15 Unity Interview Questions (With Example Answers And Tips)

Updated 8 September 2023

Unity is a popular cross-platform game and simulation development engine. Many game development companies use Unity to design and develop video games and typically hire individuals who are well-versed with this engine. Knowing some questions that potential employers may ask during a Unity interview can help you answer them accurately and increase your chances of getting the job. In this article, we discuss 15 Unity interview questions, provide some sample answers and list out some tips that can help you perform well in your upcoming Unity interview.

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Unity Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Here are four Unity interview questions with their sample answers to help you prepare better for your upcoming interview:

1. What is Unity?

The interviewers may start the discussion with this basic question. They may ask this to assess your understanding of the Unity engine and ease you into the interview process. In your response, explain what the Unity engine is and state its uses. You can also talk a little about its history. A swell-put response can show how well you understand the engine. This can also be a good opportunity to show your communication skills to the interviewers.

Example Answer: Unity or Unity 3D is a cross-platform game development engine. Unity Technologies developed this engine and released it in 2005. Game developers can design and develop video games using Unity for various platforms like desktops, mobile phones, consoles and virtual reality platforms. Unity allows developers to build games in 2D, 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality. There are many uses of Unity apart from game development. You can use it to create various 2D or 3D objects or designs like animations, films, engineering designs and architectural drawings.

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2. Why did you choose Unity over other engines?

This is another basic question the interviewers may ask. The intent of asking this question is to assess whether you know about other game engines in the market and Unity's advantages over them. In your response, you can simply talk about a few prominent reasons why you selected Unity over other engines.

Example answer: There are several engines available in the market, but I find Unity to be better than most. It allows me to design and develop games for practically all platforms like desktops, consoles and mobile phones. It also enables me to develop games seamlessly in 3D. Many gamers prefer good graphics while gaming and Unity is an engine using which I can develop games with high-quality graphics across platforms.

It also is very user-friendly. Unity provides a rich asset store that provides a wide range of textures, sound and video effects, animation presets, scripting languages and object modellings like characters, buildings and backdrops. It also has an online community assistance platform where I can get resolutions to any problems almost instantly.

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3. Do you consider yourself a gamer?

This is a general question that interviewers may ask. The purpose of asking this question may be to gauge your interest in games and the gaming industry. Game developers are most likely interested in playing video games as well. Interviewers may want to know what kinds of games you like to play to know if you would enjoy working on the type of games the company develops. To answer this question correctly, you can research the company beforehand and see what games they develop. You can then talk about similar games that you enjoy playing.

Example answer: Yes, I consider myself a gamer. I have been playing video games since I was a kid. I started with the early 64-bit video games. With technological advancements, I got interested in computer games with high-end graphics. I also have two different kinds of video game consoles. There are various types of games that I play, but I enjoy playing role-playing games the most. I am a big fan of The Other Worlds that your company has developed. I have completed the game twice.

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4. Explain the different panels available in the Unity editor

Interviewers may start asking technical questions about the engine after asking some basic and general questions. This question can help them assess your in-depth knowledge of the engine. Developers spend a lot of their time working on the Unity editor while developing a game. It is vital that you know about it in detail. In your response, list all the panels available in the Unity editor and explain them briefly.

Example answer: The Unity editor has three panels, which are the hierarchy panel, the project panel and the inspector panel. Using the hierarchy panel, you can view the structure of the screen, the game's object and its components. You can also rearrange the objects and components as per your requirements in the hierarchy panel. The project panel displays the technical details of the game. It displays the files currently open and the textures in use, along with the scripts and shaders you are using for the project.

The inspector panel allows you to modify the physical aspects of an object like its scale, rotation and position in a particular frame. It also allows you to modify preset objects and other components like effects and backdrops.

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Additional Unity Interview Questions

Here are 11 additional questions you may prepare answers to for your Unity interview:

  1. Please define pixel shader in Unity

  2. Explain the vertex shader in Unity.

  3. What is the function of AssetBundle in Unity 3D?

  4. Explain some characteristics of Unity 3D

  5. Explain the function of Inspector in the Unity engine.

  6. How do you use the fixed time step in the engine?

  7. Please explain prefabs in Unity. What are their functions?

  8. Explain what is deferred lighting in game development.

  9. What are some prominent advantages of the Unity engine?

  10. Does the Unity engine have any significant drawbacks? What are they?

  11. What are some components of the Unity engine that are not present in other engines?

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Tips To Prepare For A Unity Interview

Here are some useful tips that can help you prepare better for your interview:

  • Read the job description carefully. Reading the job description carefully can help you better understand the duties of the role and the expectations of the company. This can help you prepare suitable answers to some questions.

  • Use keywords in your responses. Reading the job description thoroughly can also help you identify keywords that are relevant to the job. You can use them in your responses to potentially increase your suitability for the job.

  • Research the company. Researching the company can help you display your genuine interest in the job and the company. Check the company's website, social media accounts and reviews to find out more about its mission and vision and use that information during the interview.

  • Practice your responses. Research some interview questions in advance and prepare answers to them. Practise speaking those responses out loud so that you can assess your speech and body language to prepare better for the actual interview.

  • Give mock interviews. List out some interview questions in a sequence and practise answering them like you would in an actual interview. You can ask a friend or a family member to ask you questions and assess your responses and body language.

  • Prepare relevant questions. Prepare relevant questions to ask your interviewers in advance. This can help you show your interest in the job and in the company.

  • Follow up with the interviewer. Consider emailing the hiring manager after the interview and thanking them for their time. You can follow up with them to know the status of your application if they do not respond in a week.

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