an open internship role. Research the requirements of the role and the company's background and work culture to answer the question in three to four sentences highlighting each aspect.

Example: Through my experience, I've learned your company is known for its innovative social media marketing. I have gained good experience in targeted social media campaigns from my classroom and extra-curricular experience. I have contributed and learned considerably in my previous marketing internship roles, and have helped my previous employers to the best of my capacity. For example, I helped my former employer, a startup, improve their social media engagement by 25%. I have work experience that matches your job requirements and I can transfer my experiences to this role."

3. Describe your knowledge about the organisation and its industry.

An interviewer may expect you to perform research and prepare for an interview. Go through the company website and other competitor websites while preparing for an interview. Look for news articles referencing the company or its work, and mention them during the interview to indicate that you have made an effort to learn about the company.

Example: "This company is one of the top 20 public relations companies in the country. Public relations have evolved in the last two decades with increased competition, customer awareness and availability of multiple platforms for campaigns. You have also won awards for the best PR agency five times for innovative strategies. Your positive, powerful and elegant campaigns have helped build credible and healthy brand images for many of your clients. As a part of our case studies in my master's in communication, I choose to pursue an internship at this company. I hope this internship role helps me understand the nuances of public relations in greater detail."

4. Describe how you would work with a team and employ your interpersonal skills during your internship experience.

As an intern, you may be the youngest or the newest team member in an organisation. An interviewer may test your interest and willingness to be a team player, rather than as an individual contributor. Answer without hesitation and with enthusiasm.

Example: "During my previous internships, I completed two individual projects and three group projects. I also worked as an intern in a startup and a charity for fundraising activities. I have greatly enjoyed every role and gained valuable insights from these experiences.

As a leader, I gained confidence to listen actively, take initiatives, give feedback, practise patience, motivate team members and make informed decisions. As a member, I learned to adhere to schedules and collaborate and communicate effectively with the team members. I am willing to multi-task and also help other team members with their duties as and when required."

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5. Describe your coursework and in which ways it correlates with this role.

Interviewers may ask this question if this is your first internship role. They may test your understanding of theories and concepts. Answer with relevant points that connect your syllabus to the company and the role.

Example: "Three courses that helped me understand marketing include business-to-business marketing, public relations and marketing research. I learned that marketing has multiple components, all of which are instrumental for business development. This knowledge can help me succeed in this internship and can be of assistance while working with multiple departments. I can also be empathetic and get a better understanding of the relevance of everyone's work here."

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