Creating An Accounting Assistant Resume (With Template)

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Published 26 May 2022

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When applying for an accounting assistant job, you usually submit a resume to showcase your knowledge and skills to your potential employer. Resumes are important documents because they allow the hiring manager to decide whether you are a good fit for the position. If you are thinking of applying to an accounting assistant position, learning how to write a resume can be helpful to you.

In this article, we define an accounting assistant resume, explain how to write one, show you what to include in it, discuss the skills you can add to your resume and provide a template and an example to help you.

What is an accounting assistant resume?

An accounting assistant resume is a professional document demonstrating your credentials and suitability for a junior accounting role. It is usually a necessary part of the job application process, where you submit your resume to introduce yourself to potential employers. If your qualifications and experiences meet their requirements, they may invite you to the next step in the job application process.

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What to include in a resume for an accounting assistant role

A resume for an accounting assistant role can be a single page that summarises your professional experience. Consider including details about yourself that are important for the hiring manager to know. You can explain how you can add value to the company as an accounting assistant. Here are the five sections you can include in your resume:

  • Contact details: Adding contact details makes it easy for a hiring manager to communicate with you for any further requirements, like updating you about the application status. Usually, contact details are at the top of the resume underneath your name.

  • Resume objective: You can write an objective statement to tell your potential employer how you can benefit the company for which you are applying. You can also include keywords mentioned in the job description and skills and experience that you have and align with the job requirements.

  • Professional background: In this section, you list your professional history, including the company name and job duties you performed. The hiring manager can emphasise this section to determine if you have relevant experience for the accounting assistant role.

  • Qualifications: This section includes the educational requirements for the accounting assistant role. Consider showing that your qualification matches the position's educational requirements.

  • Skills: The skills section emphasises both hard and soft skills to demonstrate that you can successfully perform an accounting assistant's responsibilities.

How to write an accounting assistant resume

Here are some steps you can follow to write a resume for an accounting assistant position:

1. Begin with personal details

Begin your resume with your personal details, including your name, contact number and mail address. It helps the hiring manager easily identify your contact details if they want to contact you for additional information or move forward in the job hiring process. After adding these details, check to ensure everything is correct.

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2. Write a resume summary

A resume summary is a three-four line statement that describes your experience, skills and career objectives. In the summary statement, consider mentioning your primary skills and abilities relevant to the role and why you would be a good fit for this role. As an accounting professional, this can be an excellent opportunity to discuss the types of related positions you held in the past and your accounting skills.

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3. Add your work experience

After creating your summary section, add a section highlighting your professional experience. Prefer adding your work experience in reverse chronological order. While listing, include the job title, company name, job location and work duration. Then describe key duties and responsibilities you performed on the job in the bulleted list. When describing duties and achievements in your previous position, prefer adding specific and measurable accomplishments. Quantifying experience can show your employers your dedication to the work, problem-solving attitude and accounting knowledge.

4. List your skills

Relevant skills are critical for working as an accounting assistant. They are often responsible for tasks that require close attention, strong mathematical skills, accounting skills and many other hard and soft skills. Consider including a section highlighting your hard skills. Before creating the skill section, read the job description and find skills that the employer is looking for in the candidate and add those skills to your resume if you possess them.

5. Provide your educational background

In this section, include the educational degrees you have earned. Prefer adding them into reverse chronological order, writing the highest qualification first. Start listing with the title of the degree, along with the year you attended the college. Underneath, write the name of the institution you earned the credential from and its location. Including any honours you received during your education can also help you show your skills to be a successful accounting assistant to employers.

6. Include your certifications

Lastly, mention any certifications or awards you have and the year of accomplishment. Though this section is not compulsory, including relevant certifications and awards can help you get the attention of potential employers. It can also prove that your skills and abilities are authentic and can validate your qualifications, highlighting you from other candidates for the same job. Create a new section and list all the awards and certificates in bullets.

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Skills you can include in your resume

Here are some of the important skills for the accounting assistant role you can include in your resume:


It is important for an accounting assistant job to know how basic record-keeping like accounts payable and receivable. Accounts payable manages a company's outgoing payments, which are typically paying invoices. Accounts receivable manages the collection of payments received by a company. While many big organisations have separate accounts payable and receivable departments, knowing both can help you highlight among other candidates before employers.

Accounting software

Accountants use various finance-specific software for their accounting works. Some popular software includes Tally, QuickBooks, Zoho Books and Wave. Being familiar with such software can help you perform your job better as an accounting assistant.

Communication skills

As an accounting assistant, you may work with accountants and managers, interact with various clients and manage written documents. Effective written and verbal communication skills are essential for this role to communicate clearly with clients and managers. Your job may also involve explaining complex accounting terms and requirements to non-finance clients in easily understandable terms, which also demands excellent communication skills.

Time management skills

Time management skills are important for the accounting assistant position as it helps them complete their deliverables on time. Efficient time management helps you better organise your tasks and timely deliver high-quality work. In the soft skills heading of your resume, you can add skills such as organisation, time-management, problem-solving and attention to detail.

Accounting assistant resume template

Here is a template for an accounting assistant resume you can use to create your own:

[Full name]
[Contact number]
[Email address]


[Two to four sentences emphasising your professional background and skills relevant to the accounting assistant position.]

Professional experience

[Job title]
[Company name] [Job location]
[Job duration]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]

[Job title]
[Company name] [Job location]
[Job duration]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]

  • [primary duty or accomplishment]


[Soft skills]

  • [skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

[Hard skills]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]


[Educational degree] [Year of attendance]

[Institution's name] [Institution's location]


  • [name of the certificate]

  • [name of the certificate]

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Example resume of accounting assistant

Here is an example resume of an accounting assistant:

Rohit Kumar
+91 99888 99888


A reliable and competent professional with four years of experience in accounts receivable. Increased client satisfaction by 13% in the eight months of employment for a large accounting firm. Looking for an accounting assistant role at the CDE accounting firm to utilise accounting knowledge, management skills, effective communication and time management skills in improving its accounting management.

Work experience

Accounting assistant

BDFC Accounting Firm, Mar 2019—present

  • help accountants and financial consultants in managing tax files

  • respond to client queries and concerns in consulting sessions

  • calculate business expenses and record them in the system

  • check data on reports

Account receivable head

BDCD Finances, May 2018—Mar 2019

  • managed account ledgers

  • devised an efficient technique to manage account receivables

  • oversaw account receivable clerks ensuring proper billings and collections


  • account receivable and payable

  • accounting software

  • spreadsheet

  • bookkeeping

  • tax filing

  • communication

  • attention to detail

  • time management


Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and finance,

World University, March 2018


Certificate of accounting and finance

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