How Much Does A Dentist Make? (Career, Trends and Salary)

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Updated 13 August 2022

Published 27 September 2021

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Dentists focus on helping people take care of their teeth and use medical technology to give them a radiant smile. Dentistry is a popular career option as it offers persistent work and has immense potential for career development. If you want to become a dentist, it is important to know the salary, skills and qualifications needed. In this article, we explore the average salary of a dentist, career opportunities and some of the highest paying dental fields.

How Much Does A Dentist Make?

The average base salary of a dentist is ₹2,84,505 per year. A dentist helps patients with their oral health and the reconstruction of tissues or implants. There are various specialisations available in this field, including dentists who specialise in children, gums, or even braces. Additionally, professional who specialise and run their private practice can make it a lucrative career.

The salary of a dentist differs based on the geographical location, qualification and area of expertise. For example, the average base salary of dentists in Mumbai is ₹3,22,140 per year, whereas the average base salary of a dentist in Indore is ₹2,15,165 per year.

Do Dentists Get Paid Well?

The average base salary of a dentist varies between ₹1,496 per day and ₹4,258 per day. Whereas the average base salary of a general physician is ₹3,596 per day and the average base salary of an anaesthesiologist is ₹7,203 per day. Therefore, when compared to the other medical fields, dentists are well-paid.

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Highest Paying Dentistry Jobs

After completing your under graduation degree and earning a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), you can choose to practise or study further to specialise. Here are some of the highest paying dentistry fields:

1. Pedodontist

National average salary: ₹35,002 per month

Primary duties: As a pedodontist or paediatric dentist, these individuals take care of the dental problems in children, adolescents and patients with special needs. It is a sensitive field and requires them to learn about the behaviour of children and foresee any teeth problems. Apart from treating cavities, pedodontists also correct abnormalities in tooth or jaw alignment.

2. General dentist

National average salary: ₹20,085 per month

Primary duties: Once an individual has completed their undergraduate degree in BDS, they are eligible to practise dentistry. As a general dentist, they diagnose, treat and take care of the oral hygiene of their patients. In many cases, dentists may work closely with a dental hygienist during regular dental checkups. General dentists can work as a consultant in a private or government hospital or start their own practice.

3. Periodontist

National average salary: ₹31,112 per month

Primary duties: A periodontists main focus is on preventing, diagnosing and treating gum disease or anything related to the gums. A patient with severe gum bleeding, swelling or any other infection may approach these specialists for their advice and treatment. Apart from this, they also take care of dental implants or issues related to the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

4. Prosthodontist

National average salary: ₹5,24,000 per year

Primary duties: A prosthodontist understands the construction and fitting of prosthetic devices like dentures, bridges and implants in patients. These devices can be fixed or movable parts. Prosthodontists also work in maxillofacial prosthetics to create silicone and latex parts for someone who has lost portions of their face or jaw due to an injury or disease. To succeed in this field, detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the head, neck and neuromuscular system is essential.

5. Endodontist

National average salary: ₹6,06,782 per year

Primary duties: Endodontists study and treat the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the soft tissue inside the tooth. As a specialist, they are responsible for helping patients in curing the pain and infection they may be experiencing and they may even perform root canals. They help in saving the infected and decayed tooth from causing further damage to the patient.

6. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

National average salary: ₹27,775 per month

Primary duties: An oral and maxillofacial surgeon's primary responsibility is to diagnose and provide surgery to the affected part of the facial region. It could be parts of the mouth like the facial tissue, cheeks, palate, tongue or teeth. It may also be surgeries that require the reconstruction of areas like lips or implants. Additionally, these specialists work on tumours, masses or cysts within the jaw. Becoming a surgeon requires anywhere from four to eight years of additional training and experience.

7. Orthodontist

National average salary: ₹50,321 per month

Primary duties: Orthodontists diagnose, prevent and correct the mouth and teeth structure. To do this, they need to study the causes, effects and rectification measures of malocclusions or bad bites. With the help of specialised bands, wires, retainers and braces, these professionals can help people correct their teeth. Orthodontists also help fix any mouth structure deformation caused by an injury or illness.

Career Growth Opportunities For Dentists

There are many options to advance your career in the field of dentistry. These options require you to complete your undergraduate degree in BDS and register with the Dental Council of India. Here are a few ways to grow your medical career as a dentist:


You can work with a private or government hospital for a fixed number of hours. By leveraging the hospital's reputation, you can work under senior dentists and establish your name in the industry. Additionally, it also serves as an opportunity to build your network.

Private practice

A bachelor's degree is adequate to start your clinic. While the initial cost of setup may be high, the returns can also be lucrative. The process of establishing yourself as a renowned dentist through private practice takes time. To succeed, many dentists collaborate with their mentors or other specialised dentists and provide top-notch services to their patients.

Civil servant

The Indian army, navy and air force hire candidates after the completion of their under graduation degree. This role requires individuals to have at least a year of internship experience. To join and serve the nation, you need to go through a process of examinations and interviews. These depend on whether you are applying to the army, navy or air force. However, once selected, this position can be rewarding and highly reputed.


This career opportunity is popular among those who have specialised in a particular field of dentistry. To address students, dentists must gain experience before taking up teaching as their profession. Many dentists may take roles as a professor in medical colleges or even provide a course on e-learning platforms.

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Leading medical and dental institutes with research wings offer many opportunities for candidates to grow their careers. This position may also be available in major pharmaceutical companies. In this role, you test the safety and effectiveness of medicine and medical procedures. Additionally, you work on testing and improving technology to serve patients better.

Other Roles

The field of dentistry also comprises a few non-clinical roles. These may suit you if you wish to be a part of the industry but are not particularly interested in becoming a dentist. Here are a few of the positions you can consider in dentistry:

1. Dental assistant

National average salary: ₹11,223 per month

Primary duties: A dental assistant provides care to patients and also supports the dentist. Some tasks an assistant performs include receiving the patient, keeping records and performing general maintenance of the office. Apart from this, a dental assistant provides chair-side support to dentists. They assist the dentist with tasks like dental fillings, extractions, developing X-rays or sterilisation of instruments.

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2. Dental hygienist

National average salary: ₹16,287 per month

Primary duties: A dental hygienist may either work independently or under the supervision of a dentist. The primary task of a dental hygienist is to check patients for signs of oral health issues and educate them on how they can improve their oral health. For this purpose, a dental hygienist works closely with the patient to understand their dietary habits. Additionally, a dental hygienist removes deposits from teeth, records decay or disease and may even take patient X-rays.

3. Dental technician

National average salary: ₹20,234 per month

Primary duties: A dental technician receives orders from a dentist and prepares custom-made restorative and dental appliances for patients. The dental technician works according to the prescriptions, drawings and measurements of the patient provided by the dentist. They construct four types of fittings, including fixed, removable, maxillofacial and auxiliaries.

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