How To Write A Combination Resume (With Template And Tips)

Updated 13 November 2022

When preparing a resume for a job interview, there are various ways you can present your experiential qualifications to potential employers, such as using the chronological, functional or combination format, also known as the hybrid resume format. If you want creative liberty while showing your work history and skills, hybrid resumes are perfect for you. Learning how to create stellar hybrid resumes can help you position yourself as an innovative professional and help get the attention of your future employers. This article discusses the steps to develop combination resumes and some tips for efficiency.

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What Is A Combination Resume?

A combination resume refers to a resume format that includes a professional's skills and accomplishments and contains their work history. This type of resume provides information from two distinct resume types: the functional resume and the chronological resume. While a functional resume lists a candidate's relevant and transferable skills that uniquely positions them at an advantage over other candidates, a chronological resume summarises their recent relevant work experience in reverse-chronological order. This type of order enables a candidate to mention their latest employment experience first in the resume's professional history section.

Hybrid resumes are a helpful resume format, especially if you are a junior or mid-level candidate. It allows you to show your relevant skills and experience in one place. It also enables you to convey your suitability as per the job description. For example, this resume format can be relevant if you have gained some years of work experience after graduating from college. A hybrid resume is a unique way to apply your learned skills to your professional experience and show why you are a good fit for a particular job opening.

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Reasons You Can Use Combination Resumes For Your Job

Following is a list of some reasons you can use hybrid resumes for getting your new job:

  • If you are an early career professional with about one to three years of job experience

  • If you are a recent college or high school graduate with zero or minimal work experience

  • If you are a professional going to change careers or switch industries

  • If you are a professional with only a few employers but have a consistent work history to show in your experience section

  • If you are an employee with no employment gaps in your work history

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How To Write A Combination Resume?

Follow these steps to know how to write hybrid resumes:

1. Add your name and contact information

The first step to creating unique and detailed hybrid resumes is to add your name and contact information, including your email address, phone number or residential or business address. Regardless of the resume format you are using, adding your name and credentials at the top enables employers to look through your profile quickly and contact you easily if they hire you. When adding your contact information, check for errors and ensure that you use updated and accurate information to eliminate risks of miscommunication.

You can also add links to your online portfolio or your social profiles to help employers better understand your personality and skill set. This information is also specific to industries, and you can consider checking with your employer or other companies in your industry about their requirements. For example, suppose you are applying for a creative job such as a graphic designer. In that case, you can add a link to your online portfolio to help the employers better understand your expertise and design abilities.

2. Add an interesting summary

The next step is to add an interesting summary statement to your resume to help the employers identify your most relevant skill set and professional experience that applies to their specific job requirements. Ensure that your summary statement is concise and contains the essential information that can help get the employer interested in pursuing your application. You can write a brief statement of up to two lines and use active voice to allow hiring managers to quickly assess if you can be a good fit for their organisation. You can use a resume objective if you are new to the workforce.

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3. Mention your skills and abilities

After writing the summary, the next step to create impressive hybrid resumes is to mention your skills and abilities that are specific and relevant to the job role you are targeting. Before writing your skills and strengths in this section, look at the job description and search for keywords that the employers may look for in potential employees. You can make a list of these keywords and see how they fit within your current skill set and experience to get the employers to engage and follow through with your resume.

These keywords usually contain the skills that the employer lists as 'required' or 'desired' in the job description while looking for a suitable candidate. When writing this section, consider listing both hard and soft skills to help the hiring managers get a well-rounded perspective on your profile. Since hybrid resumes contain your relevant experience and skills, you can also mention some skills or work experiences that directly or indirectly relate to the job you are targeting.

4. Add your professional experience

Once you list the skills in your resume, add your professional experience in the reverse-chronological order, which means listing your most recent job experience at the top, followed by previous employment. When creating hybrid resumes, ensure that your professional experience section supports your mentioned skills. For example, suppose you currently work as an entry-level sales personnel. Your skills section can include soft skills like collaboration and communication and technical skills like data analytics. Your professional experience, in this case, can elaborate on how you developed and improved these skills in your last employment.

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5. Add your educational history

After the work experience, you can add your educational history to help the employers better understand your academic background and determine if you have the relevant subject knowledge to meet their job requirements. Adding educational background can be especially beneficial at the beginning of your career. It can help supplement your minimal work experience and enhance the overall quality of your resume. Suppose you are a recent college graduate and have little to no work experience. In that case, you can include the coursework that you did along with your overall grades and other extracurricular activities that you did.

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6. Mention any additional skills or experience

This section is optional and subject to specific individual qualifications, skill set and professional experience. If you have any additional volunteering or leadership experience, awards, or other interests or hobbies that apply to the job you are applying for, consider adding them to this section. For example, you can include the skills or work experience you could not list in the top section, but that relates to the job you are targeting.

Combination Resume Example

Here is a resume example that uses all the elements and best practices mentioned above. You can use this example as a template to help guide your resume writing process.

Nidhi Verma
House no-675, RK Puram, New Delhi | (+91) 9876577879 |

A strategic, skilled and hardworking sales associate with over two years of experience in brand promotion, increasing sales and brand awareness.

Tableau (intermediate level)
Excel (intermediate level)
Salesforce administration (beginner level)
Team worker

Professional history
P&L Financial, Sales Associate
August 2019- Present

  • Utilise Salesforce to help manage multiple client accounts effectively

  • Learned and used various data analytics tools, including Excel and Tableau, to provide accurate data insights

  • Work collaboratively with other sales associates and managers to develop new marketing strategies

  • Actively engaging with the brand analytics and promoting brand awareness

P&L Financial, Intern
January 2019- August 2019

  • Received training on the industry financial systems

  • Assisted sales teams with their daily operations

  • Learned and developed skills in sales, marketing, networking and maintaining client relationships

  • Accepted as a full-time sales associate following a successful internship

Educational history
Dehra Dun University
August 2016- May 2019

Dehra Dun University Excellent Performer Award (2016-2019)
Vice Chancellor's Academic Excellence Award (2016-2019)

Extracurricular activities
Debate team captain (2017)
Best orator (2017)
College event manager and anchor (2018)
Volunteer for Rising Enterprises (2018)

Tips For Creating Efficient Combination Resumes

Follow these tips to know how to create efficient hybrid resumes:

  • Ensure that you link your skills with relevant professional achievements, awards or certifications to help the employer understand how you developed them.

  • Make sure the skills are specific to the requirements mentioned in the job description.

  • Ensure that you describe the relevant job duties or professional achievements to highlight your experience and proficiency.

  • You can repeat some information from your summary as it helps maintain consistency and balance of information throughout the resume.

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