Interview Question: "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?"

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Updated 23 February 2023

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When you go for a job interview, the interviewers may ask you several general questions to get to know you as an individual, and one of these may be about why you want to work with their company. They may phrase it as "Why do you want to join our company?" Your answer is required to be precise, insightful and professional.

In this article, we find out how to answer this commonly-asked job interview question and provide some relevant examples that you can refer to for preparing well-researched replies that could impress the interviewers.

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How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?"

As you prepare for your interview, follow these steps to thoroughly answer "Why do you want to join our company?":

1. Research the company

Job interviewers often ask this basic question to find out how much you know about their company and about the requirements of the job for which you are interviewing. Your answer is required to demonstrate that you have researched the company in-depth and have a sound knowledge of its founding history, business philosophy, business achievements, industry awards, products and services and past and current projects. You are also required to be able to show your understanding of what they are looking for in candidates.

Begin your research by reading through the company website. Read the About Us, Services, Products, FAQ, Blog, Media, Testimonials and other sections that provide you with information about the company's work culture. Find out what current and past customers are saying about the company and the company's standing in the industry. Read several of its blog articles to get an idea about how the company presents its brand and if it is positioning itself as an industry leader with unique, informative and well-written content.

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2. Check the official social media accounts

Visit the company's official social media accounts and see what types of posts they publish and even the regularity with which they publish them. If they have published or shared content that is useful for industry professionals, make a note of it and consider how it has helped you. Check how many followers they have and how many comments and shares they get from followers, influencers, competitors and other visitors. Additionally, see how they respond to and engage with everyone, especially with those who criticise the company's products, services, policies or other aspects.

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3. Reread the job description

You may have forgotten a few details about the job in the time you sent the job application and received the call for an interview. Refresh yourself about the exact responsibilities of the job and what the company expects from potential candidates. Check if there are any online reviews of the position from current or past company employees. Note what they liked the most about working with the company.

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4. Highlight significant job duties

Consider the significant job duties that the company has provided in the job advertisement and compare them with your skills and career objectives. Note the things that you would require to do to thrive in the position. You can include these in your answer when the interviewer inquires about your reasons for wanting to join the company.

5. Underline your suitability for the job

Explain how your personality, skills, working style and career goals can make you a good fit for the job. Mention how your core values are compatible with those of the company and would make it easier for you to adjust to the company's work culture and fit in well. Let the job interviewer see that you have carefully considered the different aspects of the job and that you are genuinely interested in joining their company.

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Example Answers For "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?"

Here are a few example answers of this interview question to help you form your own:

Example 1

"I have been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, and I have followed the growth of your business from a regional startup to a globally recognised company. You have been consistent in your commitment to maintaining high work standards, and you rank high in nationwide employee polls as the best place to work. I think you have the type of agreeable work environment that I can thrive in and where I can make a positive contribution.

My years of experience as a customer service manager and my multilingual skills make me a good fit for this managerial position with your hotel. I hope I can have the opportunity to work with you and grow professionally."

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Example 2

"I want to work with a company that is deeply committed to the well-being and professional development of its employees. You have a reputation in the industry for instituting policies that empower your employees. For the past 20 years, you have been consistently investing in skill development programs, onsite training programs, mentorship programs and on-going education programs to help your professionals become the best in the field. By joining you, I would be able to grow my career and also have more opportunities to work on exciting projects and make good use of my stellar marketing skills."

Example 3

"I have used your operating system for over ten years, and I am impressed by your company's technical expertise and even your focus on innovation to provide your customers with a great user experience. I have not had many issues with the operating system, but the few times I did, your customer service was prompt in resolving those. I have also had a positive experience with interacting with your engineers at industry seminars and other events, and they have all mentioned how much they enjoy being with your company and how they get to work on cool projects.

When I saw that you had an opening for a full stack developer, I immediately sent in my application. Frankly, I am delighted you invited me for an interview, and I hope I get an opportunity to work with you."

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Example 4

"I am relatively new to the app development field, but I have regularly followed industry news and events since my first year of college. I have sampled many of your apps, and I have been impressed by how innovative and forward-focused you are. I like how much work you put in to provide a great user experience and how you continue to improve your app designs.

When I decided to look for a new position, I checked if there was an opening with your company. I am very pleased that there was and that you selected my application and called me for an interview. I have a strong understanding of agile methodologies and mobile design paradigm, and I am well-versed in Python, Objective-C and Java. And I am willing to keep learning new skills to meet the job requirements."

Example 5

"In my final year at college, I drew up a list of companies I wanted to work with after graduation, and your company was on the top of the list. I applied for this position because of the excellent work-life balance you provide to your employees. You allow your employees to have a flexible work schedule and offer them education reimbursement to pick up new skills. From what I know, you have a relaxed yet hard-working work culture, and that is just the type of environment I can thrive in.

Additionally, if you hire me, I might have the chance to work on innovative projects that would make a real difference in the lives of Indian farmers, and that is something that means a lot to me."

Example 6

"You are currently one of the best companies in the field of instructional design in India, and you are also making significant inroads in the global eLearning market. While I am a newcomer to this industry, I have made a point of keeping up with the developments and innovations in it. I have read your case studies, and I am very impressed with your attention to detail and your willingness to exceed customer expectations.

If I can work with you, I would get just the right work experience and training I require to succeed in this career. Additionally, I would be an asset to you as I have a strong work ethic, excellent design skills and expertise in using various instructional design tools."

Example 7

"There are many reasons why I want to work with your architecture firm. You are, currently, one of the top firms in India with a focus on ecological architecture, and it has always been my dream to work with the best. It would be good for me career-wise. Plus, I have a sound knowledge of green architectural theory, energy-efficient designs and the use of sustainable building materials, and I am proficient in CADD programs.

After I completed my master's degree in the U.S., I interned with Galway Architects in Los Angeles for three years and got sound training in design and construction documentation. I believe my knowledge and experience would be valuable for this position."

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