Angular Developer Job Description: Duties And Skills

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Published 8 September 2022

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An Angular developer develops web applications using analytical reasoning, originality and problem-solving abilities. These professionals are in high demand due to the rising use of enterprise software and sophisticated web applications. If you are planning a career in Angular development, knowing about the typical duties of this job role can help you make an informed career decision. In this article, we define what an Angular developer job description entails, share an example job description, discuss the advantages of becoming an Angular developer, outline the primary responsibilities and skills of these professionals and look at some related FAQs.

What Is An Angular Developer Job Description?

An Angular developer job description can give you a precise overview of the employer's expectations from your role as a developer. Angular developers mainly focus on creating web and mobile applications and coordinating with back-end programmers to build representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (API). They may use advanced techniques like multi-threading to write non-blocking code. The employer usually prefers candidates with good programming and interpersonal skills.

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Primary Responsibilities Of An Angular Developer

Angular developers oversee the design and development of websites and of single-page, advanced, enterprise web, server-side rendered, graphic-rich and mobile applications. They may also create user-friendly and intuitive websites. Here are some of the daily responsibilities an Angular developer may perform:

  • Building dynamic and adaptable web applications

  • Performing analysis of product development

  • Delivering comprehensive front-end software

  • Working with back-end programmers to create REST API

  • Developing front-end application and asset infrastructure

  • Configuring, constructing and testing scripts within an ongoing integration environment

  • Using advanced techniques such as multi-threading to generate non-blocking code

  • Using Angular command-line interface to allow developers to do web application coding and configuration

  • Interacting with external website services

  • Assisting with workflow coordination between HTML programmers and graphic designers

  • Writing understandable HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) code

  • Making decisions regarding technical and design aspects of the Angular project

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Advantages Of Becoming An Angular Developer

Here are some advantages of becoming an Angular developer:

  • Diverse career options: As an Angular developer, you can work as a freelance developer, separate contractor or company employee. Along with that, you have the opportunity to build different web applications.

  • High demand: Angular developers are in high demand due to the necessity of websites in almost every industry. Due to the growing use of technology, websites have become essential for every business and industry.

  • Continuous learning possibilities: This position requires proficiency in multiple programming languages and database knowledge. Since technology is a developing and highly dynamic field, this role may require a strong knowledge of the latest technology and fundamentals, which you can learn from books, online videos and courses.

  • High earning potential: Salary is an intriguing factor that motivates many candidates to choose Angular development. With experience and ongoing skill development, these professionals may have the potential to earn a good salary.

Requirements For Becoming An Angular Developer

An Angular developer role requires particular educational qualifications. Here are the requirements for becoming an Angular developer:


The minimum requirement for becoming an Angular developer is to complete a graduate-level course in information technology, computer science or a related field. Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Bachelor of Science (BSc) in computer science and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) are some degrees employers often prefer in a candidate. BE and BTech degrees are four-year programmes, while BSc and BCA are three-year courses. Typically, you can meet the requirements within three to four years. Taking additional courses in JavaScript, Angular framework and CSS can help secure a desirable position.


Some employers look for candidates with experience working on original projects or in a practical setting. Training programmes and internships offer practical experiences that complement your academic knowledge. Working alongside an experienced Angular developer, you can learn the position's requirements and gain a deeper understanding of the role. To gain relevant experience, you can also volunteer to develop websites and applications for NGOs. Once you finish college, you can also go for a training programme or internship for better understanding and practical experience.

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Key Angular Developer Skills

Here are some technical skills an employer looks for in Angular developer candidates:

  • REST web services and APIs: Understanding REST (also known as RESTful) web services and APIs can allow the expansion of Angular development.

  • JavaScript: Angular builds interactive application elements using JavaScript. You can create a user-friendly website with complex animations and enhanced interactivity if you have prior coding experience.

  • Testing: Along with writing error-free codes, Angular developers test, identify and debug the coding errors of other developers.

  • HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS help create application user interfaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • SEO: Understanding the best SEO practices enables developers to build single-page applications that are search engine friendly.

  • TypeScript: TypeScript facilitates the management of large web projects by providing a more robust framework for producing error-free code.

  • Node package manager (NPM): Developers use the NPM to install Angular and other client-side web development packages.

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Tips To Become An Angular Developer

Here are some tips you can follow to help you get an Angular developer job:

  • Keep your basic concepts clear: Learning the fundamentals of software coding and web application development can be beneficial if you are new to web development. You can consider learning the basics through books, online videos and courses or by getting a mentor.

  • Build a portfolio: Focus on building your work portfolio to showcase your application developments when considering getting an Angular development job. It can allow you to build a productive career and increase the visibility of your application.

  • Keep practicing: Though you have mastered the necessary skills, continuing your education can help you design responsive and user-friendly web applications. Practicing your programming skills may increase your probability of getting or securing a position in your desired company.

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Sample Job Description Of An Angular Developer

We are a visionary and expanding company looking for a skilled Angular developer with at least seven years of experience. Our ideal candidate can comprehend our business requirements and create new Angular-based web applications. You may be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the functionality of existing applications as part of your job duties. Our company is looking for someone who can assist with the creation and maintenance of projects. As an Angular developer, you can collaborate with project managers, developers, software architects, analysts, testers and engineers.

The required educational qualification is a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and good interpersonal skills. We expect all our staff members to regularly update the project's stakeholders on its status. Our organisation regularly checks the development processes and procedures. We hope that successful candidates can adapt to the work environment quickly.

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FAQ Related To Angular Developer Jobs

Here are some FAQs related to Angular developer jobs:

What do Angular developers develop?

Primarily, Angular developers develop mobile and web applications. Following are some of the things they can develop:

  • Reusable components: An Angular developer develops components that assist in hiding the CSS and complex document object model environment and structure. These professionals develop customised and reusable components that contribute to the look and design of applications.

  • Forms and validation: Client-side form validation can significantly improve user experience. Developers display the validation rules of various forms using a small amount of code.

  • Dynamic web applications: Angular developers build simple and user-friendly single-page applications using the Angular framework.

  • Enterprise web applications: The Angular framework enables programmers to build scalable projects. Developers also use it to create enterprise web applications that offer advanced refactoring and navigational features.

  • Internationalisation: Developers may create applications accessible to audiences worldwide using the Angular framework. It allows localising numbers and currencies.

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Is it challenging to become an Angular developer?

Angular development is a viable career option for anyone with an aptitude for information technology and originality. Becoming an Angular developer can be easy if you commit to lifelong learning and proficiency in multiple tools and technologies. A fundamental requirement for becoming an Angular developer is the command of multiple programming languages.

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Why are there increasing demands for Angular developers?

Angular developers are professionals with diverse skills that enable them to work independently on a project basis. Because of their experience and skill set, they can often master new technologies and languages. The growing requirements of technologies in the world increase the demand for Angular developers. Besides writing code, they identify problems, bugs and glitches in web applications. During web application development's planning, implementation and testing phases, these professionals can collaborate with clients. They are goal-oriented and comprehend the expectations of a web application's end user. As a result, demand is high for these professionals.

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