How To Write An Impressive Account Manager Resume Objective

Updated 24 February 2023

The objective section of a resume highlights your skills and career goals to potential employers. A well-written objective can help employers identify suitable candidates for the account manager role by checking if their values and goals align with that of the organisation. It can help differentiate your profile from other candidates, helping you advance to the next level of the selection process. In this article, we discuss the benefits of writing an account manager resume objective, explain how to write one, and share a template and examples that you can use to write your own.

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What Is An Account Manager Resume Objective?

An account manager resume objective is a section of your resume that allows you to outline your professional goals, skills, previous work experience and education to prospective employers. It can help you convince employers why you are the right fit for the account manager position. A well-written objective statement tells the employer about your career goals and how they align with the organisation's objectives, unlike a professional summary that focuses primarily on your previous work experience and skills.

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What To Include In The Objective Statement Of Your Account Manager Resume

Here are the five main elements that you can have in the objective section of your resume:

  • Job title: Mention the position to which you are applying. This helps employers quickly identify which role the candidate is applying for and helps them proceed to the next step of the selection process.

  • Relevant educational qualifications and certifications: If this is your first time applying for an account manager role, including your academic details and any training or certifications you have completed can help the employer evaluate your eligibility for the position.

  • Previous work experience: Mentioning the number of years of professional work experience and other similar roles you have completed can help highlight your eligibility for the role

  • Transferable skills relevant to the role: You can use the objective statement to highlight your strengths and skills relevant to the position. Even if you are fresher, you can include skills you have acquired at school, college or internships.

  • Keywords from the job description: Before writing an objective statement, read the job description to identify the keywords and other critical skills mentioned in the job listing. You can include these keywords to align your objective statement with the employer's requirements.

Note that it is not essential to include all these five elements in the objective statement. You can skip the sections that are not relevant to your profile.

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Account Manager Objective Statement Template

The objective statement for an account manager is of several different formats. Here is a basic template that you can customise to create your own:

[Positive adjective that describes you] professional seeking the role of [job title] at [company name.] [Use the second sentence to describe your professional goals, skills, achievements or experience and how you can apply it to benefit the employer.]

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Tips For Writing A Successful Objective For An Account Manager role

Here are a few tips to help you create a successful objective statement that impresses the recruiter and helps you advance to the next level of hiring:

  • Use a tailored objective statement for each role. A customised objective statement highlighting your relevant skills for the position has a higher chance of appealing to the recruiter than a generic one.

  • Mention the value you add to the organisation. Besides highlighting your skills, an objective statement highlights the value you add to the organisation. Highlight your skills and experience to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the role and the overall workplace culture.

  • Provide proof of accomplishments. If you have mentioned specific skills or certifications in the objective statement, ensure that you provide evidence of these accomplishments elsewhere in the resume to win the employer's trust.

  • Keep it concise. Ideally, an objective statement is one to three sentences with a maximum of four sentences. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and keep the objective short and to the point.

  • Spellcheck the objective statement. Since the objective statement is at the top of the resume, it sets the tone for the rest of the document. Ensure that it is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  • Read it out loud. Reading the objective statement aloud can help you evaluate if it is effective and identify any typos or grammatical mistakes that you might have missed.

  • Get the opinion of a trusted friend or mentor. You can ask a trusted colleague or mentor to review your objective statement and provide feedback.

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Examples Of Objective Statements For An Account Manager's Resume

Here are a few examples of objective statements for an account manager resume that you can use as inspiration while creating your own:

  1. Experienced and accomplished retail manager with over ten years of experience looking to leverage my extensive background in finance, departmental organisation and crisis management in a senior-level account manager position at Atlantic Technologies.

  2. Passionate account manager with excellent communication skills and laser-sharp focus on customer satisfaction with eight years of experience in the B2B industry.

  3. Diligent and dedicated professional seeking an entry-level role as an account manager with Kizer Investments. Recent MBA graduate hoping to apply my business management knowledge to learn and grow in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

  4. Professional account manager with over a decade of experience handling client accounts across industries. Expert in managing and exceeding customer requirements.

  5. Seeking a mid-level role as an account manager at New Age Bank. An enthusiastic professional with five years of experience and an MBA from Gandhi University. Hoping to showcase my customer satisfaction skills to boost sales and generate revenue.

  6. Dedicated customer service team leader looking to advance in my career by applying for an account manager role at Sky Tech Industries.

  7. Senior account manager with experience handling 100+ premium client accounts in retail with increasing sales volumes. Seeking senior account manager position at Gamma E-commerce.

  8. Searching for the role of regional account manager with a large corporation to showcase my interpersonal skills and client negotiation skills, to enhance revenue.

  9. Professionally dedicated and personable account manager with experience maintaining client accounts of all sizes. Excellent communication skills and fluent in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

  10. Looking for the role of an account manager to help my employer achieve long-term fruitful client relationships. Exemplary track record in maintaining accurate client records and keeping track of client contract updates and renewals.

  11. Dedicated account manager with the ability to multitask and juggle several client accounts simultaneously. Looking for an opportunity to showcase my attention to detail and organisational skills.

  12. Senior account manager with fifteen years of experience in handling high-profile customer accounts. Experienced in training and onboarding new junior account managers.

  13. Detail-oriented accounting manager with five years of experience managing client accounts for B2B companies. Seeking the role of senior account manager at Stone Services Inc. Looking to leverage my management and accounting knowledge to increase the number of clients and enhance revenue.

  14. Dynamic management graduate with specialisation in client retention. Looking to obtain the position of junior account manager at Digital Technologies.

  15. Experienced account manager with excellent communication skills and strong work ethics seeks employment opportunity at Modern Textiles.

  16. Seeking an opportunity as an account manager at Graybelle Industries and looking forward to using my knowledge and experience in managing industrial clients.

  17. Dynamic account manager seeking an opportunity at The Havelock Group. Looking for a role that offers career growth, diverse assignments and challenging responsibilities.

  18. Junior account manager with three years of experience handling client finances looking for an opportunity to grow my leadership and critical thinking skills.

  19. Resourceful account manager with business operation experience looking to challenge myself in a fast-paced work environment.

  20. Hard-working, ambitious and driven management professional seeking a growth opportunity at Bell Industries. Eager to apply my previous managerial experience and knowledge to achieve positive business outcomes and drive revenue growth.

  21. Senior account manager with five years of experience leading client negotiations and improving client relationships. Looking to work in a fast-paced startup environment to achieve growth hacking.

  22. Senior account manager with experience handling high-stake clients in the finance industry. Looking for an exciting opportunity to apply my knowledge and expertise and leverage growth for my employer.

  23. HR professional with five years of experience and excellent communication skills seeking to shift careers by applying for a junior account manager role.

  24. Recent management graduate with experience working as an account managing intern at Growth Easy Corp. Looking for an opportunity to build my career in the role of a junior account manager.

  25. Account manager with experience handling public relations looking for a challenging role to develop my skills further.

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