How Much Does BSF Make? Salaries, Prospects and Benefits

Updated 17 April 2023

Border Security Force (BSF) is a paramilitary organisation of India, which guards India's borders along with the army and other similar organisations. It is also involved in multiple peace and wartime operations. There is a tremendous interest among young men and women to join BSF, and the number of applicants is consistently rising year after year. In this article, we examine what BSF is, what it does, the different career opportunities in BSF and how much does BSF make as salary.

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What Is BSF?

The Government of India set up the Border Security Force in 1965 to train and arm soldiers to guard India's borders. It now has 192 battalions, including three National Disaster Response Force battalions and seven BSF artillery wings guarding international borders. They guard around 7,096 kilometres of border areas. They are involved in anti-infiltration, anti-Naxal and counter-insurgency operations in different parts of the country.

How Much Does BSF Make?

The salaries of BSF employees are paid according to the 7th pay commission recommendations. As per the Ministry of Home Affairs, BSF is part of the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF). The salary of any specific post in BSF depends on multiple parameters. Knowing the different parameters and how they impact salary calculation makes it easier to know how much does BSF make. A BSF employee's salary break-up is as follows:

Pay band

There are 18 pay scales in BSF that decide your basic pay. Pay band denotes the range of scale for a specific post. From the time of joining, your basic pay increases at 3% per annum. The pay band in BSF and the individual posts under each pay band are as follows:

  • Pay Band 1: ₹5,200 to ₹20,200 per month for constables, head constables and assistant sub-inspectors

  • Pay Band 2: ₹9,300 to ₹34,800 per month for sub-inspectors, inspectors, subedars and majors

  • Pay Band 3: ₹15,600 to ₹39,100 per month for assistant commandants, deputy commandants and second-in-command officers

  • Pay Band 4: ₹37,400 to ₹67,000 per month for commandants, deputy inspector generals, inspector generals, additional director generals and the special director general

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Basic pay

Basic pay is the amount that an employee gets before they add any allowances or make any deductions. Your basic pay increases if you are appointed on a specific pay scale at the time of joining. Basic pay is the total of the grade pay and the relevant pay in your pay band.

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Grade pay

Like other government employees, BSF employees are also categorised into different classes. Grade pay is the amount a BSF employee receives in addition to the basic pay. BSF uses the total of basic pay and grade pay to calculate how much allowance an employee can get. The grade pay of BSF employees are as follows:

  • The average grade pay of a special director general is ₹2,13,000 per month.

  • The average grade pay of an additional director general is ₹2,10,000 per month.

  • The average grade pay of an inspector general is ₹1,17,790 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a deputy inspector general is ₹1,10,300 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a commandant is ₹1,08,300 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a second-in-command is ₹1,05,600 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a deputy commandant is ₹91,660 per month.

  • The average grade pay of an assistant commandant is ₹70,833 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a subedar major is ₹62,500 per month.

  • The average grade pay of an inspector is ₹54,166 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a sub-inspector is ₹42,000 per month.

  • The average grade pay of an assistant sub-inspector is ₹28,000 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a head constable is ₹24,000 per month.

  • The average grade pay of a constable is ₹20,000 per month.

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What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of BSF?

Apart from guarding the borders, BSF has a very structured and defined role in peace and wartime. During peacetime, they promote security in the border areas and ensure safety of people living there. They also prevent smuggling, infiltration, crimes and other illegal activities in the border areas. When there is conflict or warlike situations, they are involved in:

  • Protecting vital installations from raids by enemy paratroopers or commandos

  • Undertaking limited aggressive action within the plan of the armed forces

  • Holding ground in sectors with less threat to prevent the main attack from an enemy

  • Performing anti-infiltration duties in specific areas

  • Providing intelligence support

  • Performing special tasks like raids

  • Guarding prisoners of wars

  • Assisting to control refugees

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What Are The Job Opportunities In BSF?

There are many technical and non-technical job opportunities in BSF. BSF has divided its rank structure into gazetted and non-gazetted officers. The ranks of gazetted officers in the increasing order of hierarchy are:

  • Assistant Commandant

  • Deputy Commandant

  • Second-in-Command

  • Commandant

  • Deputy Inspector General

  • Inspector General

  • Additional Director General

  • Special Director-General

  • Director-General

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The ranks of the non-gazetted officers in the BSF in increasing order of hierarchy are:

  • Constable

  • Head Constable

  • Assistant Sub-Inspector

  • Inspector

  • Subedar Major

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What Are The Allowances For BSF?

BSF offers many allowances and benefits as per government norms. The number and amount of allowances may be based on a candidate's basic pay. Some allowances vary based on their grade and experience. Hardship allowances are given to employees who work in very difficult conditions. This allowance is usually a fixed amount per month, ranging from ₹6,000 to ₹25,000. It can be based on multiple factors, including terrain, weather conditions, risk and accessibility. The usual allowances for BSF are:

  • Dearness allowance

  • House rent allowance

  • Transport allowance

  • Medical facility

  • Loan facility

  • Canteen facility

  • Daily allowance

  • Casual leave allowance

  • Ration money allowance

  • Hardship allowance

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What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Joining BSF?

BSF recruits both men and women for the above-mentioned job roles. The eligibility criteria may vary from one role to the other. While 10 and 10+2 are required qualifications for some posts, others require a degree and clearing the UPSC exams. Within a role, the criteria for physical standards and physical efficiency differs for men and women. BSF also allows relaxation in the criteria for specific cases. The eligibility parameters for BSF roles are:

  • Age

  • Educational qualification

  • Physical standards like height, weight and chest measurement

  • Medical standards like eyesight, bone and muscle structure

  • Physical endurance tests including race, long jump, high jump and shot put

  • Written tests

  • Document verification

What Is The Selection Process For BSF?

BSF scrutinises applications and supporting documents that candidates furnish. It issues an admit card for the written test for 200 marks. Those who pass the written exam then proceed to the next stages. They are:

  • Preliminary screening

  • Physical endurance test

  • Dictation test

  • Document verification

  • Personal interview

  • Medical examination

BSF prepares a merit list based on your performance. If you are selected, then your name appears in the merit list. You can go to the BSF website, click on your profile and check for the application status to receive the latest updates.

How Is The Training Process After Selection?

After selection, the personnel undergo basic training and operational training in border areas. They are trained in patrolling duties on horseback, camel, foot, helicopters and boats. BSF has 19 training institutes in different parts of the country to train personnel in various aspects of the job.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In BSF?

The greatest satisfaction is the opportunity to work for the country and protect its borders and citizens. The government continues to take care of BSF personnel after retirement and has initiated many welfare schemes for them. BSF is one of the most highly decorated institutions for its valour and bravery. The officers and employees of BSF consider it an honour and privilege to be part of it.

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Are BSF Jobs Difficult?

BSF is part of the seven paramilitary forces which make up the country's Central Armed Police Force. They have the distinction of working with the Indian Army in the most challenging situations to protect the nation's borders and for law enforcement. The job is challenging, satisfying and filled with adventure. It is an ideal job if you are looking for adventure and challenges. A job in BSF can be physically demanding, and your job locations could be in isolated and far-away regions. People with high mental and physical strength can survive in tough terrains and perform long work hours with ease.


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