Automation Tester Resume (With Template, Example And Tips)

Updated 2 September 2023

When applying for automation tester jobs, a strong resume can help you make a positive first impression with potential employers. Your resume can showcase why you are a suitable candidate for the position by highlighting your skills, qualifications and expertise. If you are looking for a job as an automation tester, knowing how to create a compelling resume can increase your chances of getting hired. In this article, we discuss the automation tester resume and how to create one, share a template and an example and explain a few tips for creating a resume.

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What is an automation tester resume?

An automation tester resume is an official document highlighting a candidate's skills, qualifications and work experience in automation testing. Automation testers design and implement technological processes to automate various tasks. They usually have extensive knowledge of various technology applications, programming and development tools to optimise systems and processes. Automation testers perform functional tests, debugging and analysis on design systems to ensure they operate efficiently.

The purpose of automation testing is to ensure each process works optimally while consistently producing high-quality output. Creating a compelling resume is an opportunity to highlight the relevant skills and professional experience you have while applying for an automation tester job.

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How to create an automation tester resume

You can consider the following steps to create a professional resume for automation tester job application:

1. Start with your contact information

At the start of your resume, mention your full name, your contact number and email address. Keep this information concise and easy to find. You may also add additional contact information, such as an alternative phone number and the uniform resource locators (URL) of your website or professional networking page. This can provide employers with multiple ways to reach you to schedule an interview.

2. Write a professional summary

Next, write a short professional summary that emphasises your most relevant and impressive qualities. This can help you make a positive first impression and personalise your resume. In this section, list your past accomplishments related to the specific job role. Try to include relevant statistics and proof to back up your claims. Focus on highlighting previous positions that are in the same industry or require similar skills as the job you are applying for to help potential employers understand why you are a good fit for the position.

3. List your work experience

Include the job title, years of employment, organisation name and location of each of your past positions in the work experience section of your resume. List experiences that are most relevant to the job role you seek. Then, for each role, add a bulleted list of your job responsibilities and accomplishments. Provide precise details on the tasks you completed, how they benefited the organisation or client and the abilities you utilised to complete them. If you are applying as a fresher, consider including relevant internships or volunteer experience in this section and focus on your skills.

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4. Mention relevant skills

In this section, include skills you have not previously mentioned in your resume to convey your strengths and abilities clearly. You can include both hard and soft skills on your resume to demonstrate your qualifications and capabilities. You may add soft skills such as communication, attention to detail, teamwork, empathy and leadership and hard skills such as understanding of specific programming languages, the experience of working with various agile processes and other software and tools applicable for the job.

5. Include your education

This section lists your educational qualifications and degrees, starting with the highest level of education first. Include the year you graduated, the name of the college and its location. You may also include any honours you received as a part of your degree programme. This can show potential employers you have the fundamental knowledge to be a successful automation tester.

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6. List awards and certifications

Finally, list any awards or certifications you have acquired and the year when you received them. While this part is optional, including relevant awards and credentials can impress prospective employers. Additionally, it can demonstrate that a third party has recognised your skills. This helps validate your credentials and distinguish you from other candidates with comparable experience.

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Resume template for automation tester jobs

You can customise the following template to create your resume for automation tester job application:

[Residential address]
[Contact number]
[Email ID]

Professional summary

[Introduce yourself, explain your qualifications and add content that shows you are a suitable candidate for the position.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Dates of employment]
[Organisation's name], [City, State]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Dates of employment]
[Organisation's name], [City, State]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]


  • [Hard or soft skill]

  • [Hard or soft skill]


[Title of degree earned], [Attendance dates]
[Institute's name], [Institute's city and state]
[Academic performance]

Awards or certifications

[List awards and certification with the year you received them]

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Example resume for automation tester job

Here is an example resume of an automation tester you can refer to when creating your own:

Rohit Kumar +91 999-888-777

Professional summary

Computer science engineer with over six years of experience in testing and requirements analysis. Background in commercial test automation and lean process management with a focus on testing complex applications and agile project management. Qualifications include:

  • Experience working throughout the entire software development life cycle, including testing and quality processes

  • Advance knowledge of UNIX and shell scripting

  • Experience working with Python and Robot Framework

  • Strong understanding of QA processes and the testing industry

  • Experience in project management and agile workflow methods

Work experience

Automation Tester, Aug 2020–Feb 2022
SKT Ltd., Mumbai, India

  • Writing test cases and test plans, executing test scripts and reporting defects

  • Managing the entire QA life cycle, from design and development through execution

  • Testing applications manually and with automated tools, such as Quality Centre

  • Executing MySQL queries to validate and analyse data

  • Training team members to execute test cases

  • Implementing test automation as part of regression testing

  • Demonstrating the automation framework for clients and communicating project status updates

Quality Assurance Analyst, June 2016–Aug 2020
BCD Ltd., New Delhi, India

  • Managed and planned work offshore as the QA lead

  • Planned and oversaw releases to ensure high-quality delivery

  • Implemented system improvements to improve productivity and increase revenue

  • Coordinated timelines and status updates with clients, application owners and key stakeholders

  • Monitored front-end functionalities and back-end validations

  • Designed and implemented automation scripts

  • Collected and reported RCAs


  • C++, MySQL, Python and JavaScript

  • Testing script development

  • Quality assurance

  • Communication

  • Teamwork


Bachelor of Technology in computer science engineering, June 2016
Institute of Engineering and Technology New Delhi, India


Certified software test engineer (CSTE), 2017

Tips for creating an impressive resume

When writing your resume for an automation tester job role, follow these tips:

Include the specific skills outlined in the job posting

An effective strategy to distinguish your resume is incorporating relevant skills based on the job description. Some organisations use an automated selection method to identify specific terms and skills in a resume and shortlist or reject applications based on the same. Incorporating industry and employer-specific terms into your resume can make it look more attractive than other job applications.

Keep your resume short and simple

Make sure you limit the resume to one or two pages. This simplifies the review process for hiring managers and recruiters. You can highlight certain words or phrases by using a different font or italicising the text. A well-organised and concise resume positions you as a professional candidate.

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Customise your resume

Rather than applying for different jobs with the same resume and cover letter, customise them to the specific requirements of each position. This might assist you in emphasising your skills and experience that are relevant to a particular job posting. Concentrate on organising your sections to make it easier for hiring managers to identify your automation testing skills.

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