How To Prepare For A Walk-In-Interview (Plus 12 Tips)

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Updated 13 November 2022

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Companies sometimes offer walk-in interviews when they hope to recruit many job candidates simultaneously for their business. Going in for one such interview can be stressful, as you might see some of these other candidates visiting the company's premises. But, learning about how to prepare for one of these interviews can make you more confident and help you present your best self during the interview. In this article, we discuss what is a walk-in interview, explain how you are required to dress up for the interview and offer 12 tips to help you prepare.

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What Is A Walk-In Interview?

It is a type of interview where you do not have any pre-scheduled appointment at the company for your interview. Companies conduct walk-in interviews when they want to recruit in large numbers and are ready to interview anyone who walks in. They decide upon the date and time interval during which candidates can come into the office and wait for their turn to get interviewed. If the candidate gets shortlisted, the company might offer further rounds of interviews as per their hiring process.

What Am I Required To Wear To A Walk-In Interview?

Wear formal business clothes during your walk-in job interview. Choose clothes such as dress pants or a dress skirt, a button-down shirt and closed-toe shoes. Try to pick clothing with subtle or more neutral colours. Find clothing that is also appropriate for the weather so that you are at a comfortable temperature during your interview. Additionally, make sure your attire looks new and wrinkle-free. As you may be required to wait for your turn for an interview, wear clothes you can sit comfortably in.

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What Documents Do You Require To Bring To A Walk-In Interview?

Below is a list of the most important documents that you are required to bring to a walk-in interview:

  • Resume: carry multiple copies of your resume to the walk-in interview so that you can submit copies of your resume at different stages of the interview process if needed. Having multiple copies of your resume is also helpful if more than one person from the company interviews you, as you can then give a copy to each interviewer.

  • Mark sheets: bring both original and photocopies of your mark sheets from your 10th, 12th standard, undergraduate and post-graduate, if you have them. Your interviewers may ask you to submit copies of your mark sheets if they shortlist you for further rounds.

  • Degree: if the job requests candidates who have graduated from university, carry both original and photocopies of your bachelor's degree to show that you qualify for the basic short-listing criteria of the walk-in-interview.

  • Certifications: if you have completed any certification to enhance your skills, carry it with you. It may help you stand out from the competition.

  • Salary slips: if you are walking in for a job that wants experienced candidates, carry salary slips from at least the last three months with you. You might need these for salary negotiations or if you are selected to advance in the interview process.

  • Identity proof: since many candidates may appear for a walk-in interview, your interviewers may ask you to show your identity proof.

You may also want to bring a few passport-size photographs of yourself along with a pen and a notepad.

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What Am I Required To Say In A Walk-In Interview?

When you go for a walk-in interview, introduce yourself at the reception and tell them your purpose in coming there. If the company currently is interviewing for multiple job positions, check where the interviews are happening for the specific job you are interested in.

When your turn arrives, walk into the interview room confidently, hand over your resume to the interviewer, introduce yourself and talk about your qualifications. The interview can then proceed based on the questions the interviewer wants to ask.

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Tips On How To Prepare For A Walk-In-Interview

If you go to the walk-in-interview well prepared, it may increase your chances of getting selected. Here are 12 tips to help you prepare for your walk-in job interview:

1. Research the company

Conduct a thorough search about the company before you go to your interview. You can read the "About Us" page of the company's website to understand its responsibilities and goals. Also, go through their social media pages to learn what they have been doing recently and if they have been featured in the news. If possible, get in touch with their current employees to ask about their work culture and employee policies. This can help you analyse if you want to work for this company or if you can adjust yourself to their working environment.

2. Prepare for common interview questions

Look up commonly asked interview questions for the job you want and prepare to answer them. Also, prepare for common HR interview questions and practise your answers. This process can help you prepare and boost your confidence. You could also do a mock interview with your friends or family members and they can offer you advice on how to improve your interviewing skills.

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3. Update your resume

Update your resume with your recent qualifications, job experiences, certifications and any other important activity that could help distinguish you for this job position. Try to make your resume relevant to the job you are interviewing for and, if applicable, put keywords from the job description in your resume. Also, try to understand how your current work experience relates to the job you are interviewing for so you can prepare for those types of interview questions.

4. Get your documents ready

Check the availability of all your key documents like a resume, mark sheets and degree well in advance. If you prepare your documents ahead of time, you can have time to find or arrange for new documents to be sent if you discover that you are missing one. Keep the original and photocopies of all your documents arranged in a file folder.

5. Check the location

Look up the location where you are required to go for your interview in advance. If the place is unfamiliar and you commute via public transport, check the route and time needed to reach the destination. If you plan to drive yourself to the location, check the route and the available parking facilities to minimise your commute time.

6. Look presentable

Make sure you look presentable for your interview. Before the interview, wash your hair and trim your nails. If the weather is rainy, make sure you clean your footwear once you reach the venue.

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7. Stay calm

As many candidates might come in for a walk-in job interview, you might get a little anxious. Do your best to stay calm and confident. Consider talking to other candidates, bringing a book to read or finding another activity that helps you relax while waiting for your turn.

8. Arrive on time

Arrive during or a little before the company's interval for their walk-in job interviews. Being on time can help you understand the interview process before it is your turn. Additionally, if you show up early during the interviewing interval time, you may reduce your waiting time.

9. Communicate well

Communicate clearly to help the interviewer understand your achievements and qualifications. Know ahead of time how to explain in more detail the various experiences or skills summarised on your resume. Additionally, pay close attention to the questions your interviewer asks and do your best to answer their questions concisely and confidently.

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10. Maintain body language and posture

Sit with correct posture before and during your interview. In addition, try to use positive body language signals, such as smiling at your interviewers and making polite eye contact. Your body language and posture can help convey your interest in the open job position.

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11. Ask questions

Prepare questions in advance for your interviewers. You might have a few questions regarding the job role or office policies. Asking questions shows that you have done your research and prepared well ahead of time for the job interview.

12. Thank the interviewer

Thank your interviewer before your exit. No matter how your interview went, verbally thanking your interviewer helps to display your professionalism. Thank them for their time and for giving you this opportunity.

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