50 Modelling Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

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Updated 26 January 2023

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Getting a modelling job or project can be very challenging for struggling models. Like any other job vacancy, models also have to appear for interviews with their portfolios and may have to answer a variety of questions. If you are thinking of applying for modelling jobs, knowing about the different interview questions can help you prepare better. In this article, we list 50 frequently asked modelling interview questions and share sample answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

50 modelling interview questions

When preparing modelling interview questions, it might be helpful to divide them into three distinct kinds:

General modelling interview questions

Agents, photographers, designers and fashion show directors may assess your overall personality and experience during the interview. They can also enquire about your life and work outside of the fashion industry or understand your schedule and availability. Here are some generic questions that models may have to answer during interviews:

  • Tell us an interesting thing about yourself.

  • How was the experience of your first shoot?

  • Who do you consider to be the world's most successful model?

  • Is there a brand or designer you aspire to model for?

  • Do you model freelance or full-time?

  • What is the most famous brand you have modelled for?

  • How do you want to grow as a model?

  • What is the toughest part of a model's job?

  • How far are you willing to travel to do a photoshoot?

  • What fashion styles and designs do you like?

  • Where do you see the fashion industry in five years?

  • What are your professional and career goals?

  • What is your greatest strength or weakness?

  • Why did you become a model?

  • Have you worked as an art director during a shoot?

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Interview questions related to modelling experience and skills

You may have to answer questions related to your professional experience and past projects. While answering these questions, make sure you highlight your skills, learning and growth as a model. Here are some common interview questions to know more about your modelling work:

  • What do you expect from a photographer?

  • How can a model follow the guidance of directors?

  • What kinds of clothes and accessories are the easiest to model?

  • Do you prefer a live fashion show or on-site photoshoot?

  • Is it important for models working together to be friends?

  • What would you say to models who are just starting their careers?

  • Explain the biggest obstacle you have faced in your modelling career so far. How did you overcome it?

  • Do you think training is necessary for modelling?

  • Describe the most challenging photoshoot you have been a part of.

  • How do you incorporate feedback into your work?

  • Name the three most important traits of a model.

  • Have you ever quit a photoshoot or live show?

  • How do you usually get work and assignments?

  • Is it important to network to succeed as a model?

  • How can models look after their mental health?

Profession-based modelling questions

These questions can evaluate your technical skills and knowledge about the industry's inner workings. While they may vary as per specialisation and industry, some questions may also ask about your opinion on specific fashion trends or developments. Here are some common modelling-related questions:

  • What is your view of sustainable fashion?

  • Name one designer who revolutionised the fashion industry and explain why.

  • What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

  • What homework and preparation do you undertake before a new assignment?

  • What makes a model different from a supermodel?

  • How can the industry safeguard the interests of child models?

  • What would you do if you disagreed with the photographer or director?

  • Choose your favourite picture from your portfolio and explain your choice.

  • How can models support each other in their career development?

  • Are there specific clothes you want to model or avoid?

  • How long was the contract with your last agency?

  • What is the best and worst aspect of the fashion world?

  • Is fashion art?

  • What is couture?

  • What is your favourite fashion magazine and why?

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Modelling interview questions with sample answers

Here are five interview questions for models along with samples answers to help you prepare how to respond:

What are your biggest strengths as a model?

A casting director or talent head may ask you this question to understand your personality and thought process. By asking you to reflect on your skills and strengths, they want to learn about what value you can add to the company or project. You can answer this question by highlighting your strengths and explaining them with a relevant example demonstrating those skills or abilities.

Example answer: "My physical and mental stamina is my greatest strength as a model that allows me to work hard during shows and shoots. I am extremely hard working and commit to projects with absolute conviction. In one of my recent shoots, we had to stay in the middle of a desert for over six hours and work non-stop. I was the only model in the entire group who did not take a single break and gave multiple shots until the director was happy. The whole crew appreciated my energy and motivation and supported me as well."

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Which type of clothing is the easiest for you to model?

This question helps determine your comfort level and previous experience. If the project has a certain line of products or accessories, asking this helps establish whether you are a right fit. The answer to this question depends on your interest, portfolio, career goals and inclination. You can describe how you feel comfortable in certain clothes and what clothes you have already worn when modeling.

Example answer: "I try to maintain a good variety in the different clothes that I model. Athletic, leisurewear, casual and professional, I have modelled for all types of clothing in the past. Most of my projects require me to change between different looks and clothing during the same shoot. I enjoy the process of transforming into new identities and wearing new styles every day. My love for fashion led me to become a model, and I want to try as many different types of clothes as possible without limiting myself."

How would you describe your work ethic as a model?

This question can help the interviewer understand your soft skills and dedication as a model. While answering the question, explain instances where the team or client appreciated your work ethic. If you think that the interviewer is looking for specific skills, try to include them in your answer.

Example answer: "My clients always provided the agency with the highest feedback on my process, results and work ethic. I have consistently been one of the top-rated models in my current agency. I am always punctual, reach the venue on time, come well-prepared, follow directions and support the director in achieving their vision. In one of my last shows, the showstopper model twisted her ankle, and I had to take her place at the last moment. Despite having no practice, I performed very well, and we thrilled the client with my performance."

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Explain the importance of communication during a fashion show or photoshoot.

Organising a fashion event or photoshoot is a complex process that involves coordination and communication between multiple professionals, teams and experts. By asking this question, the interviewer may want to know how well you understand the processes of a fashion show or shoot. You can answer this by talking about your experience as to how clear communication can increase professionalism.

Example answer: "During one of my fashion shows, the designer could not communicate to the models what look and expressions he wanted while we were walking on the ramp. Up until before the show began, he was struggling to explain how to style the models. Then a couple of models, including myself, sat with him to understand his concerns and help him express his thoughts clearly. It turns out he could not communicate properly because he was very stressed. We conveyed his ideas and concepts to the team, and the audience received the show very well."

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If given a choice between working on a high-paying assignment and working with a leading designer, which one would you choose and why?

This question can help the interviewer understand your career goals, motivation and values. It is important to note that there is no one right answer to this question. Whatever you answer sincerely and can justify can become the correct answer. Before responding, take a moment to reflect on what you think, frame your answer and then speak.

Example answer: "Right now, I want to work with leading brands and designers. So even if the money is not great, I would take up the project. If you had asked me this question about two years ago when I was struggling to make it as a model, I might have a different answer. The fact is that now I can choose who I want to work with, which is a choice that many models who are establishing themselves may not have."

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