79 Top Interview Topics To Mention In A Job Interview

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Updated 6 November 2022

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The key to having a good job interview is to prepare for whatever questions the interviewer may ask. Taking the initiative and discussing various topics during the interview can help the interviewer understand you better. Learning about topics to discuss, such as your experiences, skills and accomplishments, can help you prove your candidacy. In this article, we discuss what interview topics are, provide a list of several topics you can talk about during your interview and share questions you can ask the interviewer.

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What Are Interview Topics?

Interview topics are conversation points that you can talk about during your job interview. They include qualifications, skills, work experiences, goals and behaviours. You can mention a few of these topics during your interview to increase your chances of success. This can help the interviewer better understand your personality and determine if you are the right fit for the job.

When preparing for your interview, it is good to think about some topics relevant to your experience and skills. Consider what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate and include relevant information to prepare conversation topics accordingly. It is also helpful to research the role and the company you are applying for before your interview. Accordingly, you can discuss this information to prove to the interviewer that you are well aware of the responsibilities that come with the job.

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Topics To Mention In An Interview

You can pick topics to discuss based on the role you are applying for. Discussing relevant topics to your industry and job can help the interviewer understand your skills better. Here are some interview topics you can choose from:

13 background and experience topics

Talking about your background and experience is a great way of proving your skills for the job. You can discuss topics including your skills, achievements and past experiences. Here are some topics related to background and experience you can discuss in your interview:

  1. Your academic achievements

  2. Responsibilities related to your previous position

  3. Measurable outcomes at your previous position

  4. The way you address mistakes at work

  5. The way you handle failure and challenges

  6. Specific work experiences related to the position

  7. Your most memorable professional accomplishments

  8. The techniques you use to plan and manage projects

  9. Your work portfolio

  10. Volunteer experience and lessons

  11. Your career goals

  12. Your short-term goals

  13. Your long-term goals

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14 education topics

The interviewer may gain more confidence in you if they know you have suitable qualifications for the job. Discussing education is a helpful way of discussing your qualifications and academic achievements. Some education-related interview topics are:

  1. Details of what you learnt in your undergraduate programme

  2. Reasons for choosing your undergraduate programme

  3. The way your educational background relates to the position

  4. Reasons for choosing your academic institution

  5. Relevant coursework

  6. Major projects

  7. Relevant extracurriculars

  8. Student leadership positions

  9. Relevant certifications

  10. Your plans for further education

  11. Relevant internship experience

  12. Your specialisations

  13. Details of your dissertation

  14. Details of student exchange programmes

22 behavioural topics

Your work ethic, motivation and values are extremely important to an interviewer, especially if you apply for a leadership role. Discussing relevant topics related to your behaviour can help prove your candidacy to the hiring manager. Here are some interview topics related to behaviour that you can discuss in your interview:

  1. Your passions

  2. Your leadership style

  3. The way you give and receive feedback

  4. Your learning style

  5. Your goal-setting strategies

  6. The way you handle conflict

  7. Your method in prioritising projects

  8. Your teamwork skills

  9. The way you motivate a team

  10. Your decision-making process

  11. Preferred management style

  12. The way you manage high-performing teams

  13. Growth areas

  14. Your blind spots

  15. The way you manage stressful situations

  16. Your mentors and role-models

  17. Your communication style

  18. Methods to create a work-life balance

  19. Techniques to handle people conflicts

  20. Your negotiation style

  21. Your approach to criticism

  22. What motivates you

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20 skill-related topics

In an interview, it is crucial to discuss your skills, as they are the deciding factor for a hiring manager shortlisting you for the job. You can discuss relevant skills you possess that can add value to the role you are applying for. Talk about these skills by sharing experiences where you exercised these skills to help you achieve your goals. Here are some skills worth mentioning in your interview:

  1. Time management

  2. Communication

  3. Technology

  4. Organisation

  5. Critical thinking

  6. Attention to detail

  7. Teamwork

  8. Ability to work under pressure

  9. Analytical skills

  10. Resilience

  11. Adaptability

  12. Integrity

  13. Professionalism

  14. Coachability

  15. Grit

  16. Tenacity

  17. Competitive spirit

  18. Drive

  19. Collaboration

  20. Patience

10 company-related topics

Before your interview, it is beneficial to research the company you are applying to. You can gather this information on its website or through online articles. At the interview, you can discuss what you know about the company to show the interviewer that you are passionate and sincere about this job. Here are some company-related topics you can discuss:

  1. The company's mission and values

  2. Your ideas for the position

  3. Your future contribution to the company's overall purpose

  4. Questions about recent company projects

  5. Industry knowledge

  6. Suggestions for the company

  7. Short- and long-term company goals

  8. Recent positive news about the company

  9. Company's CEO

  10. Competitors of the company

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40 Questions You Can Ask The Interviewer

After the interviewer has asked you all the questions, you may ask them some questions about the job and the company. This can help you decide if you want to work there and show your interest in the job. Here are some examples of questions that you can ask the interviewer:

  1. Why do you enjoy working at this company?

  2. What are the qualities of someone who would excel in this position?

  3. How would you measure my performance in this position?

  4. Can you describe your company culture?

  5. What does the team I would be working with look like?

  6. What are the main challenges your company is currently facing?

  7. What are your company's plans for the next few months and years?

  8. Can you describe a typical day in this position?

  9. Are there any immediate problems that need addressing when I join?

  10. What kind of a budget would I work with?

  11. Is this a new position at the company, or am I replacing someone?

  12. Why did the previous employee quit?

  13. What kind of projects would I be working on? Can you share some examples?

  14. What kind of challenges comes with this job?

  15. Would my responsibilities change over time or stay the same?

  16. How often do you conduct work reviews for promotions?

  17. Would travel be necessary for this role?

  18. What kind of up-skilling opportunities are available to your employees?

  19. Would I get the opportunity to represent the company at conferences?

  20. What are your expectations from me in the first six months of joining?

  21. What metrics do you use to evaluate progress?

  22. How does the company ensure that it is upholding its values?

  23. What are the company's most important values?

  24. What are the company's short-term financial goals?

  25. What are the company's long-term financial goals?

  26. What does the office culture look like?

  27. Who would be my reporting manager?

  28. How many team members would I be working with?

  29. Which other departments would I work closely with?

  30. What is the company's dress code?

  31. Is there an incentive policy in place?

  32. What percentage of a salary increment can I expect each year?

  33. Is relocation a possibility?

  34. Will I be expected to work overtime?

  35. Who will I be reporting to? Can I meet them before making my final decision?

  36. What kind of background is best suited for this position?

  37. Do you provide opportunities for professional development?

  38. How would you describe the company's change in the past couple of years?

  39. Do you require any further clarification about my qualification?

  40. What is the best part about working in this company?


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