How To Write An Administrative Manager Resume (With Example)

Updated 2 December 2022

An administrative manager is usually in charge of coordinating workflows within the company as well as handling the administration system. Creating an interesting resume that attracts hiring managers' attention is critical to landing the job. Understanding what an employer is searching for when evaluating applications for the position of administrative manager can help you write your resume. In this article, we review how to write an administrative manager resume, see what skills to include, and provide a template and example resume to help you craft your own resume.

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How to write an administrative manager resume

It is important to follow these steps when preparing an administrative manager resume:

  1. Read the job description. The first step to take before you start writing your resume is to read the job description carefully. See how well you match the company's required qualifications and experience for the job.

  2. Choose a suitable format. Another crucial step is to choose a format that effectively showcases your skills and expertise. The chronological resume format is a common resume format that may be appropriate for experienced individuals.

  3. Collect your information. Gather all the relevant data and information to write your resume like the date and year when you received particular qualifications or degrees, the names of your previous employers and other information about your previous careers. Keeping all this information ready helps you in your resume writing process.

  4. Consider writing an objective. It is important to include an objective in your resume. Write the objective below your contact information at the top of their resumes so that this is the first thing a prospective employer notices when reviewing your application.

  5. Describe your professional experience. For each of your former jobs or other employment opportunities, such as internships, include the name of your employer, your position title, the dates of your work and the location. Make a list of bullet points that reflect your main responsibilities or achievements in that position.

  6. List your educational qualification. Enter your qualifications, including your degrees, diplomas, and certifications and other relevant details. You can also include in-progress credentials in this area if you are presently enrolled in a certificate, degree or training programme.

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What is an administrative manager?

An administrative manager oversees office operations and administrative staff members and ensures that they perform daily office operations in a seamless and efficient manner. The administrative manager hires, trains, and evaluates administrative team members. They also develop and improve policies, systems and procedures. A manager of administrative operations can work in a variety of settings. To improve efficiency, the manager may conduct evaluations of internal company processes. Some administrative operations managers can also be in charge of direct employee supervision. The administrative manager may collaborate with other managers to create effective processes in other workplace personnel structures.

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Duties and responsibilities of administrative manager

The administrative manager provides a wide range of office management and support to the company. These duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Supervise day-to-day operations of the administrative department and staff members

  • Hire, train and evaluate employees and take corrective action when necessary

  • Develop, review and improve administrative systems, policies and procedures

  • Ensure the office is stocked with necessary supplies and that all equipments are working and properly maintained

  • Coordinate with the accounts department and the management to set budgets, monitor spending and process payroll and other expenses

  • Plan, schedule and promote office events

  • Build and expand skills by engaging in educational opportunities

Skills to include in an administrative manager resume

When writing a resume for an administrative manager, you can put emphasis on the abilities you have that are most relevant to the job. On their resumes, some professionals add a separate section dedicated to talents. On an administrative manager resume, potential employers may look for the following skills:

Communication Skills

An administrative manager works with a variety of people, including office personnel, sales managers, and other departmental supervisors regularly. They know how to communicate their message to others in a straightforward and respectful manner, whether in person, over the phone, or via written correspondence such as email. Administrative managers interpret and use nonverbal communication cues, like body language or voice tone to respond correctly to others.

Organisational skills

Administrative managers are sometimes in charge of clerical duties, including scheduling meetings, entering sales data, replying to client letters and setting up file and database systems. Administrative managers may easily handle these administrative chores with their strong organisational abilities. Because administrative managers have a wide range of tasks, having good time management skills helps them arrange their schedules more effectively.

Leadership skills

Administrative managers have exceptional leadership skills along with time, task and resource management skills. As an administrative manager, you may be in charge of training new workers, keeping track of the performance for each representative and answering any questions team members may have. An administrative manager employs leadership skills to assist people in their organisation to meet daily targets and honing their abilities.

Other skills

Apart from the above skills, an administrative manager also possess the following:

  • Management skills to monitor overall administrative activities for the office

  • Computer skills, particularly with word processing software

  • Knowledge of budgeting and enforcement, human resources and customer service processes

  • Willingness to keep learning and improving abilities through educational opportunities

  • Experience with financial and facilities management principles

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

  • Active listening skills

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Administrative manager resume template

Here is a template you can use as a guide when composing your own resume:

[Your name]
[Your city and state]
[Your phone number]
[Your professional email]

[Write a few sentences that summarise your work experience, achievements and professional goals.]

Work experience
[Write the position you held, name of the companies or organisations, locations and dates–from and to worked, job responsibilities and achievements.]

[Write the details of degree received and certificated earned, name of college, university or institute, location and date of completion.]

[Write the details of your relevant skills.]

Sample resume for administrative managers

Here is a sample resume for administrative managers you may refer to when writing your resume:

Suresh Sharma
Bangalore, Karnataka
+91 9123456789

Adaptable administrative manager with great organisational abilities who manages both small and big administrative teams. Organises meetings and conference calls, creates itineraries and creates thorough spreadsheets. Through effective management practises, I am focused on maintaining efficient office operations.

Core qualification

  • Capable of multiple tasks several jobs at a given time while maintaining high quality standards

  • Ability to analyse and prioritise projects and office duties in a timely manner

  • Proficient in various software programs

  • Expert in assessing challenges and swiftly devising workable solutions

  • The ability to work under pressure and fulfil deadlines

  • Good motivator and team player

  • Exceptional research abilities

  • Exceptional communication abilities

    Administrative manager
    Axis Export Inc
    Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Booked hotels and arranged transportation

  • Planned meetings and made sure the conference room was ready for internal meetings

  • Made sure that the employees in the administrative department underwent hiring, training and supervising

  • Improved the overall productivity of the office

  • Responsible for preparing employee schedule and ensuring salary dispersion happened on time

  • Organised management and staff calendars and provided appointment reminders

  • Handled cash receipts and tracked cash withdrawals

  • Designed project-specific spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations

    Administrative officer
    Axis Export Inc
    Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Prepared expense reports and corporate presentations

  • Served as liaison between senior management and clients

  • Worked to streamline flow of interoffice communications

  • Prepared staff work schedules

    Educational Qualification
    Master's in Business Administration
    Ramya Business College
    Bangalore, Karnataka

Bachelor of Business Administration
Mysore College
Bangalore, Karnataka


  • Strong computer and organisational skills

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Self-motivated and adaptable with a positive attitude

  • Ability to learn new techniques, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, keep accurate records, follow instructions, and comply with company policies

  • Proficient computer skills and in-depth knowledge of relevant word processing software

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