Writing A Call Centre Resume (With Template And Skills)

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Updated 24 February 2023

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Call centres often assist consumers who have questions, concerns or feedback about a company's products or services. Knowing what hiring managers are looking for when applying for a call centre job can help increase your chances of getting the job. If you are looking for a job at a call centre, it is good to write a resume that truly reflects your talents and experience.

In this article, we explain how to write a call centre resume and provide a template and an example resume which you can use for reference while creating your own and list helpful skills for such jobs.

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How To Write A Call Centre Resume?

Consider following these steps to help you write your call centre resume:

1. Decide on a format

A functional resume is better for an entry-level role. You may choose to utilise one of two other styles when applying for a call centre job. If you have a significant experience in a relevant sector, a chronological resume is a more suitable option. It showcases your job history at the top of the page. If your work experience and talents match the job requirements, you can also use a combination resume format to highlight your competence.

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2. Add your contact information

You can include your name and contact information in the top left corner or the centre of your resume. Your name, the location where you live, your phone number and your email address can go in this section. You can make your name stand out by making it bold at the top of your resume. Contact information is critical since it enables the recruiting manager to contact you and schedule an interview.

3. Include a brief objective

Include a one-three sentence overview of your job history and areas of expertise in the section next to your contact information. Utilise this summary statement to express your primary talents and capabilities relevant to the position and why you would be an excellent fit for this position. For example, call centre roles require great communication abilities. You can include such traits in your resume objective to show hiring managers that your abilities match the job description.

4. Mention your work experience

Your resume showcases your work experience, emphasising positions in related fields. Customer service, project management and entry-level call centre employment qualify as relevant work experience for call centre jobs. Along with the job title, include the company and dates of employment. Include a bulleted list of work responsibilities under the date. You may also include any accomplishments or accolades received during your tenure in the post.

Consider referencing the job advertisement to find keywords or phrases the employer is seeking. If relevant, you may include them in your job experience. Consider utilising action verbs when explaining the duties you completed in each role.

5. Add your education

Many call centre roles require a bachelor's degree, so be sure to include your education on your resume. Include your highest-level degree in the education section. If you have a bachelor's degree, you may not disclose your high school graduation information. Include the title of your degree, the field of study, the college or university from which you graduated and the year of graduation.

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6. List skills and certifications

This section emphasises your unique skills and abilities and demonstrates what differentiates you from other candidates to hiring managers. You may consider categorising your skills into hard, soft, technical and industry-related categories. The resume for a call centre role is attractive if it reflects your proficiency in customer service, communication and interpersonal abilities.

7. Proofread and edit

Take the time to proofread your resume for clarity, grammatical issues and formatting errors. It is critical that your resume is simple to read and free of grammatical or spelling errors to highlight your abilities and experience. Consider printing your resume before submitting it with a job application to ensure it is legible and error-free. Utilise professional typefaces such as Times New Roman or Arial and maintain a font size between 10 and 12 points for enhanced readability.

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Resume Template For A Call Centre Job

When writing your resume for a call centre job, it is critical to adhere to the proper format. This can help ensure that the hiring manager can easily read your resume and assess whether you have the required credentials. You can utilise the following template to assist you in writing your call centre manager resume:

[Full name]
[City, State]
[Contact number]
[Email address]


[Two three sentences that emphasise your professional achievements and skills applicable to the job role you are applying for.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Name of organisation]
[Duration of employment]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]


[Name of degree]
[Name of college or university] [City, State]
[Years of attendance]


  • [Skill or certification]

  • [Skill or certification]

  • [Skill or certification]

  • [Skill or certification]

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Example Resume For A Call Centre Job

Here is a resume example you can refer to for a call centre job role:

Arvind Singh Dwarka, New Delhi
+91 99888 99888


Looking for a challenging and fulfilling call centre representative position at a company that can fully utilise my four years of technical support skills and communications degree.


Customer support executive BDFC First Bank Mar 2019–Present

  • Assisting customers with fraud transactions or theft

  • Helping customers with replacing credit or debit cards

  • Reviewing and explaining certain charges to customers

Client relationship executive
United Co-working, Gurugram, Haryana
May 2018–Mar 2019

  • Handling outgoing mail

  • Keeping records and files up to date

  • Checking, classifying, tagging and forwarding emails

  • Recording office expenses and other costs

  • Stocktaking office supplies and placing orders

  • Receiving and disseminating client's letters and packages


Bachelor of Mass Communication
Silver University, Dwarka, New Delhi
July 2014–May 2018

Skills and certifications

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Understanding of project management techniques

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once

Top Call Centre Resume Skills

Many skills are helpful to list on your resume for a call centre position. The more of these talents you acquire, the more qualified you become for this type of job. The following are some common call centre skills you can list on your resume:

Active listening

Being an active listener requires good concentration and understanding of the person speaking. It is critical for a call centre representative to be an engaged listener to each customer who calls. Customers want you to listen to and comprehend their problems and assist them in resolving their issues. To support them effectively, you can listen to them and pay special attention to detail.

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Outgoing personality

Having an open personality shows a social and welcoming nature. It is critical to have an outgoing personality as a call centre employee. This encourages clients to communicate openly and develop trust. A cheerful demeanour can leave consumers with a favourable image of you and the organisation.


Problem-solving skills refer to your capacity to plan an effective solution to a problem. As this role requires you to address client complaints, it is critical that you are a skilled problem solver. This requires fast thinking and arriving at the most plausible option. If you apply for a position at a call centre, the job listing may require problem-solving skills. If you possess these abilities, you can include them on your resume to show the hiring manager that you fit the job description.

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Being flexible allows you to adapt to many scenarios. At work, you may handle numerous calls throughout the day and your ability to adjust to changing situations allows you to tackle each new issue easily. You can list this skill on your resume to show that you understand the importance of flexibility in this role.

Computer skills

When working in a call centre, it is critical to have good computer skills. Most of the day, you may work with computer software, requiring at least basic typing skills. The more quickly you type, the simpler your work can become. You may undertake a variety of computer-related tasks at work. Many employers choose to train you at the job itself rather than make it a requirement for your job application, but including this skill on your resume may give you a competitive advantage.


Multitasking refers to the ability to manage several responsibilities concurrently. Call centre agents can be adept at multitasking, as their job requires them to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously. This may involve responding to phone calls, entering data and interacting with teams.

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