How Much Does A Station Master Make (Skills And Eligibility)

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Published 25 October 2021

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A station master manages the railway station and is responsible for the safety and efficient running of the station. A station master's job is challenging and demanding but it can also be fulfilling. Learning about the average salary of station masters and the necessary skills to become a station master can help you decide if it is a good career choice for you. This article discusses how much a station master makes, explores the key responsibilities of this position and describes the requirements to become a station master.

How Much Does A Station Master Make?

The average salary of a station master is ₹4,94,280 per year. The salary of a station master depends upon various factors such as job location, experience and qualification. Their salaries may increase with time as per government guidelines. Besides salary, a station master also gets other benefits and allowances such as dearness allowance, provident fund, transport allowances and medical benefits. The terms and conditions for these allowances may differ for different locations.

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What Does A Station Master Do?

A station master is one of the most reputed officials at the railway station. They manage major official activities that happen at the railway station. The station master ensures the safe and efficient running of the railway station. Here are some roles and responsibilities of a station master:

  • Supervise the performance of station staff to ensure efficient service

  • Coordinate work of all railway staff at the station

  • Investigate public complaints and minor accidents to take remedial steps

  • Oversee the operation of trains within their station limits

  • Report any issues or mistakes to higher authorities

  • Obtain clearance of line from the upcoming station

  • Authorise any repairs of station facilities

  • Ensure the smooth running of trains for the safety of passengers and staff

How To Become A Station Master

Here are the steps to become a station master:

Complete your education

The first step to becoming a station master is to complete your education. You can opt for graduation from a recognised board after completing your 10+2 in any stream. Graduation is the minimum qualification required for becoming a station master. You can also achieve a diploma degree in transport economics and rail transport and management.

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Meet the eligibility criteria

Candidates who meet certain eligibility criteria can become station masters. Before preparing for the entrance written examination to become a railway station master, ensure you fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age

  • Graduation from a recognised university

Prepare for the RRB examination

Candidates who aspire to become railway station masters appear in the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination. The RRB conducts the online written examination in two stages: preliminary and final examination. After qualifying for the written examination, candidates go through the aptitude test and document verification.

The syllabus of written examination for station master includes mathematics, general awareness, general English, logical reasoning and arithmetic ability.

Fill the application form

Once you have prepared for the RRB station master examination, you can look for notifications and fill the application form. Follow the below steps to apply for the RRB station master application form:

  • Visit the official website of RRB

  • Download and read the official notification

  • Open the application form and fill in the details correctly

  • Upload required documents along with photograph and signature

  • Make a payment online

  • Check and submit the application form

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Complete your training

After the written examination, the railway board conducts necessary training for all the selected candidates. The duration of training of railway station masters is 78 days. During this training period, station masters receive a certain amount of grade pay.

Skills For A Railway Station Master

You can develop the following skills to become a station master:

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills help station masters to find effective solutions to problems related to the management of their stations and employees. Problem-solving ability is crucial for station managers as it allows them to assess situations objectively. They use their analytical and decision-making skills to understand problems and develop effective solutions.


Travelling may be a part of a station master's job. This is why developing adaptability is crucial as it enables them to be flexible and adapt to changing work situations. It shows how easily you adjust to different conditions. You can develop your adaptability skills by acknowledging and accepting changes in your career.


The job of a station master requires working with professionals with different work experiences and from diverse backgrounds. To succeed in such a work environment, you can develop excellent teamwork skills. As they coordinate the work of all station staff, effective teamwork allows them to understand the qualities and skills of staff in greater detail.


Station masters manage major station functions to ensure efficient services to passengers. They train and direct station staff for sound human relations and operational skills. Accountability helps in building trust in any organisation. This skill also instill higher confidence in station staff as they know the station masters take responsibility for their decisions.


From supervising the operation of trains to managing station staff, a station master does a variety of tasks. You can establish a set work routine and follow it to boost your chance of advancing in your career. Learn about self-discipline and identify your areas of improvement to implement this skill.


The position of station master requires patience to perform the assigned task and manage all station-related operations. The work environment of railway station masters represents a variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences. Station masters keep patience in diverse situations. You can develop patience by monitoring your impulsive behaviour.

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Benefits Of Being A Station Master

Here are the benefits of pursuing a career as a railway station master:

Job security

The job of railway station master is a secure and stable career option. Railways offer unparalleled job security. There is very little chance of railway station masters losing their jobs.


Railway station masters get multiple allowances from the government. From residential quarters to subsidised meals, station masters receive several benefits. Railway employees can also get free medical facilities in railway hospitals. The government also offers educational concessions for the children of station masters.

Sports and fitness opportunities

The railways allows employees with some skills or talent to train at railway sports facilities. Candidates can also use the sports quota to enter railways as station masters. Railway employees participate in a variety of sports such as cricket, badminton and hockey.

Good work environment

Station masters work in a positive working environment. Their work environment promotes the safety and growth of station masters and encourages them to perform their tasks effectively. Aside from this, station masters can improve their performance and get promoted to higher positions.

Pay structure

The next significant benefit is the pay structure of railway station masters. The introduction of the different levels of pay commission is the reason why railway employees can earn more than a private-sector worker. Railway station masters get a good amount of salary. Aside from their basic salary, they receive dearness allowance, transport allowance, overtime allowance, house rent allowance and other special allowances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the railway station master job profile:

What are the necessary personality traits to become a railway station master?

The necessary personality traits to become a station master are good physical and mental health, accountability, flexibility, discipline and patience. The knowledge of railway traffic rules and safety regulations are also required personality traits of station masters.

What is the age limit to become a railway station master?

The age limit to become a railway station master is from 18 to 32 years. The minimum age requirement for appearing in the RRB recruitment exam is 18 years. Candidates above 32 years are ineligible to apply.

What are the working hours of a railway station master?

A railway station master may work in shifts depending upon their station of work. They keep track of all trains passing or halting at the station. According to the employment hours rules, station masters work for eight hours a day. The working hours of railway station masters depend on how busy the station is.

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