How To Write A Cabin Crew Resume (With Template And Example)

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Updated 21 January 2023

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An airline's cabin crew consists of flight attendants who follow instructions from outside the cockpit. They ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable during flights and notify passengers if needed. The male flight attendants are known as hosts, while the female staff are called hostesses. In this article, we learn how to write a cabin crew resume, look at the responsibilities of these professionals and go through a template.

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How To Write A Cabin Crew Resume?

By learning how to write a cabin crew resume, you can understand the job expectations and responsibilities and be prepared for interviews. It is important to highlight skills and qualities relevant to cabin crew members, for instance, friendliness, approachability, enthusiasm and a high level of customer service in your resume. Notably, recruiters look for candidates who understand customer well-being and safety guidelines. Here are the steps to writing a resume for cabin crew members:

1. Go through the job requirements

Read the job description to be sure you are qualified for the job. It is good to research the company to find out more about its values and mission to determine how the position may fit your career objectives. Cabin crew jobs often offer attractive salaries, work-life balance and come with travel opportunities.

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2. Include your basic information

Employers need your contact information to arrange the interview and give you updates about the hiring process. A common practice is to make sure that your name and contact information appear first on the page in a format that makes it easier for employers to locate you. Make sure to include an email address and a phone number on your resume.


Rohit Das

3. Choose an appropriate resume format

Creating a professional cabin crew resume is a key component of this application, whether it is for a cabin crew position or attending an airline's opening day. Consider your career experience and skills while choosing the best format for your resume. A well-structured template can therefore help you make your application clear to the recruiter and help them review your achievements and skills. You can find a variety of professionally designed resume templates online. Alternatively, you can design your own resume format.

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4. Put together an objective or a summary

A resume summary explains your professional skills and experience briefly. When a recruiter reads your summary, they may be able to see how you can benefit their company and assess the level of expertise you possess. Make sure to list the summary of your profile below the contact details, which can help employers quickly determine whether you meet the job requirements in terms of your overall professional experience and valuable skills. The majority of airlines require at least two years of experience in customer service, sales or hospitality.


Lead flight attendant with over three years of experience on domestic and international charter and commercial flights. Proficient in emergency situations and achievement of excellent customer service rating of 97.2%. Seeking to leverage my safety skills and uphold organisational reputation in a well-renowned airline.

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5. Include educational qualifications

The presence of detailed educational qualifications may add to the credibility of your application, even though experience and skills are the deciding factors for recruiters. Good grades and a consistent academic record can distinguish your resume from others. Start with your most recent or highest degree and list your other educational accomplishments alongside the college and location you attended.

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6. Add certifications and training

Include information relevant to the job for which you are applying. Among these are memberships in organisations, volunteer work, computer skills, certifications, awards and hobbies. It is common for employers to seek transferrable skills that they can apply across multiple contexts and aid in the growth of a candidate.

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7. Mention the relevant skills

Include the relevant skills in this section of your resume. Mention a mix of hard skills that pertain to your role as a cabin crew member and soft skills that add to your personality and work style. Describe your greatest strengths with adjectives to make them more credible. Make sure to include any job-specific skills or qualifications.


  • Emergency procedures

  • Inventory management

  • Serving beverages

  • Pre- and post-flight checks

  • Attention to details

  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation

  • Ability to work independently or on a team

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8. Proofread your resume

It is important that the grammar, spelling and punctuation on your cabin crew resume are correct. Read it aloud to identify any errors you may have missed while authoring your resume. Consider asking your network, such as your mentors and friends, to look over your resume and offer feedback. Refer to the job description to ensure that your resume information matches what the employer wants.

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Responsibilities Of Cabin Crew

Here are some of the responsibilities cabin crew follow before, during and after flights:

  • Make sure passengers are safe and secure by checking the cabins throughout the flight.

  • Verify that cabins are in compliance with safety and security regulations before take-offs.

  • Prepare for upcoming flights by attending pre-flight briefings.

  • Ensure in-flight equipment and systems are functioning prior to take-off.

  • Provide assistance to passengers with special needs.

  • Answer passengers' questions and aid promptly.

  • Maintain cabin cleanliness by performing duties.

  • Provide passengers with information about air turbulence safety.

  • Make in-flight announcements to passengers.

  • Carry out in-flight sales for passengers.

  • Report any unwelcome passenger behaviour.

  • Follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during emergency drills.

  • Perform basic first-aid.

  • Provide defibrillators to passengers on board when necessary.

  • Resolve passenger conflicts during flights.

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Cabin Crew Resume Template

Here is a cabin crew resume template you can use:

[Phone number]
[Email address]

Objective or summary

[Add a professional objective or summary to introduce yourself and highlight your experience and qualifications]


  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company name], [City, State]
[Duration of the job using months and years]

  • [Achievement, responsibility or job duty]

  • [Achievement, responsibility or job duty]

Training or certifications

[Name of training course or certification]
[Name of the organisation that sponsored your course or certification], [Month and year earned]

Education history

[Degree or certificate]
[Name of school], [Range of dates attended using months and years]
[City, State]


  • [Achievement or award]

  • [Achievement or award]

  • [Achievement or award]


  • [Language] [Level of expertise]

  • [Language] [Level of expertise]

  • [Language] [Level of expertise]

Cabin Crew Resume Sample

Refer to this example while authoring your cab crew resume:

Arijit Roy

Professional summary
Customer-focused flight attendant with over five years of experience in domestic flights and a proven record of high customer satisfaction. Up-to-date knowledge of safety practices and aircraft. Record of success in achieving 98.8% positive reviews from passengers. Seeking a position of cabin crew in a well-renowned airline to provide quality customer service and continue improving professional development.


  • Intercom operation

  • Safety orientation announcements

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Plane evacuation protocols

  • Inventory control

  • Emergency procedures

  • Communication skills

  • Public speaking

  • Organisational skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation

Work experience

Flight attendant
Livhigh Airlines, Amritsar
May 2017–June 2019

  • Recommended an alternative boarding system that reduces delays by 9%

  • Covered flight time of over 800 hours in commercial aircraft holding up to 350 people

  • Successfully completed flight reports for every journey

  • Secured luggage using efficient stowing techniques

  • Successfully performed pre-flight checks

  • Served refreshments to all passengers – received 97.8% positive feedback from passenger satisfaction surveys

Flight attendant
JH Airlines, Ahmedabad
August 2015-March 2017

  • Provided assistance and guidance to passengers for their safety and comfort

  • Conducted safety checks before every flight

  • Prepared and submitted flight incident reports

  • Explained how to use emergency equipment to passengers

  • Monitored, managed and secured the cabin

  • Assisted passengers with special needs as needed

  • Assured passengers during turbulence

  • Provided emergency First Aid and medical care when necessary

Airport station attendant
MK Airlines, Chandigarh
January 2014–May 2015

  • Performed cabin responsibilities and ensured customer comfort

  • Assisted passengers with luggage check-ins at the ticket counter

  • Loaded and unloaded bags and other baggage

  • Assisted passengers by providing directions and answering questions

  • Manned the arrival and departure gates

  • Upheld and reinforced regulatory requirements for customer safety

Training and certifications
First Aid certification
IPT Hospital, July 2013

Education history

Travel management and aviation hospitality
Moonlight Academy College, Pune
August 2015–May 2017


  • Livhigh Airlines Customer Satisfaction Award in 2019

  • Got special recognition from JH Airlines for emergency response on a flight in 2017

  • JH Airlines Employee of the Year in 2016


English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent, native language)
Punjabi (Conversational)

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