Writing An Associate Product Manager Resume (With Template)

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Updated 31 January 2023

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Creating an effective resume can help associate product managers increase their job opportunities. Your resume demonstrates to a hiring manager that you possess the requisite knowledge and education to succeed in this position. Learning about writing a resume can help you determine which structure best suits you according to your educational and professional background. In this article, we discuss what an associate product manager resume is, describe how to write one, including some helpful tips and provide a template and an example you can use as a guide while writing your own.

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What is an Associate Product Manager resume?

An Associate product manager resume summarises the professional background, expertise, education and skill sets of an entry- or mid-level product specialist. It can demonstrate to a hiring manager that a candidate possesses the business expertise, technological capabilities and marketing expertise necessary to assist a lead product manager and perform other essential duties. It is usually a necessary part of your job application process, where you submit your resume to introduce yourself and convey your suitability for the position to your potential employers.

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How to write an Associate Product Manager resume

Here are the steps you can follow to write a resume for an Associate product manager:

1. Select a resume format

Select a resume format that can help you organise your job experience, skills and education in a logical and orderly manner. Consider using an outline structure, which divides each element into a section and includes headings. It may also be beneficial to arrange your resume components in a particular order, depending on your work experience and job requirements. For instance, entry-level candidates who have recently earned a bachelor's degree may prioritise their educational background, skills and project experience over their professional background, as these components may demonstrate their qualifications more directly.

2. Add your personal details

Include your contact information at the beginning of a document to emphasise its importance and make it easily accessible to the hiring manager. Consider keeping your first and last names bold and font size larger than the rest of the resume content. It can help the hiring managers recall your name more easily when reviewing multiple applications. Following that, add your residential address, phone number and email address beneath your name.

3. Write your objective statement

In two to four sentences, summarise your professional background, skills and interests. Consider reviewing the job description to determine which aspects to emphasise and try using similar language. This approach may increase your chances of moving on to the next stage of the hiring process. Emphasise your interest in production management so that the hiring manager can understand your career goals.

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4. Highlight your work experiences

Include your professional experiences, including any previous jobs, internships or volunteer positions, in production management or a related industry. Add your job title, the name of the company or organisation, along with work duration to each job title. Then, describe key responsibilities and achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform the duties outlined in the job description. Add the key responsibilities in a bulleted list to make the document more concise.

5. List your skills

Below the experience section, create a section highlighting your relevant skills. Include a list of hard skills that demonstrates your ability to manage products and some soft skills that show your professionalism. Examine the job description for any process frameworks or software skills listed in the preferred qualifications section, such as scrum or a product development platform and then include all the competencies you possess. Some skills you can include in your resume are product strategy, budgeting and accounting, market research, teamwork, creativity, analytical thinking and time management.

6. Provide your educational background

Read the job description to determine the educational requirements or preferences for the position. Hiring managers may value candidates with some educational background in product management, as this demonstrates relevant industry knowledge and willingness for career advancement. You can also include a higher degree in a relevant field or supplemental business, marketing or technology courses to demonstrate additional expertise. Mention the name of the degree or certification you earned, the institution from which you got the degree, its location and the dates you attended.

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7. Mention relevant activities

It is usually helpful to include any product management-related activities you have undertaken, as this shows hiring managers that your enthusiasm for the field extends beyond the workplace. It can emphasise your ability to execute tasks, which is a necessary skill set for associate product managers and senior product management positions in this career path. Include the project's or event's name and your part in each entry, followed by bullet points detailing your involvement.

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8. Include achievements and awards

Included the honours that demonstrate your expertise in product management-related skills. A hiring manager may value candidates who have received recognition for their expertise from an institution or a particular community, as this usually indicates both commitment and a strong work ethic. You may include awards earned during a previous academic programme or professional recognitions.

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Resume template for an associate product manager position

Here is a template you can use to create your resume for the associate product manager role:

[Full name]
[Residential address]
[contact number]
[Email address]
[Your professional portfolio, if relevant]

Objective statement

[Write a two to three-line paragraph emphasising your professional achievements, skills and interest in the editorial assistant role.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company name], [Job location]
[Job duration]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

[Job title] [Company name], [Job location]
[Job duration]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

  • [Key responsibilities]

Soft skills

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

Technical skills

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]


[Name of the degree]
[Institution's name] [Institution's location]
[Year of attendance]

Project experience

[Project name] [Role on the project] [Location] [Start date–end date]

  • [Project responsibilities]

  • [Project responsibilities]

  • [Project responsibilities]

Awards and recognitions

[Name of award]
[Date awarded]

Example resume for an associate product manager role

Here is an example resume for an associate product manager role you can refer to while writing your own:

Akshit Kumar
Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
+91 77888 77888

Objective statement

Enthusiastic assistant product manager, looking for a job in a technical or creative field. Expertise in business strategy, technical design, marketing and sales. Developed 28 phone models with lead managers, resulting in an 18% increase in revenue in three years. Completed projects for independent clients and start-up businesses as a volunteer product manager.

Work experience

Associate product manager
HDBN Tech, Gurgaon
December 2019-present

  • assisted senior product manager in sourcing product materials, strategising marketing techniques and designing roadmaps

  • conducted thorough market research to find optimal consumer bases

  • built decision-making processes for product development and marketing strategies, resulting in a 6% increase in revenue within a year

  • maintained good relationships with all departments of a supply chain to guarantee a cohesive process and product integrity

Junior product manager
Product Management Company, Tamil Nadu
June 2018-November 2019

  • created product specification documents for all 2017-2018 new releases, improving department efficiency by 20%

  • performed market research to examine competitor strategies and run analysis on consumer data

  • helped in quality assurance procedures, including a bi-monthly review of all protocols to provide maximum outcome

Soft skills

  • strategic thinking

  • attention to detail

  • time management

  • communication

  • leadership

  • creativity

Technical skills

  • A/B testing

  • market research

  • agile method

  • data analysis

  • project roadmaps

  • software development


Bachelor of Business Administration in economics
Haryana University of Commerce, Haryana
May 2018

Certificate of Product Management
Certification Institute, Mumbai
April 2021

Project experience

Social Media Site
Developer and market analyst
Patel Nagar, New Delhi

  • collaborated with team members, including software developers, marketing managers and graphic designers, to create a user-friendly social media platform

  • designed a direct and instant messaging system with a team of engineers and received commendations in website reviews

  • did market research for grant applications, resulting in two investments by private investors worth ₹50,000

Awards and Recognition
Expert Researcher Award
Haryana University of Commerce April 2019

Tips for writing a resume for an Associate product manager role

Here are some tips for writing an effective resume for the Associate product manager position:

  • Use action verbs in your work experience section. Action verbs can help you framework work responsibilities and achievements clearly, which may help a manager determine if your skills from a previous position can apply to a new one.

  • Prioritise significant attributes. Reflect on your capabilities to determine the best way to order your job duties and skills list. It is also helpful to align your strongest proficiencies with the requirements of a job description.

  • Use quantifiable information. Include a statistic or measurable information to emphasise contents in your work history and any project lists. The hiring manager may appreciate knowing more precise information about your impact on the workplace.

  • Proofread the resume several times. Review your resume for any spelling, grammatical or formatting errors before you submit an application. It may be helpful to ask a friend or family member to review the document, as an additional perspective can help increase your content's quality.

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