7 Online Interview Questions With Sample Answers (Plus Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 September 2022

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An online interview is a virtual interview that hiring organisations conduct with the help of computer-aided tools, like emails, internet messages, video calls or audio calls. With these interviews, it becomes easy for a company to expedite the hiring process and allow recruiters to interview non-local candidates easily. During virtual interviews, recruiters may ask varied questions to better understand your professional accomplishments, career goals or your subject-matter expertise. In this article, we share some online interview questions and their sample answers that may help you succeed in your interview, along with some helpful interview preparation tips.

7 Online Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Here are seven online interview questions and their sample answers you may refer to for your preparation:

1. Please introduce yourself

Interviewers may often include this question during an online interview as a conversation starter. In your response, talk about your personal and professional background, educational qualifications and work experience. Some relevant professional details may include the skills that you have gained or the responsibilities that are associated with your past roles. When including this information, consider keeping your answer brief.

Example answer: 'In my school, I was a student of biology, which I was also interested in pursuing because there are several healthcare professionals in my family. This inspired me to become a doctor, so I pursued a bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery (MBBS) from a university in New Delhi. Presently, I am pursuing a specialisation in gynaecology.

Recently, I completed a year working as a medical officer at a renowned medical facility in Gurugram, Haryana. There, I offered care and my expertise to hundreds of patients every week. Outside work, I enjoy watching plays, along with singing and dancing. I am now looking for a position that may help me reach more patients and also add to my specialisation.'

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2. Due to what factors are you thinking about leaving your current job?

With this question, recruiters determine why a candidate is leaving their present position. This includes understanding if you are a professional who resigns within six months of joining a company or a professional who admires an organisation's mission and vision. A balanced answer may often include what you have learnt from the current role and how you think it is the right time for you to take the next step towards achieving your career goals. To create a positive impression on hiring managers, keep your tone positive when talking about your current employer or past organisations.

Example answer: 'I have had a great experience in all my previous workplaces and I have learnt a lot from all my supervisors and team members, but I now wish to use that expertise to work in a role that offers me challenges and even more responsibilities, such as the managerial position your organisation is offering. I wish to share my technical expertise with executives who have just started their career and help them with achieving their goals, along with strengthening my team management skills.'

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3. Can you share with us some of your greatest achievements?

This question allows interviewers to explore your professional achievements, strengths and abilities in detail. In your answer, include those accomplishments that apply to the role for which you are applying. Prepare a response that highlights how you may be a valuable asset to the company if they hire you. Talk passionately about your work experience to mention achievements.

Example answer: 'I have many achievements that I may list during this interview, but there is one that I am really proud of, which makes me recall my role in a supply solutions company. Two years ago, in the organisation, my manager entrusted me with investigating a supply chain bottleneck. This was causing a lot of delays and also increased the costs. Applying my strong research skills, I assessed the supply chain process.

This research helped me to devise a revised plan. When my manager approved and implemented it, the organisation reduced 20% of its overhead costs effectively, along with improving the movement of suppliers. Having said that, I continue to strive to add more achievements like this to my career.'

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4. Please share with us why you think you are a suitable candidate for this position

This question helps the recruiters to determine whether you possess the necessary skills and qualifications for the open position in the organisation. To prepare a compelling answer, you may focus on your industry knowledge and subject-matter expertise. Including examples to define your credentials may prove beneficial. Consider researching the company to better align your response with its projects and its mission and vision.

Example answer: 'After completing my education, I started working as a trainee writer and became a team lead within three years. In this role, I applied my collaborative, organisational and time management skills. I was also supervising the work of five junior writers. Throughout my career, I have excelled in building teams and delivering high-quality work. I pursue this role in your company because I have followed your company's work for many years and I believe in this organisation's culture can help me get better as a professional.'

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5. How good are you at learning new computer systems?

Interviewers ask this question to evaluate your technical skills and how quickly you learn to work with new computer systems. Different organisations have their own computer systems on which they rely. This includes custom software tools or computing machines. When answering this question, show that you are a fast learner and adaptive to new systems.

Example answer: 'I am someone who is always eager to gain knowledge and I am good at learning new software systems. In my previous job, I learned photo editing and how to use design software tools to make graphics and illustrations for the publication quickly, as it was not always workable to wait for the designers to deliver the visuals. I am resourceful enough to find out new solutions and learn new systems to address the requirements of my team.'

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6. Discuss some of your strengths and areas of improvement

With this question, recruiters intend to understand if you can manage challenging situations and what are some areas where you may improve in the workplace. To enumerate your strengths, stay confident and humble. Utilise the job description to share your strengths. Include those qualities that align with the job requirements. When addressing the areas of improvement, use examples that relate to your personality traits. These examples offer context to interviewers with which they may recognise your level of self-awareness.

Example answer: 'I have often been told by my colleagues and friends that I am a reticent person. I too feel the same, as I find it challenging to share my views in an outright manner. Recognising this as my area of improvement, I have trained myself over the years to initiate conversations. I consciously think about adding value to discussions with friends or colleagues. If I talk about my strengths, I believe I am a meticulous, self-driven and result-oriented professional. I like to ensure that I am following the processes to deliver my best efforts to ensure meeting company requirements.'

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7. Can we answer questions that you may have for us?

Interviewers may ask this question as one of the closing questions. This is where you may show that the company and its operations intrigue you and you are eager to know more about them. These questions may be about the organisation or your role there. With these questions, you convey to recruiters that you are interested in working with their organisation, helping you to create a good impression on them.

Example answer: 'Yes, there are some questions that I have for you. Can you please share more details regarding the routine responsibilities for this role? I was wondering what career opportunities I may expect here. I also intend to know if the organisation has plans to include me in the upcoming appraisal cycle. My last question is, does the organisation offer a flexible work model?'

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Tips For An Online Interview

Here are a few tips that may help you succeed in an online interview:

  • Find a quiet place. Select a place for the online interview which does not have a lot of background noise, like your work space or bedroom. You may avoid distractions, like family members in the room or ringing landline phones.

  • Choose formal attire. Wearing formal clothes for a video interview helps you to make a first good impression on hiring managers. What you choose to wear for job interviews may convey your seriousness and professionalism to recruiters.

  • Practice the answers. You may use a mirror to help you practice the answers and observe your body language. This exercise allows you to give answers confidently and show your communication skills to interviewers aptly.

  • Remain calm. Staying relaxed during an interview helps you to maintain a professional tone. When you remain calm during your interview, you can give better answers without getting confused or stressed.

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