35 Real Estate Agent Interview Questions (Plus Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 5 September 2022

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Employers typically interview candidates who apply for real estate agent positions to learn about their qualifications for the job. The interview process also allows employers to evaluate each candidate's credentials individually and make an informed hiring decision. Reviewing questions an interviewer may ask you and crafting your own responses can help you feel confident when meeting with a hiring manager. In this article, we share 35 real estate agent interview questions and five example answers you can use as a reference to help you prepare your own.

General Real Estate Agent Interview Questions

Asking general real estate agent interview questions allows hiring managers to learn about your personality and interest in the job. Here are 10 basic questions the interviewer may ask you:

  1. Can you summarise your resume for me?

  2. What interested you about this position?

  3. What do you know about this company?

  4. What do you consider your greatest professional strengths?

  5. What are some skills you want to develop in real estate?

  6. What are your salary expectations for this job?

  7. If we hire you, when are you available to start?

  8. Can you work weekends and evening hours if necessary?

  9. What is your greatest career achievement?

  10. What is your ultimate professional goal?

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Questions About Background And Experience

The interviewer may follow general interview questions by asking about your experience in real estate. Here are 10 questions you may answer about your background in the field:

  1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in real estate?

  2. What is the highest number of sales you have achieved in a month?

  3. What motivated you to leave your current or most recent position?

  4. What do you think are the most important skills for a real estate agent?

  5. What is your ideal organisational culture?

  6. Would you say you receive more client contacts through word-of-mouth, print or digital marketing efforts?

  7. Are you comfortable creating and operating professional social media accounts to promote your services?

  8. How do you communicate with your clients to confirm house showing times, dates and directions?

  9. Can you describe the general negotiation process for home purchases or sales?

  10. Have you ever helped a home buyer determine their mortgage options?

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In-Depth Interview Questions

Near the end of the interview, hiring managers often ask challenging or situational questions to learn about your specific knowledge and skills. Here are 10 in-depth questions an interviewer may ask you:

  1. Have you ever faced a challenge helping a client find a property? If so, what were the circumstances and what was the outcome?

  2. Can you tell me about a time a client had unrealistic price expectations for a particular neighbourhood? What did you do?

  3. What methods do you use to communicate effectively with clients whose personality differs from yours?

  4. Based on what you know about this area, what is the best neighbourhood to live in based on pricing, amenities and proximity to attractions?

  5. What are a few potential challenges to this area and how would you help home-buyers overcome doubts about living here?

  6. You have an appointment with a different client in an hour, but your current clients arrived late to the appointment and do not seem to be in a hurry. What do you do?

  7. The seller disagrees with your client's asking price. How do you approach this situation?

  8. A client insists on living in a specific neighbourhood, but there are not any listings available. What suggestions do you make?

  9. A client demands you find a property with everything on their wish list. What do you do when you can only find properties that just have a few of their requests?

  10. Can you tell me about a time you invested in a marketing strategy that did not help you expand your client base?

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Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Reviewing example answers can help you prepare effective responses that may make a positive impression on the hiring manager. Here are some questions and example answers you can use as a reference when crafting your own responses:

1. Can you tell me about a time you exceeded a client's expectations?

A hiring manager might ask you this question to learn about your ability to accommodate clients and make sales. Real estate agents who connect with clients often experience success in their roles, which can help the company reach its goals. In your answer, provide details about what you did to help the client and how they responded.

Example: 'I once worked with a client who had to relocate urgently for a work assignment and wanted to sell their house as quickly as possible. I understood the importance of managing the situation immediately, so I listed their home right away. I also scheduled open houses for the following weekend and spent extra time promoting them. This led to several offers, and after the client accepted one, I told the buyer about the requirement to close on the home urgently. We completed the process within a week, and the client expressed their relief and gratitude for my efforts.'

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2. What are your goals for working in this role?

Employers may ask you about your goals to learn about your long-term plans. Hiring a real estate agent with a clear idea of what they want to accomplish may lead to the success of the candidate and the company. When you answer this question, talk about specific skills you want to develop or opportunities you want to pursue.

Example: 'In my previous role, I felt like I did not have many opportunities to advance in my career. From what I learned in my research, this company focuses on the professional development of agents and hires internally, which can help me reach my primary goal of becoming a senior agent. I plan to achieve this goal by developing lasting relationships with clients and increasing my sales by at least 10% each year.'

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3. How do you generate client leads and what do you do when you contact them?

Hiring managers often ask candidates how they generate leads because finding clients is essential to selling homes. They may also want to know how you contact and start conversations with leads to evaluate your communication and interpersonal skills. In your answer, describe one lead generation strategy you use and how you lead the conversation or encourage them to contact you.

Example: 'Now that I have a background in real estate, I have established a client base I can refer to when I want to generate leads. I find clients who have not bought or sold through me recently, and I look up the value of their homes. If I notice a significant increase, I contact them to inform them about the current value of their home and explain they may sell their home quickly and make a profit if they list it. Those who choose to list typically ask me to help them find a new home as well.'

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4. What questions do you ask clients during your first meeting with them?

It is essential for real estate agents to understand a client's preferences and requirements so they can provide them with customised services. Hiring managers may expect you to have a short list of questions you ask new clients so they can learn about your approach to meeting client needs. Provide a few questions you ask clients when you meet with them for the first time and how their answers help you create a buying or selling strategy.

Example: 'The first meeting with a client is important for establishing a relationship with them, so I always ask a few questions that can help me get to know them and what they want to accomplish by working with me. I ask their reason for buying or selling, if they are working with a lender and if they have special requirements for buying or selling. Their answers help me evaluate a plan based on their goals, preferences and financial resources.'

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5. How do you make market predictions to help clients establish competitive buying or selling prices?

Market predictions allow real estate professionals to anticipate buying and selling patterns. A hiring manager might ask you how you perform this research to determine the methods you use to ensure you provide clients with accurate information. You can answer this question by explaining the steps you take to analyse the market and make predictions that guide your sales process.

Example: 'When I am conducting research to make market predictions, I start by looking at information on my target neighbourhood in reputable resources like newspapers and real estate reports. This might include population, job growth, home values and economic trends in the area. I use these details to determine the status of the real estate market, which allows me to create a strategy for helping clients buy or sell at a competitive price.'

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