How To Write A Chef Resume Objective (With Examples)

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Updated 30 September 2022

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A successful resume objective can help you communicate your qualifications, skills and goals to employers. If you are applying for a position as a chef, having a resume objective that summarises who you are as a candidate and what you are looking for in a position can help you make a powerful impression on employers. By reviewing sample objectives, you can create an objective of your own that summarises your experience and goals successfully and helps you move forward in the hiring process.

In this article, we explain how to write a chef resume objective and offer example objectives for entry-, mid- and senior-level chef positions.

How To Write A Chef Resume Objective

Here are some steps you can take to help you write your chef resume objective:

1. Review the job description

When writing a resume, an effective strategy is to tailor your resume for the job you are interested in pursuing. Many employers use special software to scan resume and look for specific experience, skills and qualifications. They do this using pre-programmed keywords that are often present in the job description. Your resume objective is one of the best places to use these keywords and can increase your chances of having someone review your resume.

Even if the employer does not use scanning software, the job description offers insight into the employer's ideal candidate. By fashioning your objective around their posting, you can represent yourself as a candidate they want to hire. Look to see if there are words or phrases they use multiple times throughout the description or if there are areas they emphasise more than others. You can call these out in your objective to show employers you have the qualifications they want to see in a candidate.

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2. Consider your top qualifications

While still keeping the job description in mind, think about what makes you unique as a chef. You want to communicate that you are a qualified candidate with the skills an employer is looking for, but you also want to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Think about how you can supply the most potential value for an employer. You might consider your experience, your training or your passion. Consider making a list of your top qualifications and starring the qualifications you want to ensure your employer sees.

Most resume writers list their resume objective as the very first item on their resume beneath their name and contact information. This means it is one of the first things an employer might read and it is one of your best chances of making a positive first impression. Convince them to keep reading more about your experience by writing an objective that shows your value as an employee and your qualifications for the role.

3. Think about your goals

Another important aspect of a resume objective is your career goals. Most resume objectives, though short, introduce two key points: your qualifications and your goals. Think about what you want to use your qualifications to do. Maybe you want to develop your own menu items, or work with part of a team, or work for a larger restaurant. If you are interested in a specific style of cooking, then you might explain why the position you are applying for is important for helping you accomplish your career goals.

By making the goals specific to the opportunity you want, you can show employers why you are interested in the position. More than just communicating that you qualify, this can show them you care about the opportunity and that your goals align with what the employer can offer. Be strategic about the goal you include. For example, do not say that your goal is to work on a small team developing innovative new menu items if the role is for a large kitchen in a chain restaurant.

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4. Write a summary of your goals and qualifications

When you know what qualifications and goals you want to include in your resume objective, craft your summary in a way that clearly states who you are as a candidate and what you are looking for in an opportunity. Most resume objectives are only about a sentence or two long, so you may have to adjust your statement to make it concise and short. Keep to the most important points so your objective remains clear and easy to read.

5. Edit your resume objective

When you have finished writing your resume objective, review it to ensure you used proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Review it too for clarity. Ask yourself if it is easy to read and if it flows. Because this might be the first thing an employer sees on your resume, it is an excellent opportunity to show your communication skills and attention to detail.

It can often help to have someone you trust review your writing too. They can tell you if it flows well and represents who you are as a candidate accurately. Be sure to format your objective so that it fits in well with the rest of your resume. Try to create a cohesive document where your experience can expand on the main points you mentioned in your resume objective.

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Examples Of Entry-Level Chef Objectives

Here are some examples of resume objectives for entry-level chef positions:

  • Looking to work as an entry-level chef for Heights Hotel. Bringing sharp, technical skills and a desire to learn more about culinary practices and recipe development.

  • To become an entry-level chef at John's Italian Restaurant. Coming with experience in maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen and promoting a passion for Italian cuisine.

  • Looking to assist the head chef at Oceanside Resort. Bringing a background in hospitality and three years of experience with grilling and baking.

  • Recent graduate with a degree in culinary arts seeks job as assistant chef at Cloud Diner. Bringing knowledge of culinary practices and ambition to learn.

  • To obtain exciting position as chef at Bomra's Bombay Canteen. Bringing two years of experience and extensive knowledge of butchering and preparing poultry.

  • Passionate and knowledgeable chef looking for employment with City Cafe, to use culinary skills and provide excellent hospitality.

  • To obtain the role of assistant chef at Samanala Cafe. Coming with an education in the culinary arts from The Cooking and Baking Academy and two years of experience working under one of the top chefs in New Delhi.

Examples Of Mid-Level Chef Objectives

Here are some examples of chef resume objectives for positions that require some experience, such as a sous-chef:

  • Seeking the position of sous-chef at Meadow Inn Restaurant. Bringing management experience, creativity and menu planning skills to create a positive dining experience.

  • To obtain a chef position at Desert Cafe and use my five years of experience to bring leadership and professionalism to the kitchen.

  • Seeking the post of sous chef at Happy Hotel, where I can learn from an impressive team and increase speed with my accurate and quick prep skills.

  • Seeking employment as chef with Gamini's Restaurant, using knowledge of wines, spirits and liquors to create a pairing menu and to prepare excellent dishes.

  • To secure a position as chef with Harshah Hotel. Bringing four years of culinary expertise and customer service skills to deliver high-quality meals and hospitality.

  • Driven and experienced chef seeking work at Mockingbird Diner to apply exceptional organisational and planning skills to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly.

  • Pursuing the position of chef at Fisherhouse Restaurant. Bringing four years of seafood preparation skills along with integrity and professionalism.

  • Seeking the role of chef at Olive's Dining to bring my expertise to a highly renowned restaurant and contribute to the efficiency of the kitchen.

  • Motivated professional for the position of chef at Manuli's Cafe. Knowledgeable about purchasing processes and cutting costs. Skilled in cooking Italian-style and Middle Eastern dishes.

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Examples Of Senior-Level Chef Objectives

Here are some examples of resume objectives for chefs with several years of experience applying for head chef and other senior-level positions:

  • Knowledgeable and reliable professional seeking the role of head chef at Rosa's Place to uphold the high standards through culinary and leadership skills.

  • Head chef with 10 years of experience looking to bring professional and innovative skills to the position at The Golden Goose Restaurant.

  • Professional chef looks to bring six years of experience and culinary training to Pruthuvi's Catering Co. Skilled at developing recipes and serving customers.

  • Chef with a graduate degree in culinary science seeks challenging role at Manny's Restaurant to apply extensive knowledge of culinary creation to design a new menu and train kitchen staff.

  • Assistant chef with six years of experience looking to use creativity and culinary skills in the position of head chef at Lakeview Restaurant.

  • Innovative and skilled individual with five years of restaurant experience and strong attention to detail looking for the position of head chef at Shaun's.

  • Creative professional with a background in French and Italian cuisine seeks the position of head chef at Nidhi's Restaurant.

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