15 Makeup Artist Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

Updated 16 March 2023

Makeup artists use cosmetic techniques to enhance the facial aesthetics of their clients. These professionals acquire creativity skills and understand the skin tone of different individuals accurately and can apply the requisite products to ensure the best possible appearance. If you want to apply for the role of a makeup artist, it is helpful to know some of the common interview questions recruiters ask for the role to ensure you answer them correctly. In this article, we list different makeup artist interview questions you may receive and provide sample answers for 10 of them.

5 General Makeup Artist Interview Questions

Here are some commonly asked makeup artist interview questions and their example answers:

1. What do you think is the biggest challenge for makeup artists?

This question helps the hiring managers to evaluate your industry knowledge and experience. It also helps them determine the challenges you faced throughout your career so they can determine if you are qualified for their role. Provide an honest answer that expresses your genuine concern as a professional in this industry.

Example: "As a makeup artist, I think the biggest challenge we face is staying up to date with changing trends and styles. Trends and the fashion industry can change frequently. This makes it important to upgrade our expertise regularly to better cater to client demands."

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2. Tell me about three makeup trends you like.

Employers want to know whether you are familiar with the current makeup trends. To substantiate your answer, you can also refer to famous people who have been following this trend. Be honest about your views and engage in an open discussion.

Example: "I really like bold, dramatic eye makeup because they accentuate your entire look. This is also the reason I prefer loud lip colours because you can wear neutral or light-coloured clothes and avoid any other makeup if you are wearing a dark shade of lipstick. You can use these two trends for events, parties or even regular days. Finally, I also like the idea of minimal makeup to give your face a natural look."

3. Tell me about three makeup trends you dislike.

Similar to the previous question, this question too requires knowledge of the latest makeup trends. Avoid using examples of celebrities or any other famous person to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Example: "Over highlighting the cheekbones is one of my least favourite makeup trends. While a little shimmer can make the face stand out, too much highlighting dulls the look. I also dislike the trend of wearing too much foundation. Excessive foundation can irritate the skin and lead to allergies or other skin problems. And lastly, a lot of clients and makeup artists also use lip plumping devices. These tools can cut off blood circulation to the lips and can lead to potential lip amputation. I do not favour trends that may be physically harmful to clients."

4. Who is your inspiration in the beauty and makeup industry and why?

Questions like these help recruiters understand your personal sense of style. Instead of giving a one-line response, provide examples of people who inspire you and justify your choices. Prepare a list of inspirational people in the beauty industry in advance to answer the question better.

Example: "As beauty and makeup are skin deep, I admire yesteryear actresses for not only their subtle makeup but also the way they carried themselves. This includes women like Audrey Hepburn, Waheeda Rehman and Grace Kelly. I also follow a lot of beauty influencers and runway fashion models on social media platforms to stay updated on fashion and makeup trends and learn about the latest products and preferences."

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5. What are your views about skin whitening products?

This is a tricky question since there is no right or wrong answer. Many people still use skin whitening treatments while others believe it is harmful. Answer what you feel is appropriate politely.

Example: "Skin whitening products are currently facing a lot of criticism. This is because a lot of customers avoid artificial treatments to lighten their skin tone. I, too, oppose the use of skin whitening products as a lot of them have mercury that is toxic for the skin and may cause severe skin issues."

5 Makeup Artist Interview Questions For Experienced Professionals

Based on your experience in the industry, here are some questions you can face in a makeup artist interview:

1. Tell us about your experience as a makeup artist.

Even for entry-level positions, companies want candidates who have some background in their field. This also includes makeup artists. If you are a fresher, mention previous training or certifications. Experienced professionals can speak about previous projects or explain how they dealt with different clients.

Example: "Though I am a fresher, I completed a three-month diploma in hair and makeup artistry from Blush B institute last year to acquire relevant skills for my role. During this period, I observed and assisted senior professionals in their projects. I have also undertaken several solo projects after completing my course, most of them involving bridal makeup and attire."

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2. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Employers want to know about your career goals. Showing you have a plan of action and are aware of the goals you want to achieve can increase your chances of creating a positive impression on potential employers. Try to match the goals with the position for which you are applying to convey the sincerity and diligence you can offer for mutual growth.

Example: "I was always keen on working in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist for actors, singers and other celebrities in the industry. I believe working here as a makeup artist can provide me with exposure and help me upskill myself to be successful in the industry. Working with the experts here can also help me grow my clientele and enhance my and the company's reputation subsequently."

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3. Tell me about a stressful situation you had at work. How did you cope?

By asking behavioural questions, employers want to understand how you cope with difficult situations. Use real-life instances to highlight your skills. When explaining a stressful situation, focus on your positive actions rather than the frustration or panic you might have felt while dealing with the situation.

Example: "Recently, a client asked me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding within a brief span of time. Usually, I require between three to four hours for the entire process, but she requested I complete her makeup within two hours. To accommodate her demands, I hired two more makeup experts to help me finish the work on time. I also explained to her that recruiting additional team members can stretch our budget but may help us finish well in advance. The client was happy with the solution and provided positive feedback after the wedding."

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4. Have you ever had a time when a client was unhappy with your work?

Handling dissatisfied customers is a major skill set, especially in the service-oriented industry. Use the STAR method to narrate an incident in an engaging manner. The STAR method uses situation, task, action and result to tell a story in a structured manner.

Example: "One of my clients wanted my assistance before attending an office event. Instead of suggesting her skin whitening products, I opted for makeup that can complement her skin tone and help her stand out. The client, who had always used makeup to brighten her face, was unhappy with her look.

I explained to her that the role of makeup is not to alter our skin tone but to accentuate the features through the use of a few cosmetic procedures. After she was back from the event, she called me to inform me that her colleagues had complimented her new look. Not only did I win back her trust, but I also received additional clients through her recommendation."

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5. If your client has only five minutes to do their makeup, what tips do you give them?

Most people do not have sufficient time for elaborate makeup processes. Employers want to know how you can utilise your skills for daily makeup users. Provide makeup tips that can make a significant difference quickly.

Example: "If you have only five minutes to spare, wash and moisturise your skin as the first step. Next, apply sunscreen, eyeliner and if you still have time, a lip balm or lipstick complimenting your dress. That is all you require to look prepared for a day in the office or out with friends and colleagues."

5 Commonly Asked Interview Questions For Makeup Artists

Besides the questions we already covered, here are a few more commonly asked makeup artist questions for your reference:

  1. If a client opts for a style that would not suit them, how do you convince them otherwise?

  2. How often do you clean your makeup tools? Also, what do you have to say about the associated costs?

  3. What do you like about this job?

  4. What are some common beauty mistakes people make?

  5. How do you communicate with other team members, for instance, the photographer or designers, to achieve the makeup goals?

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