How To Write An Accounting Manager Resume (With Example)

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Published 5 July 2022

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Accounting managers have an important job that involves supervising associates, developing systems to analyse financial information, ensuring that their team follows all accounting laws and policies and making sure their department operates efficiently. If you are looking to pursue a career as an accounting manager, knowing how to write an effective resume important for your job application process. Learning about how to write a resume that communicates your most relevant skills and qualifications can help you show you are a good fit for the job.

In this article, we explain the steps to write an accounting manager resume and also share a template and an example to help you write yours effectively.

What Is An Accounting Manager Resume?

An accounting manager resume is a professional document that candidates can use to show their skills, experience and credentials to potential employers when applying for an accounting manager position. It is advisable to submit a resume along with a cover letter and, if possible, a list of references when applying for a job. These documents help the hiring managers assess a candidate's core abilities and qualifications to help them determine if they can perform the job duties efficiently.

How To Write An Accounting Manager Resume

Here are the steps for writing an effective resume for accounting managers:

1. Read the job description carefully

Read the listing thoroughly for each position to which you are applying. This can help you identify the qualities the hiring manager prefers or expects in their ideal candidate. When you know what the hiring manager is looking for, you can draft your resume accordingly to highlight applicable skills and experiences that match their requirements.

For example, if the job listing states that the hiring manager wants an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of financial law, then you may write your resume to reflect these preferences. You can use your professional summary and work history sections to show that you have experience creating department policies that uphold financial laws. Including these details shows that you have the right qualities for the position.

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2. Create and format your outline

Start your resume by creating an outline or using a resume template. Having an outline helps you ensure you include all required section sections on your resume and organise them effectively. Consider having sections for your professional summary, work history, skills, education and certifications on your resume. As accounting managers usually have accounting experience, it is important to format your resume in a style that emphasises your relevant professional experience. For example, you may list your work history before your education to highlight your experience.

Besides including the right sections, it is also important to consider your formatting. Use a professional font style and use section headings to make your resume easy to read and navigate. For your section headings, use bold or italic formatting to make them visually distinct on the page. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to find the information they require at a glance.

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3. Prepare your header

Create a header that contains your first and last name and contact details. It is ideal to put this information at the top of your resume, so it is easy for the reader to find if they want to contact you. In your header, include details like your phone number and email address. You can also provide a link to your professional social media profile if you have one.

4. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is a brief statement that appears near the top of your resume. It is usually two to three sentences long. The purpose of a professional summary is to highlight your strongest professional assets while simultaneously conveying your professional goals and values. When you emphasise how your skills, experiences and career objectives match with the position to which you are applying, it can add value to your candidature.

As accounting managers typically occupy a mid or senior-level position, it is important to write a professional summary that demonstrates professional experience and accomplishments. For example, you can state how many years of experience you have in both managerial and accounting positions. This shows that you have the requisite experience to be suitable for the role.

5. Add details about your work history

Include a section on your resume to show your work history. Try to include two to three of your most recent or relevant positions. For each entry, add details like your official job title, the name of the company, its location and your dates of employment. You can also include a bulleted list of your core duties in the position.

For example, describe what you did in your last managerial role, or what leadership positions you took on as an associate accountant. These details show the hiring manager that you have the right skills for the position and are aware of the responsibilities the role entails.

6. Document your skills

You can also include a list of your skills in a separate section. As an accounting manager, you likely require a combination of interpersonal and technical skills. Try to include a mix of these skills when you write this section. Some soft skills you might include are communication, time management, organisation and leadership. You may also include technical skills like any accounting software in which you are proficient, along with your knowledge of financial laws and policies.

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7. Provide information about your educational background

Professionals usually require a bachelor's degree or higher to qualify as accounting managers. It is important to have an education section on your resume to show the reader that you meet the desired educational criteria for the role. List the title of your degree and the name of the institution from which you graduated in this section. You may also include your year of graduation if you completed your degree within the last three years.

8. Include relevant certifications

Add a section to the end of your resume to list any additional certifications you may have. Accounting managers can benefit from having certifications like their Chartered Accountant (CA) credentials or a managerial certification. Listing these qualifications on your resume may make your application more competitive because they show that you have specialised skills and meet a high standard of professional excellence.

Resume Template For Accounting Managers

Here is a template you can refer to if you are applying for jobs as an accounting manager:

[Phone number] | [Email address]

Professional Summary
[Write two to three sentences introducing yourself, stating your most relevant professional skills and your level of experience.]

Work Experience
[Job title] | [Dates of employment]
[Organisation's name], [City]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

[Job title] | [Dates of employment]
[Organisation's name], [City]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]

  • [Primary duty] + [Impact]


  • [Hard or soft skill] | [Hard or soft skill] | [Hard or soft skill] | [Hard or soft skill] | [Hard or soft skill]

[Title of degree earned]
[School name], [school location]

Awards or certifications
[List awards and certifications and the year you received them]

Sample Resume For Accounting Managers

Here is a sample resume to help you write your own:

Mahi Khatri
+91 961-842-737 |

Professional Summary
A committed professional with over 10 years of experience as an accounting manager seeking a leadership position. Looking to apply extensive knowledge of financial law and managerial experience to initiate effective accounting policies at RN Finances.

Work Experience
Accounting Manager | January 2017–Current
Accounting Consultancy, Mumbai

  • Lead a team of 15 dedicated accounting consultants who contract local business owners to provide financial advice and accounting services

  • Craft policies for the department team that reflect updates to financial laws and ensure compliance with legal and organisational standards

  • Implement new technology systems that increased productivity by 25% and decreased accounting errors by 60%

  • Maintain company records to ensure appropriate and accurate financial books of the organisation

  • Oversee the production of periodic financial reports of the company

Accounting Manager | December 2014–January 2017
Mumbai Professional Accounting Agency, Mumbai

  • Created, edited and published monthly 20+ page financial reports for executives, highlighting continued cost equipment savings, adjusted vendor service level agreements and increased insurance and patient payouts

  • Participated in budget forecasts, capital expenditure planning, comparison reports and cost reductions

  • Recruited, trained and built a team of three for a secondary office location within three months, establishing accounting guidelines and procedures for new clientele in a community centre care facility


  • Leadership

  • Team building

  • Budget development

  • Knowledge of financial and tax laws

  • Account reconciliation

  • Financial and systems analysis

Master of Business Administration
Mumbai University of Business and Accounting Leadership, Mumbai

Awards or certifications

  • Chartered Accountant, 2015

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