How To Write An Azure Administrator Resume (With Template)

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Published 3 July 2022

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Several companies use Azure, a cloud computing program for storage, networking and infrastructure-related needs. This complex program requires dedicated knowledge and skill set to run efficiently, often provided by Azure administrators. If you are familiar with Azure and would like to apply for the position of an Azure Administrator, it is important to have a well-written resume that appeals to recruiters. In this article, we discuss the benefits of writing an Azure administrator resume, steps to go about creating one along with a template and an example to help you create your own.

Benefits Of Writing An Azure Administrator Resume

Following are some major benefits of creating an Azure administrator resume:

Present yourself professionally

A strong resume can recommend you to potential employers, as it is usually the first thing they see or read about you. You may improve the professionalism of your resume by including the specific job you are looking for and the related skills you possess that qualify you for that job. As an Azure administrator, you can include the specifics of your experience. Formatting the above information in a clean and easy-to-read resume can show your ability to present information accurately and your familiarity with the standards and requirements of the position.

Stay prepared for opportunities

Having a well-written and updated resume can help you stay prepared for opportunities that you may encounter. It helps you apply to more opportunities without wasting time and can lead to quicker results. It can also help you assess your skills, strengths and weaknesses from time to time and understand your professional journey better. Constantly updating your resume can help you make it more effective and impressive to the potential employer.

Showcase your skills and experience to employers

By having a resume as an Azure administrator, you can demonstrate that you have specific Azure-related abilities and skills that a position requires. A resume can help you highlight your most important skills, thus showing the employer that you are a good fit for the position. A recruiter can check for essential skills by skimming through your resume to determine if you are qualified. Adding relevant experience sections and accomplishments in previous organisations can increase your chances of selection in an interview.

Get screened by application tracking systems

Many companies use an application tracking system to help them review resumes and find promising applicants. This system uses keywords programmed by the hiring manager and searches for them in resumes and cover letters. You can appeal to the application tracking system by considering what specific words are likely to be keywords for a specific position. An Azure administrator position may have keywords that describe the platform and the most common tasks associated with it. By including those keywords in your resume, you can increase the chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

Help employers gain more insight about you

Having a resume helps an employer understand you better. It can help an employer assess your skills and strengths to decide if you are a good fit for the organisation. Your profile statement, experience, education and skills can help a potential employer gauge the benefits you may bring to a particular role. Skimming through a resume gives them a basic understanding of several aspects, thus helping them save precious time and energy during the recruitment process.

How To Write A Resume As An Azure Administrator

Follow the below steps while creating your resume:

1. Create your resume header

Adding your contact information is the first and most important step in a resume. Add your full name, phone number, email address and location to the resume. It is integral that your information is accurate in the resume header because this is how the recruiter will communicate with you in case they shortlist your resume for an interview.

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2. Add your profile statement

Once you add your contact information, the next step is to add a profile statement. This statement serves as a summary of your skills, qualifications and experience, and gives the recruiter an idea of what you can offer to the company. It gives one an idea of your personality and professional aspirations as well.

3. List your relevant skills

It is important to choose a handful of important skills to list on your resume. The skills section should contain only relevant technical and transferable skills in accordance with the requirements of the position you are pursuing. Including irrelevant skills can take the recruiter's attention off important skills, which may lead to a loss of opportunity.

4. List your professional experience

A good practice while listing your professional experience is to use a reverse chronological order. Only include experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Start with the most recent job experience, name of the organisation and duration worked. Include a list of important job responsibilities and accomplishments, if any.

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5. List your educational qualifications and certifications

Listing down educational qualifications is a critical step while creating a resume. Educational qualifications can give a recruiter more understanding of your learning areas, background and strengths, and thus determine if you are a good fit for the position. You may include another section to include relevant certifications to establish your expertise in a certain skill.

6. Polish and proofread your resume

The last step is to edit and proofread your resume before submitting it to the recruiter. Read through your resume and identify any awkward sentence structures and formatting errors, and correct them. Cleaning your resume suggests to the potential employer that you are genuine and serious about applying for a role.

Resume Template For An Azure Administrator

Here is a template you can use to create a resume for the position of Azure administrator:

[Your Name]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]


[A brief introduction of yourself consisting of your personality, soft skills, technical skills, professional aspirations and work experience. You can customise this statement in accordance with the position you are applying for.]


  • Relevant technical skill

  • Relevant technical skill

  • Relevant technical skill

  • Relevant technical skill

  • Transferable soft skill

  • Transferable soft skill

  • Transferable soft skill

  • Transferable soft skill

Work experience

[in reverse chronological order]

[Most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

[Second most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

[Third most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility

  • List an accomplishment or job responsibility


[Most recent degree or educational qualification/highest degree qualification]

[Institution], [city, state]

[Start date-end date]


[Name of acquired certification]

[Date acquired]

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Resume Example For An Azure Administrator

You can use the following example to create your own resume as an Azure administrator:

Rajashree Ramesh

Rama Murthy Nagar, Bangalore

45 2323 7665


Highly motivated professional with over seven years of experience in AI and Azure Cloud Computing programs. Passionate about technology with exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills.


  • Office 365 administration

  • Azure administration

  • Technical analysis and server setup

  • Good understanding of IIS

  • In-depth understanding of Linux System Administration

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Acute attention to detail

  • Good problem-solving skills

Work experience

Azure Cloud Administrator, Sound Delta

Firoz Nagar, Bangalore


  • Automate over 30 tasks in Azure CLI

  • Use Azure portal to deploy virtual machines to a virtual network

  • Install operating systems on 50 devices and servers

  • Use PowerShell script to deploy virtual machines, network, storage and affinity groups

  • Configure site-to-site VPN connectivity

  • Capture images of virtual machines and attached disk to virtual machines

Systems Administrator, Tiara Software

Bangalore, Karnataka


  • Responsible for managing 20 Microsoft 365 licenses

  • Involved in employing PowerShell scripts to perform administrator activities

  • Involved in migration of 250 mailboxes to Exchange within Office 365

  • Actively resolved various software and hardware issues for assets

  • Managed various permissions, roles and accounts for applications and databases in the organisation

  • Involved in verifying and testing various backup solutions

IT Support Specialist, Rayzor INC

Bangalore, Karnataka


  • Responsible for providing IT support to 50 internal users

  • Conducted training, onboarding and offboarding sessions and administered email accounts to employees

  • Responsible for managing office supplies and providing necessary feedback to managers

  • Contributed to updating IT support documentation leading to 10% decrease in ticket volume

  • Performed active troubleshooting of software, hardware and network issues


Bachelor of Computer Applications

National University, Karnataka

(April 2012-March 2015)

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

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