How To Write A Chartered Accountant Resume (With Template)

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Published 8 June 2022

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A chartered accountant (CA) is a finance professional who has specific credentials to perform advanced accounting jobs. Since CAs require certain abilities, expertise and skills to excel in the industry, it is critical for their resume to reflect necessary qualifications in an orderly format. If you are on the path to becoming a CA or if you are already one, learning how to create a well-structured resume can help when opportunities become available. In this article, we discuss the information to include, review steps to create a good Chartered Accountant resume and provide a template and an example for reference.

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What To Include On A Chartered Accountant Resume?

Here is some key information to include in your Chartered Accountant resume:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Professional summary statement

  • Relevant skills

  • Professional work experience

  • Educational qualifications

  • Certifications and training

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How To Write A Resume As A Chartered Accountant?

Here are some important steps to follow while creating a CA resume:

1. Add your personal information

To start your CA resume, add your personal details to the top of the page. Your personal details can include information like your name, location, email address and phone number. This can allow employers to immediately connect your application with your resume and learn your name. It is very important to ensure the accuracy of personal information to allow recruiters to contact you for further communication.

2. Add a professional summary

A summary of qualifications is a short paragraph that describes a candidate's expertise and background. When writing your summary of qualifications, discuss details like how many years of experience you have and which of your skills are strongest. For a CA resume, you can highlight your expertise in accounting and refer to the different areas of the industry that you are familiar with. To write this section, include two or three sentences that summarise your most relevant expertise.

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3. List down all relevant skills

After your professional summary statement, create a section for your skills. A skills section can also be crucial in a CA resume because CAs typically need specific abilities and technical knowledge to succeed in their field. For example, you can list the technical skills you have, such as proficiency in accounting and knowledge of financial documents. You can also include soft skills that can be helpful in any position, such as communication and attention to detail.

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4. List down your professional work experience

The next section defines all your relevant professional work experience. Begin with the most recent job role followed by the next most recent one. Also, include the designation, company name, location, duration of service and important responsibilities in that particular role. You can also mention specific accomplishments, while employed by the organisation.

5. Add your articleship details

For a CA, articleship experience holds a prime role in their professional journey. This training period helps CAs experience the practical application of their theoretical knowledge for the first time. Having a separate section for listing down your articleship experience can help recruiters understand your journey better. Details in this section follow the same format as your professional work experience.

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6. Add your educational qualifications

Include your educational qualifications in the next section. Start with your most recent educational qualification, followed by the name of the university and the duration of the course. Listing your educational details on your resume provides an employer insight into your background and learning areas. This section also verifies to the recruiter that you have the necessary qualifications to apply to the available position.

7. Include relevant certifications and trainings

There are some common certifications and training CAs typically pursue to broaden their skills and knowledge, which qualify them for advanced work. Hence, it is necessary to add this information to your resume to demonstrate to the recruiter additional competencies. In this section, include the name of the certification or training, followed by the year of completion.

8. Review and edit your resume

Reviewing and polishing your resume is an essential step before applying for a job. You can consider customising the resume in accordance with keywords and important skills mentioned in the job description. Having a professional looking and error-free resume indicates to the employer that you are serious and genuine in your application.

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Resume Template For A Chartered Accountant

You can follow this template while creating your resume:

[Your Name]


[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[A brief introduction of yourself consisting of your personality, soft skills, technical skills, professional aspirations and work experience. You can customise this statement in accordance with the position you are applying for.]


  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Transferable soft skill]

  • [Transferable soft skill]

  • [Transferable soft skill]

  • [Transferable soft skill]

Work experience

[in reverse chronological order]

[Most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

[Second most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

[Third most recent position, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]

  • [List an accomplishment or job responsibility]


[Name of the role, employer name]

[City, state]

[Start date-end date]

  • [List a job responsibility]

  • [List a job responsibility]

  • [List a job responsibility]


[Most recent degree or educational qualification/highest degree qualification]
[Institution], [city, state]
[Start date-end date]

Certifications and training
[Name of training/acquired certification]
[Date acquired]

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Resume Sample For A Chartered Accountant

Use the below example to create your resume:

Sanjeev Nehwal

Vijay Nagar, Delhi

34 1212 6767


Result-oriented professional with over six years of experience in managing financial functions with an impressive track record of meeting targets in an effective and efficient manner.


  • QuickBooks

  • service tax and tax audit

  • Word processing and spreadsheet software

  • Payroll accounting

  • Financial accounting and administration

  • High-attention to detail

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

Work experience

Chartered Accountant, Sigma technologies

Ambala, Haryana


  • Responsible for performing statutory audits, limited reviews, certification assignments and tax audit

  • Analyse, design and monitor the implementation of transaction flows and the identification of risk with respect to account balances

  • Assess financial information from clients to determine strategies to meet their financial objectives

  • Review the accounts and results of clients to determine the need for plan revision

  • Prepare account books, consolidate reports and bank reconciliation statements

  • Administer necessary financial statements like profit-and-loss accounts, trial balance, balance sheets and payables and receivables statements

  • Plan and execute operational audits using risk-based methodology in various client business areas

Chartered Accountant Executive, SLS group

Manohar Nagar, Delhi


  • Involved in the development and implementation of procedures, systems and manuals to prepare and maintain account books and financial statements, while ensuring satisfaction of statutory requirements

  • Looked after registration requirements of new clients in accordance with new plans

  • Maintained financial accounts of non-corporate and corporate entities, along with handling tax audits for various clients

  • Conducted multiple audits, along with the preparation and filing of income tax returns of several individual firms

  • Performed internal and tax management audits to report income tax for various clients

Finance Manager, ABC INC

Bangalore, Karnataka


  • Helped facilitate operational and financial audits and worked with external and internal managers for recommendations or to discuss issues related to audits

  • Implemented and developed various corrective actions to ensure compliance of business with organisational standards

  • Helped manage audit teams, provided constructive feedback and performed reviews in a timely and consistent manner

  • Worked with senior managers on various engagement methods and assessed plans with a risk-based approach

  • Dealt with overseeing operations of finance department and designed frameworks for set objectives and goals

  • Provided guidance on various investment activities and suggested strategies for optimal business growth


Article Assistant, Vimal associates

Vasant Nagar, Delhi


  • Responsible for preparing and e-filing TDS and VAT returns, Income Tax returns for clients

  • Involved in writing accounts of partnership and individual concerns

  • Analysed accounting data for clients and also handled tax audits for various fields

  • Assessed and provided recommendations about process improvements and internal control

  • Worked towards maintaining high precision and accuracy in all calculations and predictions


Chartered Accountancy

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

(April 2015)

Bachelor of Commerce

National University, Delhi

(April 2007-March 2010)

Certifications and training

Corporate communication skills course, ICAI curriculum

(December 2014)

100 hours of computer training, ICAI curriculum

(August 2013)

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