Important Selenium Interview Questions and Example Answers

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Published 26 August 2020

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Selenium is a portable framework used to test web apps. Taking the time to understand the importance of Selenium-based questions and the specific questions you may face helps you prepare for an interview in the IT industry. In this article, we detail some of the most popular Selenium interview questions and give tips and examples for how to answer them.

Why Are Selenium Interview Questions Important?

Selenium is a valuable program to learn for testing web applications, and you need comprehensive knowledge about it to succeed in IT interviews. Potential employers are likely to ask a range of questions from novice to advanced knowledge to examine your Selenium abilities. These questions enable the potential employer to understand your depth of expertise and whether you would require extra training for your role.

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Example Selenium Interview Questions For IT

Employers typically prepare a large collection of questions to measure your understanding of Selenium and its functionality and components. These questions examine your capability in Selenium testing and coding. Here is a list of the important Selenium job interview questions:

What do you know about automation testing?

As Selenium is used for automation testing, you are required to give a concise answer about this process.

Example: 'Automation testing involves utilising an automatic code to examine programmed software. This enables programmers to test sites more rapidly while eliminating the errors involved in manual testing.'

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What are the different automation testing types?

This question is designed to measure your knowledge about the two standard automation testing types and how they differ.

Example: 'The two automation testing types are functional and regression testing. To elaborate, functional testing determines if the functionalities of an application or software are working correctly. This method does not touch the design and user experience. It is conducted for purposes such as testing the input data, meeting consumer needs, capturing expected outcomes and comparing expected and actual outcomes.

Regression testing checks an application's functionality after release. This method is typically utilised after small updates or changes to an application. Regression testing checks if new features function properly, to find errors after updates and to check for changes in quality or performance after updates.'

What are the benefits of automation testing?

Automation testing offers many advantages compared to manual testing. Focus your answer to show your understanding of automation testing's benefits.

Example: 'Automation testing presents several advantages over manual testing. You experience higher developer efficiency, improved software quality, improved tests in a large matrix, better reliability and saving time and money.'

What do you know about Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source, free suite for automated testing. It has become the industry standard for testing due to its compatibility and popularity. But, you are required to show your interviewer your understanding that Selenium is more than a single-use program.

Example: 'Selenium comprises four functions that are used for different testing needs. Selenium WebDriver is a type of framework that permits users to test an app both locally and remotely. Selenium IDE is a basic feature which enables users to test websites through a record-and-playback test method. Selenium Grid allows users to test an app simultaneously across various browsers, operating systems and machines. Selenium Remote Control, also termed IRC, is a tool that enables you to create application test in your chosen programming language on Java-enabled browsers.'

Why is Selenium ideal for automation testing?

Selenium offers many benefits compared to competitor testing software. You can answer this question creatively to impress the interviewer.

Example: 'Selenium is compatible with most major operating systems. It also functions well on popular browsers. It is open-source and free. Further, Selenium provides support to many coding languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Pearl and more. Lastly, Selenium boasts a huge community of users on the web who provide knowledgeable support to resolve problems.'

What is Selenese?

Selenese is the programming language used by Selenium. Focus your answer to note its importance.

Example: 'Selenese is the programming language utilised to create test scripts inside Selenium IDE.'

What are the different locator types in Selenium?

A locator is an address that identifies a web element on a specific webpage. It is an important aspect for utilising Selenium, so express this in your answer.

Example: 'The various locator types in the Selenium framework include: CSS Selector, PartialLinkText, TagName, ClassName, ID, Name, Xpath, LinkText and DOM. Other locator types are also present, but these are the most important ones.'

What is the difference between 'verify' and 'assert' commands?

For this question, make sure your answer states that 'verify' and 'asset' commands are different methods of leveraging Selenium for testing programs or software.

Example: 'Assert checks to see if elements or commands are true. If they prove to be, assert operates freely. But if a few elements are missing, assert stops the testing procedure. In contrast, verify checks if a condition proves to be true or false and continues testing even if it finds any errors.'

What are the differences between 'hard' and 'soft' asserts?

It is important to know when to utilise a hard or soft assert to test properly using Selenium.

Example: 'A soft assert operates the app test without an exception if the test fails. In contrast, a hard assert throws in the exception and continue the testing process.'

What is Selenium 1 and Selenium 2?

Learn about Selenium forms and terms so you can have an answer prepared for your employer.

Example: 'Selenium RC in standalone mode is termed Selenium 1. Selenium 2 is the combination of Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC.'

What is an element?

Selenium users are required to understand standard terminology, such as 'element'.

Example: 'An element refers to an object on a site's webpage.'

What do you know about Xpath and its uses?

With this question, your interviewer wants to know you understand Xpath is a tool for locating elements when leveraging Selenium.

Example: 'Xpath is a tool utilised to find an element by making use of its XML, or extensible markup language. The tool is also leveraged to locate HTML elements and to store data in a key-value pair. Xpath is beneficial as it allows users to locate an element by utilising another element as reference.'

In Xpath, what is the difference between a single slash and a double slash?

You are required to explain the main difference between single and double slash to demonstrate you know how to utilise this standard locator.

Example: 'Single slash is also termed as an absolute path, and it is leveraged to produce a start selection from the first node. You can use the double slash to produce a start selection from any place in the document.'

What are the driver types offered in WebDriver?

Knowing about the various driver types in WebDriver provides you with more browsers and tools in the Selenium framework.

Example: 'WebDriver driver types include InternetExplorerDriver, HtmlUnit Driver, iPhoneDriver, OperaDriver, SafariDriver, ChromeDriver, FirefoxDriver and AndroidDriver.'

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What is the difference between waits in WebDriver?

You are required to know to use the correct wait type to test software expertly in Selenium.

Example: 'WebDriver offers two kinds of waits: explicit wait and implicit wait. The explicit wait is applied to a specific situation and stops execution until a particular condition set is met or the allotted time elapses. Implicit wait stipulates a waiting period between test commands and steps across the script.'

What is Selenium Grid?

With this Selenium interview question, your interviewer likely wants you to express that Selenium Grid enables users to test Selenium scripts on several platforms simultaneously.

Example: 'Selenium Grid is utilised to distribute a test on several webpages on multiple browsers concurrently. The advantage is users save effort and time as they are not required to individually test on each webpage and browser.'

What are the benefits of Page Object Model (POM)?

Focus your answer to this question on how POM makes it easier to read and understand code.

Example: 'POM enhances the code's readability and permits its reuse.'

What are the processes that Selenium cannot automate?

Knowing what Selenium cannot automate helps to save time while testing an application.

Example: 'There are two things that Selenium cannot automate: Captcha and barcodes.'

What are the four conditions that Selenium must meet to pass a test?

It is vital to know which conditions Selenium must meet to pass a test as this framework is used specifically for testing applications and software.

Example: 'To pass a test, the Selenium framework needs to meet four conditions or parameters, which are host, URL, browse and port number.'

What is Junit?

Display your knowledge about Junit to demonstrate your understanding of Selenium and Apache.

Example: 'Junit is a type of testing framework based on Java that has been launched by Apache, which is the same firm that introduced Selenium.'

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